New story available: A Better Fit!

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Theresa and Mia are the very picture of wedded bliss, and with everything lining up in their favor, they both find themselves contemplating that next big step. The only problem is, neither woman seems able to agree on who should be the one to stay at home and take on a new, more motherly role. The athletic and assertive Mia thinks she should be the bread-winner, loving her job as a personal trainer far too much to give it up, while Theresa is much too invested in her chemistry career to take a break. Things come to a head in a heated argument, which spurs Theresa to action, sneaking a sample of a highly experimental fertility drug from her lab. Soon, Mia is realizing her body is meant for much more than simple exercise, as well as discovering a certain taste for being sweet and submissive. Craving control and so much more, the sporty girl falls into a pleasurable downward spiral into lust, need, and doe-eyed complacency... and she's never been happier.

This is the third story in the Breeding Bimbos series!

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"Sometimes a girl wants a little bit more out of life… Maybe it's a bigger bust, a curvier body, or maybe it's an unrelenting need to get knocked up in the dirtiest way possible. The Breeding Bimbos series is all about girls who, whether they realize it or not at the start, want all of those things, as much as they can."

(Heavy focus on fertility, breast expansion, intellect loss and bimbofication themes, with some age regression to teen.)



“Honey, I’m having the weirdest fucking day ever. I, uh, I’ve been feeling strange and, I dunno, horny since this morning. I was so distracted I didn’t notice this gaping fucking hole in my pants, and while I was doing stretches, everyone got to see pretty much everything. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life… Please call me when you can, I really, really need you right now.”

Ending the call, Mia leaned back against the wall, feeling her rebellious pussy still throbbing at all the excitement. Her hand was halfway down her belly when her phone rang, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was Theresa’s number.

“Oh, baby, I’m so glad you-“ she began, only to be cut off by her wife’s reply.

“Show me.”

“What do you mean? Honey, I’ve had a really-“

“I said, show me. You know exactly what I mean.”

Mia was surprised at the oddly stern tone of Theresa’s voice. The normally timid woman seemed so forceful all of a sudden, and she didn’t know how to react. Her body knew, however, and she felt her knees go weak and her head begin to swim with the rush of arousal that went through her.

Still, Mia mustered her resolve. She was the assertive one, she was the one in charge, and there was no way she was going to let her sexy, confident wife push her around.

“Honey, I’m not going to-“

“Get down on your knees, spread your legs and show me, right now!”

Nearly dropping the phone, Mia fell to the floor as if her body had decided to obey before her mind could stop it. Fingers fumbling, she navigated to the phone’s camera with one hand, while her other worked to tear open her pants more for a better view. Then, blushing and almost painfully horny, with the slightest hint of tears in her eyes, Mia began to take picture after picture of her dripping wet pussy.

She sent them without a word, simply breathing heavily into the phone as she waited for Theresa’s reply.

“Good… Now touch yourself for me…”

Theresa sounded just as worked up as she was, which made it all the easier to reach down and do as she was told. Still, she couldn’t help pleading one last time.

“Babe, please…”

“Go hard and fast, I want to hear it.”

Both commands were simple enough to obey, Mia found. Kneeling there on the cold tile, feeling both defeated and demeaned, the athletic girl began to stroke herself. She started out quiet, rubbing herself slowly at first, but that didn’t last. Between the sound of Theresa’s anticipation, and the echoes of her commands, Mia simply couldn’t contain herself. Little gasps kept creeping out, followed soon by needy, feminine moans. Soon she was crying out far louder than she ever had, bucking her hips on the scuffed floor as the puddle beneath her spread.

“Tell me what you’re doing… Be dirty…”


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New story available: Taken Under Advisement!

Samantha Jennings, principal of Halford High, is losing her grip on her reality bending powers. Teachers and students alike are giving in to their baser urges, with their bodies following suit. In a rare moment of lucidity, the bimbo passes on a portion of her power to one of the few moral individuals left. Suddenly thrust into a position of power, Mr. Sawyer has to fight his own libido in order to keep from going down the same path as his predecessor. The only trouble is, each and every girl who comes to see him has a problem that only he, and his new abilities can solve. With each and every use making it that much easier to give in, and that much easier to enjoy, there's no way he can resist long...

This is the next story in the acclaimed Obedience School teen bimbofication series!

"Halford High is a school known for its high academic standards, its skilled sports teams, and bimbos. Read as cute teens become top-heavy, intellect-light playtoys with zero inhibitions…"

(Heavy breast expansion, intellect loss and bimbofication themes, with a dash of age regression when a new girl is needed.)



“H-hold on, Samantha… something strange is going on,” he stammered, unbuttoning his slacks in spite of his concerns. “This school… there’s something funny about the school, and you…” Joe scratched his head in confusion, even as he stepped forward between the slut’s spread thighs.

Absentmindedly he ran his cock between the lips of Samantha’s slit, until his shaft was glistening with her juices. Then, pulling back slightly, he readjusted until the head of his erection was poised at the blonde’s puckered pink hole. She sucked him in easily, as if she kept herself constantly ready to be used there. Knowing her, she probably did.

“The girls… Samantha, the girls need a firmer hand… M-more guidance.” As he spoke, Joe grabbed ahold of the principal’s arms, pulling them firmly behind her to use as both a binding, and a handhold. She just moaned at the rough usage, tightening down on his cock as if milking him.

“I just think… I think if I had more power here in the school, I could some of the little sluts around… M-make them better. “

As he spoke, the room started to shimmer slightly, and he felt a strange sort of rush inside of him. His thrusts into the whorish principal became harder, more passionate. Samantha reciprocated, squirming and struggling in such a way that his cock only pushed deeper inside her. Then, he began to notice something odd… Samantha was changing.

Everything about her seemed to be slowly becoming more petite, from her wrists locked in his grip to the firm ass he’d buried his dick inside. Thrusting inside her hard, he barely registered her breasts decreasing until she began to lay more flat across the desk. Soon, her high-heeled feet were kicking the open air while he fucked her, before straightening out tightly while they both reeled in mutual climax.

For Joe, everything felt above and beyond anything he’d ever experienced. It was as if his entire body was being filled with white-hot light. Stars burst in his vision, and every inch of him was struck numb with overload. As the pressure built inside, he stumbled backward onto the floor, lost in a daze.

Samantha shivered at the pleasant contentment of having been fucked just right. This time, though, her arousal didn’t ratchet right back up, instead staying as a dull throb inside of her… tamed. She looked down at Joe with a hint of regret. She’d siphoned off so much of the chaotic power into him, he’d have an impossible time controlling it… Still, things would be different now.


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Something to get you through the work week, folks! There's a new story available: Taming the Succubus!

Mirri is a succubus on her first hunt. A supernatural creature able to live out any man's deepest fantasies, she has only to find the right prey to begin her new life. Settling on a small, but well populated town, she quickly finds the perfect target... but all is not what it seems. As she shapes her mind and body to match his fetishes, she finds herself trapped as a busty, bouncy bimbo... a slave to her own needs. Giving in all too easily, Mirri begins to learn about an entirely different kind of nightlife...

This is the first story in the new Nightlife supernatural series!

"From sultry succubi to wild, savage beasts, the world has no lack of excitement or danger. Of course, even predators have a need for pleasure... something the inhabitants of Eldhaven know all to well. With the most exotic brothels around, these perverse mages are out to tame, and tease, everything they can get their hands on..."

(Features Bimbofication, Mind Control, Transformation and Petplay elements. Monster girls like Succubi, Catgirls and the like being domesticated and trained with their own pleasure. Enjoy!)



Little alarm bells seemed to go off in her head, but Mirri ignored each and every one of them. She wanted this, all of this, and she moaned out her answer before biting down on the comforter below her.

Even in the haze of her lust, Mirri could almost feel the smile on Mark’s face, and her pussy twitched when she heard him get up. She waited for him to push Rachel aside, to mount her and fuck her and feed her. She wanted it so bad it almost hurt.

Rachel never once stopped, however, though her tongue began to move with almost frenzied celerity. The purring increased in intensity as well, which Mirri began to feel all the more when Rachel began pushing her face against her backside with an almost steady rythym. That’s when Mirri realized… Mark hadn’t planned on fucking her, at least yet. Instead, he’d chosen to fuck the curvy catgirl instead, while the purring bimbo pleasured their guest.

Though she was disappointed, it was only for the barest of moments. Staying negative took so much effort right then, which was energy she could spend enjoying every inch of her lover’s thrusting tongue. It didn’t even matter that she’d gain no vitality from the act… it was pure, lustful indulgence, and she was basking in it.

Mirri gasped when Rachel’s hands shot out and grasped her jiggling ass, and that gasp turned into a ragged moan when the other girl’s tongue slid down to her dripping sex. Already she was close, and the steady press of her lover’s face against her was driving her dangerously close to the edge.

She could tell that Rachel was also close, the catgirl’s purring was thrumming loudly in the room, vibrating both of them. Still, like Mirri, she held back. They were both waiting for something… waiting for their turn.

Rachel’s tongue turned clumsy when Mark began to cum inside her, as if the barest hint of her master’s seed was enough to make her dumb with pleasure. Her own orgasm quickly followed, and the frantic shaking of her explosive climax served to set off Mirri’s own. Soon the entire room was filled with the sounds of feminine pleasure, echoing back into each of them bit by bit.


New story available: Easy on the Eyes!

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After a rough break-up, Elizabeth decides to treat herself to a weekend at the brand new spa in town. The Renew You Spa and Salon offers comfort, relaxation, and revitalization, which is everything the worn out woman desires. Something seems off about the resort, however. Between the busty, bimbo receptionist who seems more interested in teasing than typing, and the room stocked full of outfits that would make a stripper blush, Elizabeth finds herself right on the verge of cancelling her reservation. She decides to keep an open mind however, after she's had a chance to sample some of the pleasures the spa has to offer. With it's mind-blowing perfume and incredibly hands-on staff, Elizabeth finds her troubles, concerns and inhibitions quickly floating away...

This is the first in the Renew You Spa bimbofication series!

"Renew You, where the motto is '
Just Relax and Leave the Thinking to Us!' Promising a beautiful body and a mind clear of concerns, anyone visiting the resort is sure to leave with a whole new perspective. Leave your inhibitions behind and become the bubbly bimbo you've always wanted to be!"



Elizabeth felt like a new woman by the time she stepped out of the shower. Everything seemed so fresh and bright, and even the soft throb of her tender breasts seemed to just fade into a pleasant fluff as she dried herself off. Beyond that, she simply felt cheerful and full of energy, almost as if the hot, sudsy water had rinsed away a few years.

It had certainly felt like it during the shower. The silky soft body wash the spa had provided had coated her in sweet smelling bubbles, and every place it touched was left tingling and sensitive. It was so enjoyable, she ended up rinsing and rewashing herself again and again, letting the thick liquid pour over her slowly.

It had felt especially good when she leaned back and poured it on her chest, pressing her breasts together so she could let it drip down slowly between them. In fact, she’d spent the majority of the shower doing just that; slowly running her hands over her soapy tits until her knees were weak.

Over and over she told herself she wasn’t pleasuring herself, she was just enjoying her shower. She just wasn’t that kind of girl, and she wasn’t about to just sit there fondling herself just because of how sensitive her titties were. No, she was just finally getting into her spa visit is all, and enjoying all the perks that came with it.

It was the same excuse she was telling herself as she slipped into the tight little make-over outfit she had laid out.  After all those wonderful bubbles popping all over her body, Elizabeth felt much, much more receptive to the idea of wearing something a little more revealing. More than that, she felt deep down that she was expected to wear the outfit, and she was much too relaxed to muster much in the way of rebellion right then.

The only bit of friction she felt inside was when she slipped into the snug skirt. She didn’t know whether she’d simply misjudged the tiny scrap of cloth or the size of her own hips, but the garment had ended up stretched out much more than she had expected. She could practically feel it sliding over her ass with every step she took, leaving her breathless and blushing by the time she’d donned her top.

As fully dressed as the outfit could make her, the flustered young woman still couldn’t help but constantly tug at her skirt and readjust her top. Even though she knew her body was covered, she still felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable. It was all she could do not to just go back to bed and hide under the covers, right before running a hand down between her soft thighs to her bare, wet slit; fucking herself stupid while she drooled and dreamed of sucking cock…

Elizabeth’s eyes fluttered, and she staggered in place. It was rapidly becoming harder and harder to think clearly by the second. One thing that was easier, however, was tugging down the front of her top just enough to expose her breasts to the room; though she managed to lose a few buttons in the process.

It felt better too, almost as if showing off her tits was helping her to shrug off the burden of her concerns, thoughts and inhibitions. By the time she’d begun to gently pinch her swollen nipples between her fingers, she was slowly rolling her hips and giggling at the ticklish feeling of her juices dripping down her thighs.


New story available: Vicky's Little Friend!

Despite enjoying her new life as a kinky, young woman, Vicky finds herself looking longingly over at the house across the street. Gabrielle, the girl next door, tempts her almost as much as her bimbo assistant, Lena. Before long, Vicky can't help but give into the temptation, letting the teen take a spin in the same miraculous machine that turned back the clock for her. With Gabrielle discovering all sorts of new interests in her rapidly changing body, it's only a matter of time before she finds herself in the arms of another woman...

This is the second story in the Back to Bimbo age regression series!

“When Doctor Victoria Pendleton invents a machine that can change both body and minds on a fundamental level, she never expects what might happen on its maiden voyage. Regressed back to the adorable "Vicky", the newly young girl is struck with a massive increase in libido, an intoxicatingly compelling submissive streak, and a beautifully busty new "Mommy" to play with. Soon, though, Vicky starts seeking new friends, pets and toys as she really gets into her new role...”

(Heavy Age Regression/Ageplay Focus, Breast Expansion, Humiliation and more! Enjoy!)



Raven gasped as Vicky brought up a small hand-mirror. She looked… amazing. Not only was her skin utterly clear of acne, it looked softer and healthier all around. Her face hadn’t looked this good for years. In fact, the only spots she could see on her face was a light sprinkling of what looked like very faint freckles across her cheeks, but that was impossible…

“Holy shit… that’s fucking amazing! I look like one of the goddamn cheerleaders now, I mean, look at me!”

“Yeah, you look really,” Vicky stepped closer, stuffing the mirror into her back pocket, ”really good.” The moment the words left her mouth, the young girl leaned in, pressing her lips to Raven’s without a bit of hesitation.

Raven’s eyes fluttered as they kissed, and she could feel every part of her become ready for every part of her lover. Her hands reached up and shook as they made contact with the warmth of Vicky’s body, trailing along her side to the bottom hem of the girl’s t-shirt. As if on instinct, she pulled up, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the other teen’s chest bare in front of her.

Vicky giggled, completing the job by tearing the shirt clear off and tossing it to the side. Now that the other girl was topless, Raven was struck once more by how young she looked, and she could feel her already wet slit throbbing at the taboo of it all.

“Do you think I’m cute?” Vicky asked, climbing up onto the chair to straddle Raven’s lap. The teen responded with a soft moan and a slow nod, her eyes locked on the young girl’s tiny breasts. Vicky grinned, gently grabbing Raven’s hands and pulling them up over her belly, to her chest.

“Do you like my little titties?” Vicky asked, quieter this time.

Raven’s response was an eager grope, breathing in slow, ragged breaths. She watched as Vicky’s hands trailed lower, to begin opening the zipper of her jeans with slow, teasing deliberation. Raven watched with lust glazed eyes as the young girl gradually revealed a pair of soaking wet panties, tightly pressed against her bare lips, covered in cute little characters.

“Do you want to fuck this naughty little girl?”

Raven nodded, unable to say no. The blatant, sexual display in front of her was like all her dirtiest daydreams given life. Between that and the lingering, tingling after-effects of the machine, the teen was well beyond most rational thought. In fact, as she slid her hands down Vicky’s back, under her jeans to cup that perfect, tight ass, Raven didn’t have a single thought in her head.

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