New story available: Best or Bust!

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"How far would you go for a million bucks? Three friends are about to find out when they sign up to be on the show 'Best or Bust!' Featuring challenges and changes that are simply too extreme to be real, the girls figure they'll get a nice payday for a little play-acting. Instead, they find themselves eagerly competing, quickly forgetting about the money as the game itself takes up all of their dwindling attention. While time ticks away, each girl slowly loses herself to the pleasure of the show, gaining inches of bust line and new hungers in return..."



The attendant led her to a bright pink door; opening it up and ushering her inside. Jaylene complied, stepping into what looked like another waiting room. Lined with comfy looking couches, and furnished with a single table in the center, the room seemed remarkably welcoming to the dazed woman.

She settled in on one of the couches, only to find that it was vibrating with the same slow hum as her chair before. Normally, such a thing would just feel nice, like a mini-massage. Now though, with how worked up she was still, it was like purely passive masturbation. Well, almost passive… within moments she found herself grinding her ass against the cushion, trying to get the throbbing to go deeper and deeper.

Too caught up in pleasuring herself, Jaylene didn’t even notice the pale, pink gas filling up the room; not even when the heavy scent of candy began mingling with the constant aroma of her own arousal. Quite the opposite, in fact. As the sweet smell sunk into her senses, and her mind, she began to focus even more on her self exploration.

Uncontrollably rocking her hips, the horny woman groped at herself shamelessly, and once her hands met her chest, she nearly lost it right then and there. Pressed against the skin-tight jumpsuit, her tits felt so much bigger than before. Full and fat, they jutted out from her chest more and more as she fondled them.

Jaylene looked down at her breasts with a dopey smile on her face. Her boobies had never looked so sexy before! She just wished she didn’t have to cover them up with her stupid jumpsuit…

It took her several moments to realize she could just take off the suit, and it took even longer for her to figure out how the zipper worked. She fumbled with it for a while, her too-long nails making it difficult to do anything so precise. All the while her tits swelled on her chest, stretching the suit and causing it to ride up against her tingling sex.

She giggled at the sudden stimulation, which had caused her to completely forget her task of undressing. Instead, she began to bounce on the springy couch, using the wobbling of her massive tits to keep her suit rubbing her clit. Eventually though, the size of her growing breasts became too much for even the elastic suit to contain. With a loud snap, the zipper gave way, and her heavy globes bounced forth, her nipples standing out and stiff in the warm air.

The hard part done, the bimbo found it fairly easy to strip the rest of the way. She did run into some trouble peeling the damp suit off of her widened hips. On top of that, the moment her ass was exposed, she couldn’t seem to keep from touching it, enjoying the plush roundness of her altered body.



New story available: House Rules!

The black stone resurfaces once more to sow chaos... It begins with a simple transaction in an antique store, and a girl willing to do anything to get her hands on the dark gem. Bringing it home only gives it access to new users and new wishes, each with their own special twist. One girl discovers a new need for submission in her life, leading to her eagerly making amends to all those she scorned. The other finds herself teasing her friend's father, after a wish leaves her mostly bare and very frisky. That and more, as the stone grows in power and corruption, granting people their wildest fantasies one story at a time...

This is the third story in the Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns, even the fabled monkey's paw... there's been no lack of legends about twisted wishes in human history. None, however, seem to mention a peculiar black stone; one that grants wishes in the hottest ways imaginable. When simple words have worldbending consequences, and anyone could be the stone's potential owner, your dirtiest wishes are bound to come true..."

(Transformation, Bimbos, Submission, Age Regression... This series features many mixed themes. Enjoy!)



Ariel slumped her shoulders, defeated. She reached across the counter slowly, barely willing to give back the stone. Before she could pass it off, she muttered, “I just wish there was some way I could convince you to let me have it…”

It was mostly just an expression of her defeat, but as soon as the words came out of her mouth, she began to realize there were probably a few different things she could do…

‘No way, I’m not that kind of girl… am I? I mean, he is really cute, and…’ Ariel shook her head, as if to clear away the very naughty line of thinking that had popped up. No matter what she did, she couldn’t seem to get the image out of her head… nor could she keep herself from gradually beginning to like it.

“Hey so…” Ariel began, setting the stone down on the countertop, well within arm’s reach. “I know you can’t sell me the stone… but maybe we can work out a trade?”

The young man hadn’t looked up yet, so he hadn’t noticed the sudden change in the shy girl’s demeanor. “Trust me, I want to, but without knowing the value of… oh. Oh.”

The girl had slipped down one of the straps on her tank top, taking her bra with it. Already she had one pert breast out and was gently caressing it while she smiled at him suggestively. In moments she had the other side down, and was standing in front of him essentially topless, and seemingly unshaken by the public nature of the place.

“Maybe you can appraise these? I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth…” Ariel said, gently squeezing her tits. Even as she did it, she found herself just as surprised as the shopkeeper. Normally she’d be too shy to even talk to a guy, let alone expose herself to one. That said, she didn’t feel the slightest hint of trepidation over her actions. If anything, she felt exhilarated and free, finally able to express herself… if a little more lewdly than she’d ever intended.

“I, uh… oh, wow…. Um,” the man stammered. While his mind and mouth went haywire, his erection spoke volumes.

“I know… it’s not really a fair trade,” Ariel said, turning around and bending over an old antique steamer chest. Wiggling her hips, she eased herself out of her comfy jeans. They crumpled to the floor, swiftly followed by her damp panties. “I mean, I’m willing to give up everything here, and you’ve done nothing to… sweeten the pot.”

She spoke the last three words slowly, while gently spreading the lips of her sex. It was over the top, and almost too campy for the random porn videos she’d sometimes watch, but it did the trick. In moments she heard the front door being locked and the shades being pulled, and right after that she felt the warmth of a man’s body against her own.

“You’re sure about this? I m-mean, we just met and-!”

Ariel thrust back against him, cutting his words off with a gentle gyration of her tight ass. All pretense of hesitation thrown out the window, the man shucked off his slacks and tossed them aside, knocking over a noisy assortment of random junk in the process. He didn’t care. By the time the stuff hit the ground, he was buried to the hilt in the tightest pussy he’d ever felt.


New story available: Spilling Out!

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Andrea, an overworked lab assistant, is tasked with appraising some equipment at a defunct cosmetics facility. Letting her curiosity get the better of her, she opens up the malfunctioning seal on a very strange briefcase, only to be splashed by an unknown pink liquid. Rushing home to clean up, the young student finds herself feeling a little strange... and she's not the only one. Every girl she meets suddenly wants to get closer, and she rapidly finds herself sharing the sentiment. While she fights to keep from giving in, her body betrays her: every moment of arousal causes her bust to swell, tingling enticingly at all the feminine attention...

This is the first story in the Bra-Bursting Outbreak breast expansion series!

"A chance encounter releases a strange new contagion into the world. Women everywhere are succumbing; losing themselves to their rising libido and massively expanding bust-lines. Each concession to their new needs only leads them further into its sway, leaving a wake of busty, wet women behind them..."

(Features heavy breast expansion elements, straight to lesbian conversions and uncontrollable lust and lactation. Enjoy!)



When she saw Andrea, the young girl let her phone drop. It cracked when it hit the floor, and chunks of plastic went flying, but she beyond caring. She was staring right at Andrea’s fat, full tits, as if they were the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

For her part, Andrea felt the same way about the quivering teen in front of her. Slender and soft, Tanya’s bare body was like nothing she’d ever seen, and certainly not something she’d ever lusted over. And yet, now that she had an eyeful and easy access, she wanted nothing more in the entire world.

“I-I… I didn’t think I liked girls,” Tanya mumbled, clumsily stepping closer to Andrea, “b-but when I look at you, sm… smell you, all I can think about is licking every part of-!”

Andrea just couldn’t help it anymore. In one swift motion she moved forward, grabbed a handful of Tanya’s silky, blonde hair, and brought the girl in for a long, deep kiss. While their lips, and tongues met and danced, Andrea let her hands wander, loving every inch of the teen’s smooth skin under her hands.

When she reached the other girl’s tight little ass, she squeezed firmly, enjoying the plush yield of her taut young backside. As she groped, Tanya began to squirm against her, their bodies pressed together with only the sodden remains of Andrea’s clothing between them; and even that was a flimsy, tentative thing.

Already Andrea’s breasts were stretching the limits of her blouse, and whether by pressure or by friction, she’d already lost several buttons to the bathroom floor. Streams of sweet cream spilled from her nipples, only increasing as Tanya’s own petite chest rubbed against her. The teen was practically coated with milk now, and when it dripped down over her tight cleft, she moaned.

Kissing wasn’t enough… Andrea needed more.

“Bend over the counter, and spread those legs for me like a good little girl…” The words just tumbled out of her without warning, as if bypassing her brain completely.

Tanya complied without hesitation, nodding obediently as she staggered over to the counter. She bent over sharply, pressing her small, milk-coated tits against the cold, wet surface. The pose, and her high heels ensured her ass was up and presented. Few thoughts swirled around the teen’s head right then, but she instinctually knew she wanted Andrea to have easy access… always.

Seeing the glistening, puffy lips of the girl’s sex so brazenly offered gave Andrea’s tits another surge of growth; bursting out of the final resistant buttons of her shirt. They filled before her eyes, and this time, she could watch it happen in the scuffed mirror. Inch by inch they expanded, while her nipples thickened and bulged with a need to be touched.  As tempting as it was to simply tug and stroke her long, milky teats, Tanya’s tight, young body was even more so.