New story available: The Bimbo Tourist Trap!

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"Four young women win the vacation of a life-time: one whole week at a top of the line resort, located on a privately owned tropical island. Everything is perfect from the moment they arrive, and they're greeted by warm sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a bevy of some of the most attractive hostesses they've ever seen. Of course, at first the girls are much more interested in the surf and sand, but as they begin to indulge in some of the exclusive drinks offered at the resort, they each find themselves becoming much more open to new experiences. Curiosity turns to urges, and urges turn into obsessions as each woman learns about their irresistible new role. From busty, bubbly bimbos to heat-filled hucows, they each find their place on the island - a place far too seductive to ever want to leave...."



Kelly’s eyes blinked open, her fugue being interrupted by an odd sound in the room, and a gentle shake of the bed. Not sure what was happening, she froze in place and listened hard. Almost immediately she heard it again, followed by another small shake. It sounded like…


This time it was unmistakable; the sound she’d heard was Isabelle moaning in her… sleep? No longer alarmed, but still cautious, Kelly very quietly turned over. There, in the pale moonlight filtering in through the sheer curtains, was Isabelle; completely nude, and definitely not asleep.

Blankets thrown off, utterly exposed, there was no hiding what she was doing. Kelly could even hear it, the slight squish of her friend’s pussy interlaced with more soft moans. The whole scene was odd as it is, but no more so than Kelly’s reaction… she felt undeniably, embarrassingly aroused.

She couldn’t understand it… she was straight as could be, and even her interest in men was tempered by a layer of prudishness. Yet there she was, getting an eyeful of her friend’s smooth, feminine body, while her traitorous pussy soaked her panties. It became even worse as Isabelle got into it; the scent of musk filled the room, while Kelly’s head filled with virginal thoughts about what another woman would taste like.

Isabelle bucked her hips, and Kelly watched the woman’s breasts jiggle on her chest with every thrust. The strange lighting made the other girl’s tits look bigger than usual… or maybe it was Kelly’s burgeoning lesbian desires. Either way, she was struck with the realization that she wanted nothing more than to just move closer and take one of Isabelle’s fat nipples into her mouth and just suck, and suck, and suck.

Heart pounding, she was actually considering doing just that. Despite her misgivings about her suddenly shifting sexuality, she just couldn’t seem to contain herself any longer. Then, right before she could act on her needs, Isabelle shifted her position once more. Spreading her thighs wider, she opened her legs as far as they would go, which left one of them draped over Kelly’s prone form.

Soft, supple flesh pressed against her own, and Kelly nearly lost her mind. She could feel every stoke, every shudder through the smooth leg resting on her, and each one felt as though it was tearing down a new layer of inhibitions inside her. All that was left was one little voice in her head screaming ‘I’m not a lesbian! I’m not a lesbian!’ but that was rapidly being silenced by the sensation of Erica’s thigh stroking over her.

Kelly closed her eyes, swallowing hard as she raised her hand and sent it lower. Isabelle paused as their hands made contact, and for a second Kelly thought the other girl was going to object; possibly even have a freak out about it. A heartbeat later, Kelly felt wet fingers clasp around her hand, guiding her downward.



New story available: Bimbo Bait and Switch!

One girl's nightly escapades turn into a lucrative habit. Each night, Katie puts on a show for whoever she can, only to trick her patrons into giving her more than she's earned... After meeting the right guy, however, she finds herself suddenly wanting something more from her life, and her underwhelming body. Her mystery man is more than happy to assist, helping her to attain just the right mindset for the lifestyle she now craves. Indulging in her lack of inhibitions, Katie offers up a very different kind of show, helping to spread her new outlook to three new girls, while sinking deeper and deeper herself...



“Hiya… I’m Katie. You’re… um… really handsome.” After getting a better look at the man, she realized she wasn’t just saying that. She couldn’t really explain exactly what, but something about him was just impossibly attractive to her.

“Why thank you, Katie. You’re very cute, yourself.”

His response was very simple and matter of fact, but the second she heard the words, Katie just melted. Her cheeks lit up as she blushed, and her pussy was literally throbbing with arousal. It took everything she had not to jump right to the more sexy portion of the chat, but she managed. She didn’t want to make him suspicious, or scare him off… If anything, she found herself considering throwing off the act, calling it sexy role-play and seeing if he wanted to go for something more… physical.

‘Don’t be stupid, Katie… If he’s still on the cam, he’s probably some sicko. Just use him, get your money and move on-“

“So, Katie… How old are you?” Like before, the question was plainly said. A lot of the guys asked her that, and she typically responded with a playful “Old enough!” before flashing more panty and keeping them thirsty and distracted. Now though, Katie found herself giggling and blatantly pulling up her skirt.

“Nineteen, sir… I just…” Katie paused for a moment, trying to get back on track mentally while her body went through the motions. While her fingers danced over her damp panties, rubbing the pale, wet cloth up between her puffy lips, her brow furrowed with concentration.

“Just what? You just dress up like this for what? Fun? A trick? Tell me, Katie…”

The man’s voice soothed Katie, and she felt herself slowly relax… Mostly, anyway. He was just so hot, and smart and… Everything about him was making it hard for the horny girl to think of much else but pleasing him in every way she could.

“Well, it started as a trick, sir…” she said, gasping sweetly as she began to tease her puffy nipples through her shirt. “M-my best friend thought it’d be… it’d be fun to go online and tease some guys…”

“Hmmm… Sounds like your friend is just as immature as you are. So did she join you?”

Immediately Katie’s head flooded with crystal clear images of her and Lizzie in front of the webcam. First, they began to slowly, sensuously kiss before things became more passionate. Soon, Katie was moving lower, licking her way down her friend’s body until her cute little ass was in the air and her tongue was sliding deep into…

“N-no sir, we’re not… we’re not lesbians.”

The man smiled at Katie, and she felt her pussy twitch. “We’ll see… You know, Katie, I think it’s clear you need a little help with direction in your life.”

“D-direction, sir?” Katie asked, slipping a hand down under the tight waistband of her tiny, pink panties.

“Well, look at yourself! You spend every night masturbating, showing off to men and then blackmailing them-“

Katie paused for a second… She hadn’t told him about her scheme yet, had she? Of course, she had the feeling that if he had asked, she would’ve been more than forthcoming. Maybe she had…

“Now, I know how it must be for you: a dumb, slutty girl without a body capable of attracting real men...”