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New story available: Billionaire Breakdown!

Meredith Dawson is an unstoppable force in the business world. With limitless ambition and equally unending funding, she's managed to steamroll through many of the city's most powerful and elite. Her plans are halted, however, by the mysterious Mr. Hale, who's cheap, trashy neighborhood sits in the center of what would otherwise be Meredith's prime territory. Despite numerous attempts to buy him out, the billionaire's only chance to get her hands on the property comes when Hale gives her an offer she can't refuse: One weekend in one of Hale's houses, and if she doesn't like the place, he'll give her everything. What begins as a simple trial of patience becomes a battle to hold on to her inhibitions and her rapidly decaying standards, leaving Meredith to wonder why she'd ever want to leave...

This is the sequel to Trust Fund to Trashy, which is now its own series!

"Trust Fund to Trashy, where high society gets down and dirty. Featuring women going from ivory towers to trailer parks, this series focuses on turning rich, prudish girls into cheap, raunchy sluts."

(Heavy focus on degradation and humiliation, as well as a hefty dose of moral decay and mindless nymphomania. Sometimes a bit heartless, but definitely hot. Enjoy!)



Meredith stood in the center of the cul-de-sac, peeling off her sweat-soaked clothes to reveal a ratty red thong and neon green pasties over her nipples. The whole neighborhood watched as she gyrated her hips to the beat of an unknown tune, and she basked in their gaze. Smiling at each of them, she let her dance grow less and less restrained by the minute.

Her hands roamed over her sleek, athletic frame, giving extra attention to her small, firm breasts. The crowd hooted and hollered at her as she peeled off the pasties and began tugging at her pink nipples, and her eyes fluttered in uninhibited pleasure at the touch and attention. All around her, the neighbors were getting more and more into the dance as well, until their own displays were just as lewd as her’s.

She watched in unmasked envy as the two young girls made out on their porch, her heart beating in time with their wide, bucking hips. Meredith practically began to drool when one of the girls dropped down behind the other, dragging her friend’s panties down with her. The young billionaire could feel her pussy throbbing along with every clumsy, messy lick.

A masculine grunt caused her attention to shift, and she caught sight of  the same shirtless, dirty man she’d seen before. Now though, instead of disgust, she felt nothing but aching need as she let his bare, muscular body soak into her mind. Her heart skipped a beat, and her sex twitched when her eyes drifted downward. He certainly wasn’t scratching himself this time, and she openly moaned as she watched the man’s hand pumping up and down on his thick, hard cock.

She felt herself bend over, pushing her ass out like a bitch in heat. Reaching back, she spread the thick, round cheeks of her ass and wiggled her hips invitingly, while all of the neighbors cheered her on. The thin strap of her cheap little thong rubbed between the swollen lips of her sex as she moved, causing her to cry out loudly. All the while, her pussy dribbled down her soft thighs and down onto her shiny plastic pumps.

Yet, despite her eager presentation, no one took her up on her offer. All around her were similar displays of needy flesh and blatant sexuality. As irresistible as they all were to watch Meredith wanted more. She wanted to be touched, used and debased. She wanted them to fuck her right there on the sidewalk, and leave her dripping, dirty, and waiting for the next in line.

“Please… fuck me! Any of you… all of you! Fuck me like a cheap whore! Fuck me!”

As she shouted out the words, she dropped down to her hands and knees on the rough, filthy concrete. Her tits hung down below her, bloated and massive. Her nipples pointed out below them, nearly dragging on the ground as she continued to rock her body. Drool spilled from her open lips as she begged, leaving her gaudy pink lipstick glistening with lube.

“Fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me…”

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New story available: Valkyrina Remade!

Still struggling with the after-effects of the Bimbo Bombshell's staggering power, Valkyrina fights for her city, and her identity. Caught between her rapidly increasing libido and her stubborn pride, she's pushed to her very limits. While she battles inward, and indulges outward, the city streets become more chaotic by the day. Word of her weakness reaches the darker side of Kent City, and forces beyond her understanding wait for the perfect moment to come and claim their prize...

This is the fourth story in the super-powered Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and super-powered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



Her fingers, which had been stroking her slit through the worn material of her costume, immediately plunged through the cloth with a loud tear. Her pussy made a humiliatingly loud squelch as she stuffed herself, causing her to cry out just as noisily. More windows lit up, and the muttering and cheering of the people below served as the perfect background noise for her debasement.

No, no, no Valerie! You can’t do this! Everyone can see you! Everyone can…’ Her thoughts trailed off under the onslaught of shameful lust pouring through her.

Slowly, without consciously meaning to, she began to float towards the voyeuristic cameraman who had first photographed her. Not once did her fingers cease their steady thrum; not even when she got close enough to see her viewer. It was a young man, stunned and red-faced, with one hand on his camera and the other on his cock.

Valkyrina eased down close, until her feet were settled on the cool stone of his window sill. Spreading her legs as far as her flexibility would allow, the oversexed woman peeled away the tatters of suit that covered her slit. Another flash of the camera soon followed, causing Valerie to moan louder, and the drip of juices from her sex to become all the more apparent.

Her eyes were locked on the man’s cock, while her free hand roughly tugged down the front of her suit. Her tits bounced free, massive and jiggling; prompting the man to gasp. Flash after flash flickered from the camera, chasing out what little remained of Valerie’s inhibitions.

Nothin’ to lose… Already too far… Stupid slut…’

The man took a reflexive step back as Valkyrina floated inside his window. Resting her soft, round ass on the sill, she slowly pulled her fingers from herself. Legs still wide in open invitation, the lust-addled heroine began sucking her digits clean. Wordlessly she begged him to take her; from her desperate eyes to her dribbling slit leaking down onto the carpet.

He took one last picture before he stepped forward, stopping only to set the camera down on a nearby table. Valerie noted, with no small amount of excitement, that the camera was set to record. The little red light shined at her, reminding her of the gravity of what she was doing.

‘I could still go… I could grab the camera. Grab all of them, even. Then, no one would know… No one would know what a slut I’ve become…’

Valerie cried out, loud and lustful, as the man entered her. The feeling of a cock inside her drove any thoughts of backing out from her mind. More than that, as she began to give in to her urges, something inside her began to change as well. Slowly, as she shook in shameful ecstasy, her other side grew more dominant.

She sank down onto the sill, her flight tapering off until she couldn’t keep herself up. Nearly falling back out of the window, she barely managed to pull her curvy body inside before her ability gave out entirely. Her and her lover tumbled to the floor, and while the man seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events, Valerie wasted no time.

Sliding down his body, she dragged her swollen tits along him until the two soft globes rested on either side of his erection. Cradling them in her shaking palms, she began milking his cock with her breasts. Each time the head of his member crested her cleavage, she leaned down to suckle on it; lapping his precum as if it were her favorite ice-cream.

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New story available: Deviant Detour

Two friends take off on a weekend trip to a nearby spa, and the time of their lives. Everything changes when their trip is derailed by a detour, straight to a strange manor out in the woods. Oddity turns to opportunity when the girls find out the house is owned by the same woman in charge of the spa, and they happily accept an offer to stay the night. Soon though, the girls find things inside the house are not quite normal. Gorgeous women with impossibly perfect bodies come and go through the halls in various states of undress, and an ever-present scent of sex and perfume hangs in every room. Soon the two travelers find themselves steadily beginning to fit in, as they slowly tumble into a new life of ditzy, mindless servitude... loving every step of the way.

This is the second story in the Renew You Spa bimbofication series!

"Renew You, where the motto is 'Just Relax and Leave the Thinking to Us!' Promising a beautiful body and a mind clear of concerns, anyone visiting the resort is sure to leave with a whole new perspective. Leave your inhibitions behind and become the bubbly bimbo you've always wanted to be!"



“It’s so nice…” Shawna mumbled.

She couldn’t quite place the scent, and her curiosity led her to begin breathing in deeper. Each long sniff brought in a new wave of sensation, which only served to fuel her need to know. It was so familiar, somehow, and yet every time she felt as though she were closing in on the answer, it drifted away completely.

“It’s like… like a flower. Or… is it… is it candy?” Shawna said, between breaths.

Between the perfume and her deep breathing, the young woman was beginning to feel more than a little light-headed. She wobbled in place a moment, her hands slowly rubbing the soft skin of her inner thighs. As pleasant as the sensation was, it was secondary to her growing obsession, and she soon found herself falling over onto the bed.

The impact caused another wave of perfume to rise up, and Shawna moaned appreciatively. It felt like the stuff was drifting straight into her now, filling up her mind with its sweet simplicity. Wanting more, she clambered farther onto the bed, rubbing herself against it as she went. Where the soft fabric of the comforter touched her cleavage, she was left sensitive and tingling, as if the perfume were sinking directly into her skin.

It was intoxicating, and she wanted more. Writhing and rubbing against the bed, Shawna reached under herself and began pulling off her blouse. Soon, that amazing tingle was prickling its way along her belly, prompting another giggle while she fumbled with her top. She practically tore the thing as she pulled it off her body, but she didn’t notice. Already she was busy pressing her nearly bare upper torso back down on the bed.

Bundling up the blankets beneath her, Shawna worked her body in slow, sensuous waves. Though everything felt almost mind-blowingly pleasurable, every movement caused her to be hyper-aware of the distinct lack of contact caused by her bra. She could practically feel her breasts throbbing to be released. In fact, the strap seemed to be a little tight by the time she reached back to undo the catch.

She gave out an audible moan when the cups tumbled from her chest, and the sound only continued as she pushed her tits down against the cushion below. As her stiff, sensitive nipples made contact, and that irresistible sugary sweetness sank into her breasts, Shawna’s eyes fluttered. Her remaining thoughts scattered like startled birds, leaving her with little more than a dim but definite awareness of her perky, throbbing tits.

Small drops of drool spilled from her open mouth as she lost herself to her body, and her hands began to move on sheer instinct alone. One of them clumsily pawed at her chest, squeezing and fondling with mindless abandon. Her other hand drifted lower, to begin slowly pushing her shorts off. Deep inside, some primal part of herself knew that if her tits felt this good right now, she couldn’t even imagine how her pussy would feel.

As difficult as it was, she soon managed to wiggle out of her tight shorts. The second they fell down around her knees, her hand was down between her legs. Had she been more lucid, she would’ve been shocked and ashamed by how wet she was. As it was, her only reaction was a lustful grunt as her fingers made contact with her clit.

Flat against the bed, the young woman drank in the constant influx of perfume. It was as though it were no longer simply rising up from her now wrinkled blankets. Instead, it was filling the room, like it was being pumped in by the gallon. It didn’t matter to Shawna, though. Her world had shrunk down to her jiggling tits, and her throbbing, dripping slit.

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