New story available: Open For Business!

After years of saving, Abigail finally has the chance to live out her dream of owning her own bookstore. Her dream is short lived though, as sales start off slow, and only dwindle further. Forced to consider closing shop, Abigail finds help from an unlikely source. After being visited by a pink-clad, top-heavy bimbo, the young entrepreneur is left with a cd that promises to solve all her problems. More than a little dubious at the prospect of turning to self-help, Abigail gives it a listen nonetheless. As the program teaches her all sorts of lessons of how to give each customer the service they deserve, and she finds herself eagerly putting each one to practice. Profits, and more, expand in a brand new bimbo-centric series!

This is the first story in the new Expanding Assets series!

"The revolutionary Expanding Assets Self-Help system is there for any ambitious business woman! Whether she needs to find new ways to showcase her wares, or finding that perfect service-focused mindset, we're here to make sure the process is simple, pleasurable, and permanent!"



The first press of her fingers against her spandex covered lips startled Abigail, but no more than the sudden onrush of sensation that came with it. Never having time for dating, the girl was no stranger to sometimes enjoying herself sexually, but this was so much more. It wasn’t simply pleasure pouring up from her throbbing clit now; it was purpose.

Soon, she was stroking herself in earnest, her eyes never leaving her strangely youthful seeming body. She loved the way the lights of the place made her meager tits look so much bigger, but she especially loved how the heavy bass shook her sensitive little nipples. It left her hands free to slip underneath the elastic band of her shorts, to feel her hot, wet sex as it begged to be used.

The new pair of hands that began to touch her did not go unnoticed, but neither were they unwelcome. Soft and skilled, they roamed Abigail’s curves with quiet care, stroking her slowly along her bare belly. Upwards the hands went, until they were slipping up underneath the tight t-shirt and teasing the older woman’s nipples.

Gasping, Abigail leaned back, feeling a pair of massive, pillowy tits press against her. Jessi’s nametag poked into her skin, but she hardly noticed. Between those expert hands manipulating her little nubs, and her own fingers teasing her slit, Abigail could think of nothing but the rising climax inside her.

The music seemed to grow stronger, thicker around her as she began to clench up. Every part of her seemed to tense with incredible, maddening intensity, until it was all she could do to keep from crying out. Suddenly, Jessi’s mouth was kissing it’s way up her neck, until the teen was nibbling gently on her ear.

“Cum, you slut.”

Abigail’s back arched, her tits jiggling free of Jessie’s grasp as she convulsed with sheer animal pleasure. Her mind was a ball of white hot lust, and her body was the conduit. Each of her screams, moans and gasps seemed to melt into the music, becoming one as she let it in completely.

Somewhere in the combined onslaught of rhythm and orgasm, she had sank to her knees. On the floor, she could see her discarded clothes, and in a moment of clarity realized that she could easily reach out, grab them and run from it all, escape the pleasure. Instead, she turned to Jessi with a smile on her face.

“I like these… what else do you have?”


New story available: Bimbo Backfire!

When Sasha signs up to become a sorcerer's apprentice, she's more than a little wary about having her mind and body altered by the powerful man. Little does she realize the danger comes from herself, and her own insatiable fantasies. Fantasies that only become stronger and more irresistible the closer she is to being capable of fulfilling them, including a deep-seated need to become a top-heavy, jiggling, giggling bimbo for her new master.



She was on her knees, her legs parted and her shaved pussy exposed for all to see. Her hands were on her chest, pulling up and presenting her fat tits rather than covering them. Mouth open, her drool slick lips just begging to be wrapped around something thick and hard, Sasha’s whole self was made to be fucked… But it wasn’t enough.

Mustering her power, she pushed it through her entire body, altering and expanding everything to lustful perfection. Her ass pushed out and grew round, sitting warmly on her long, smooth legs. Her lips puffed up even more so, becoming pillowy and plump, and oh so sensitive. Then came her tits… inch by delicious inch they blossomed from her body, growing larger than her head and showing no signs of stopping.

Even as the weight of them overwhelmed her, she kept expanding them, loving the way her own power was making her into the perfect slut. Falling to her hands and knees, the quivering mounds of titflesh slapped against the floor, her nipples stinging from the contact before tingling madly with pleasure.

She could feel him approach, his strength and his lust as he took in the sight of her youthful, altered body. Sasha could tell he didn’t see her as a student anymore, or even a person… she was a body to be used, holes to be fucked, and the thought made her dumb little slit squirt with unrestrained arousal.

The moment his hands landed on her, sliding along her hips and across her perfect, jiggling ass, she cried out. Even that simple caress was enough to make her oversexed self become overwhelmed, and by the time his fingers glanced along her pussy, she was shaking in climax. Slight touches became firm, but soft strokes that ran from her tight, pink asshole all the way to her throbbing, needy clit.

It was driving her crazy, but she didn’t want it to stop. Her breath was coming out in ragged panting, interspersed with loud moans and wordless pleas for more, more, more. She would do anything for him, anything to become his fantasy, his play toy.

Eyes glazed over with dumb lust, she could see the contract in front of her, glowing brightly, calling to her. She knew signing it meant she’d be his, that she’d give up any claim she had on her own will, or even self. Mouth and pussy dribbling equal puddles on the floor below her, Sasha reached out and eagerly signed her name. She smiled as the scroll closed of its own accord, and began to glow. Brighter and brighter it lit, until she could no longer see…



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New story available: Experiments In Lust!

Rose and Adam have an ongoing rivalry, laced with sexual tension. After a few flung insults, they strike a wager... Rose will be the first test subject of Adam's invention: a device that can dampen human intellect. If she proves it doesn't work, she earns herself funding for her own research into chemical compounds that can change the human body. If she loses, she gets a taste of her own medicine... literally. The only problem is, Rose has a secret fetish she's been hiding... a barely repressed want to be a dumb, busty bimbo. As the device takes effect, and her thoughts become more and more instinctual, she finds the idea of changing her body all the sweeter...



The man was Seth, one of her old lab partners; A mediocre mind who had rapidly outgrown his usefulness. Now though, he seemed so much smarter, more handsome, more competent. She was kicking herself internally for casting out such a gorgeous hunk of man, wishing instead that she’d kept him around; bending over for him, throwing aside her notes as he took her over one of her lab benches…

Rose let out a giggle, the naughty little tingles had grown so much stronger, and she briefly wondered why. She hadn’t realized it was because she had pulled up her tiny little skirt, tugged her cheap thong aside and was now shamelessly stroking her prominent clit… It seemed like too natural an act to really bear thinking about anymore.

“I never knew you were such a slut, Rose,” Seth whispered across the aisle. A few other students looked over at the sound, and when they saw Rose’s bare slit, they began to stare openly.

Being watched by potential mates, and being seen for the dirty whore she’d always wanted to be was enough to drive her over the edge. As the climax built, she groped at her fat tits, tearing away her flimsy, useless shirt to expose herself to everyone. Her other hand plunged two, then three fingers into her sopping wet pussy, her juices dripping and squirting onto her chair and the floor. All the while, she had begun moaning uncontrollably, loudly showing the entire class that she was open for any one of them to take her, to use her.

Cameras flickered and flashed as she came in front of her audience, but she hardly cared. Her whole world was her throbbing fuck holes, and the sight of Seth standing up and dropping his pants. As his cock sprang free, the heat in Rose’s body only increased, and she found herself sliding out of her chair. Rolling over, her bare tits rested in a musky pool of her own juices as she pushed her ass up and out for the man and his glorious cock.

People had begun to shout, several in disgust over the blatant act taking place in front of them. The professor had long since given up trying to hold order and had gone from the room in search of higher, better equipped authority… or so he said. Instead, he had made a beeline for the nearest restroom with several candidly shot pictures of Rose’s whorish acts.

Neither Seth nor Rose noticed the crowds though. She was happily awaiting the fulfilling feeling of being used like the fat-titted fucktoy she was, and he was more than pleased to oblige. For Seth, it was more than simply lust… Rose had spent an inordinate amount of time berating him when they worked together, and when she ejected him from the lab, she had spent over an hour making sure he knew just how inferior he was to her…

Now though, seeing the haughty girl bent over, her pussy dripping and eager… Finally, he would get some vindication. He approached slowly, almost reverently savoring each moment. Pressing the head of his cock against her glistening lips, he toyed with her. Up and down, just inside of her twitching, needy hole he ran his shaft, loving the way she tried to push herself back against him. It wasn’t her pussy he was after, though...