New story available: The Display Model!

Following the chaos of the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, strange magics have begun to run wild. Starting from the corrupted post office, who's eager, tireless workers mindlessly ship their parcels, the power is spread to Maple's department store. Heather, a warehouse worker with an exhibitionist streak, is the first to come in contact with the tainted energy, changing in both body and mind to become the perfect new addition to the storefront display... but she's definitely not the last. Transformations, bimbos and more abound in the new 'Pretty In Plastic' series. Enjoy!

This is the first book in the Pretty In Plastic series, filled with erotic transformations, bimbo dolls and very few limits. While this series follows after the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, it's written as a starting point all its own, so feel free to jump right in!



Both the simple garment and the panties beneath them were soaked clean through, although strangely Heather’s musk was almost overwhelmed entirely by the scent of candy and plastic. It was as if the stuff from the box had leaked through like Theresa thought, though the state of her dripping slit promised otherwise.

Either way, the young girl tore them off and tossed them into the same pile her coverall had formed, quickly followed by her ratty, white tank top. Completely nude, she bent over the desk and began fucking herself in earnest. Her firm, pert tits were pressed against the faux wood surface as her hands roamed her backside shamelessly, sliding along her tingling holes as her thoughts grew dim.

It was strange… every time before, Heather was more or less all about the end result, efficiently toying with all her favorite weak spots to get herself off with little effort. This time, it was almost as though she were putting on a show rather than pleasuring herself. Equally inexplicable was the fact that it had begun to feel even better.

She could feel her whole body tingle as she pressed her ass outward, her legs spread to show off the bare lips of her pussy; and even as her fingers slid exquisitely down her thighs, she could still feel her clit thrumming in response. It was as though putting herself on display was an act of masturbation in and of itself, and she was rapidly losing herself to the sensations it brought forth.

Straightening up, her body feeling almost rigid with pleasure, she reached up and lifted her breasts, pretending to show them off to an unseen watcher. Despite the strange stiffness she was experiencing in her joints, her whole body shook as she completed the pose, smiling wide and welcoming as her fingers closed on her erect, rubbery nipples.

That smile slipped somewhat as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and a sharp voice berating colleagues along with it. Theresa, Heather thought to herself. Panicking, her eyes darted around the room, though the rest of her body stayed in its lewd pose. Knowing she’d be unable to reach her clothes in time, and realizing she had nowhere to run, Heather took a deep breath and simply waited, hoping she could somehow keep from being fired, or arrested.

“Maybe I can play it off as a joke, somehow,” she thought to herself as the door swung open and Theresa stomped in.

The stern, but beautiful woman gave a deep sigh as the door closed, and she leaned back against it with a face that looked a mix between confusion and shame. Heather’s eyes widened as the display manager pulled up her expensive, designer skirt to reveal a cheap, worn out g-string. The flimsy cloth was pulled up tight between the lips of Theresa’s pussy, which seemed puffy and swollen.

She seemed to struggle a moment, her cheeks red with blush and her breath coming in shallow panting. “I… I’m Te…” She seemed like she wanted to cover her mouth, stop what she was about to say, but it was as if she couldn’t keep from showing off her pink panty clad pussy. Heather watched as she steadied herself, closing her eyes and gradually slowing her breathing back to normal levels… before it all fell apart...


New story available: The Bimbo Commission!

Jolie is a struggling artist, working her way through college on commissions. When offers dry up, she takes on a job that's a quite a bit less wholesome than she's used to: to make her own, bustier version of an already lewd image. The job really begins to get to Jolie, as she struggles to get everything just right. Staring at the image starts to become an obsession, as does a growing envy for the top-heavy, sexy bimbo. Before long, the young artist finds herself caring less about her talent and more about her bust size, as she realizes she has a very different passion from the one she's been pursuing...



Without breaking her view of that perfect, gorgeous woman, Jolie slipped her hands up under her t-shirt, sliding it up to reveal her two small mounds. Her breasts had never really grown, and she didn’t see much point in wearing a bra when there wasn’t  anything to support, so she had quick and easy access to her puffy little nipples.

Her breath came in sharply as her fingers tweaked the soft buds, and the sudden rush of sensation was almost enough to break her concentration. Still, the sight of the woman’s big, round tits kept her attention and calmed her back into docility.

Don’t think… Just show your tits…

Jolie couldn’t tell whether it was her that was whispering the words, or someone else entirely. She told herself it couldn’t be the woman in the picture, even if it seemed the busty model was moving.. tossing the pillow away and spreading her legs wide for the young artist. Little drops of drool fell from Jolie’s mouth as she took in the delicious sight of the bimbo’s glistening wet pussy. There was nothing in the world she wanted more than to crawl down between those plush thighs and bury her face in the woman’s sex… nothing except bigger, less pathetic tits of her own.

Even as she reveled in the impossible display, something inside of her couldn’t get over how small her bust was. It was the same disappointment she felt as she realized there were several annoying little thoughts buzzing around her head, and she couldn’t seem to shut them off like she wanted.

Don’t think… Just show your tits…

Jolie grunted as another shudder of pleasure went through her. Idly she had stuffed the bottom of her shirt into her mouth, to show off her tiny mounds and free up a hand to go trailing down into her shorts. The cloth of her panties were drenched, but she hardly noticed. Instead, she started rapidly stroking her clit, trying to do to herself what she would love to do to the sexy blonde she was watching.

Even as she stared, it appeared as though the model was moving, shifting into a pose not unlike Jolie’s own. Soon both women were facing each other, tits out, rubbing their wet, dripping fuckholes; mirror images, though distorted.

Despite the overwhelming sensations going through Jolie, it was actually the model that seemed to cum first, rocking against her hand and putting on a show with her own orgasm. It was as if she knew she were made to be on display, and wanted to make sure that even the most self-indulgent of her pleasures were still all for her viewers.

Arousal causing her mind to go blank, Jolie watching with utter envy as the blonde put on a show for her. She wanted that. She wanted the tits, the hair, the body… the life that a slut like that would lead. She could imagine it so clearly now, she could practically see her own breasts filling out in front of her, her mouth beginning to water at the thought of worshipping cock… every inch of herself given over to becoming nothing more than a display, an image of sexual servitude.

Moaning, grinding her slit against her hand, Jolie’s body and mind erupted in climax. So intense were the feelings going through her, the fantasies and the sensations that she didn’t even notice the slight added weight on her chest…

New story available: Maid to be a Brat!

After stealing a certain marital aid from a former client, Denise the maid begins to feel like she may not be fulfilling her purpose in life. When a surprise job offer comes her way, and the prospect of a man willing to teach her just what that purpose is, she finds herself more than eager to perform any act that might help. As her arousal, and her fertility grows, Denise finds herself more and more desperate to please her client and his bimbo wife. Of course, they seem more than willing to give her what she's begging for in return...

This is the second story in the Breeding Bimbos series!

"Sometimes a girl wants a little bit more out of life… Maybe it's a bigger bust, a curvier body, or maybe it's an unrelenting need to get knocked up in the dirtiest way possible. The Breeding Bimbos series is all about girls who, whether they realize it or not at the start, want all of those things, as much as they can."



Instead of laughing, Denise found herself struggling to focus enough to finish the rental purchase and watch it, all the while rubbing her clit with zealous effort. It still wasn’t as good as it usually felt, but it was like there was a switch that got turned on inside of her, something primal, and she didn’t think she could stop.

Impatiently she watched the scene unfold, grumbling as the obvious twenty something girl tried half-assedly to act like she was jail bait. Even with how strange she was feeling, Denise still managed to chuckle to herself when she thought that, while the actress may not be a legitimate teen, she at least had the dumb part down to a tee. Between the bewildered expression on her face, and the way she fumbled even simple lines, Denise was amazed the girl had been able to read a script in the first place… and for some reason, she found that incredibly hot.

It wasn’t the girl who was arousing, although she certainly made up for her lack of intellect with a puffed up pair of professionally done tits that were hard not to stare at. It was the idea of this dim girl, bending over and taking it from a strong, intelligent man, about to get filled with his seed… knocked up….

Denise had began to pant audibly, her motions becoming less articulate and taking her thoughts with them. As the actress on the film began to be ‘seduced’ by her costar, the older woman had already started to become lost in her own fantasies.

Now she was the girl on the screen, dressed slutty and utterly naïve. She was showing off her underthings with every step, and while she didn’t fully realize it, her pussy did. It could feel the men staring, and it loved the attention; and when the first tall, masculine stranger came over and slipped his hand into the waistband of her little teenybopper panties her body reacted before her mind did.

He didn’t need to push her over, she immediately bent for him, pushing out her pert teenaged ass and giving it a cute little wiggle. Her lover cared little for foreplay, and shoved her flimsy panties down roughly enough to cause them to tear. Denise didn’t care, her pussy told her it was alright. As she felt the head of his cock against her slit, she quivered with need…

“But mister, I’m… I’m not on the pill!” came the actress’s voice from the TV, but Denise’s pliable mind just incorporated it easily. “I-I’m not on the pill, but… you can do it anyway…”

As the stranger entered her, she gasped in the fantasy. She could practically feel him inside her, pushing his way into her tight little slit, making her a real woman. Hazily she could feel the cool glass of the beer bottle slip inside her, and it was almost enough to shake her out of it, but the feeling of being fucked, combined with the dizzying clarity of her lustful delusions were too alluring to turn away from.

Eyes half-lidded, she registered just enough of the film to keep her hazy mind latched onto it. In and out she pushed the bottle, moaning and giggling along with the teen on the movie, only infinitely more sincere… In her mind, she truly was just another dumb, young girl with a wet and fertile little pussy, and the sensations she was feeling were hammering home that impression one twitch or shudder at a time.

New story available: Spilled Milk!

Still reeling from the changes wrought by her showdown with the Mad Milker, Miss Rebound is struggling to deal with her new libido, body, and bust size. She's not the only one, as her catgirl roommate, Kitty seeks to find a way to share the pleasure of those same changes with everyone in the city. Udder chaos ensues as our hero tries to clean up the mess, all the while trying to convince herself not to make another one...

This is the second book in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



“Mmmmooooo… Mmmilk me… Fuck me…” the young cowgirl said, rubbing her face in between Dr. Dolly’s thighs, causing the doctor to shiver with lust. She was already having trouble staying focused, but when Katie’s long tongue slid underneath her short skirt, she went full dolly mode, and fast.

Dropping the nullifier, she fell first to her knees, and then onto her back. Legs spread wide, anticipating her playmate, Dolly’s eyes widened into lustful surprise and stuck that way, even as Katie began eagerly lapping at her well-lubed slit.

“Dolly loves to be licked! Play with Dolly forever!” came the chipper sing-song from the doll girl’s mouth, though her lips didn’t move out of their wide open ‘o’ shape.

Katie happily obliged, lapping away at the sweet tasting pussy and loving the way Dolly’s thighs clenched around her udders as she did so. Each automatic squeeze pushed a stream of milk out, coating the floor in just a few seconds. With every spurt of milk came a steady trickle of juices down Katie’s own legs, filling the room with the scent of feminine lust.

From the other room came the sound of steady thumping, as well as a series of long, plaintive moos similar to Katie’s own. The Mad Milker had backed into the thick rubber cock Dolly had mounted on the wall of her stall, and was vigorously fucking herself as her senses were bombarded by the sex occurring not far away. The loud noises completely obscured the sound of electrical crackling that was happening right next to the entwined couple.

The nullifier had fallen to the floor roughly, cracking the outer casing.  While that normally wouldn’t be a problem, the sheer amount of liquids steadily coating the floor meant that before long the high tech device was malfunctioning in a big way. Soon, sparks were joined by odd waves of energy pouring out from it and washing over the entirety of the lab.

It was Katie who felt it first. As the light spilled out across her body, she could feel it changing even more so. Black and white speckled fur sprung up on the effected skin, and her feet had clenched down; quickly hardening into hooves. None of that bothered the oversexed girl, but when the changes reached her heavily hanging tits, she let out a cry of pleasurable surprise.

Every inch of her fat udders seemed to pulse with orgasmic tingles, even as they began to expand further. Twin streams of milk sprayed from them as they ballooned outward… and Katie soon felt a twin sensation begin to form beneath them. As her hands slowly devolved into hooves much like her feet, Katie felt her second massive pair of tits begin to fill with milk. The sensation was so intense that she began shaking in climax, even though her thick-lipped pussy had remained unfilled.