New story available: Delinquent Urges!

Samantha struggles to control her powers, and ends up educating three new girls in a brand new Obedience School story! Janice is the leader of the Morality Club, a small group of teens in charge of making sure the student body knows all about old school values. More often than not it serves as a way for each girl to feel morally superior to her peers, and when they attempt to do so with the queen bimbo herself, they soon become very well educated in what it means to be a model Halford student, cup size and all.

This is the tenth story in the Obedience School series!

"Halford High is a school known for its high academic standards, its skilled sports teams, and bimbos. Read as cute teens become top-heavy, intellect-light playtoys with zero inhibitions…"

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New story available: Plug and Play Bimbo!

Penny's self-destructive quest for revenge continues as she sends her eager A.I., Deedee, to go play games with another girl. Clara, a staunch anti-games critic is annoyed at first, about what she believes is a simple hack. When Deedee goes from fun and flirty to down right dirty, the girl realizes she has something more on her hands. Thinking of the publicity that she'd gain from the experience, Clara plays along, soon falling prey to the mindset she's been decrying her entire short career. As her body begins to match her new outlook, the young woman realizes she's aching for a very different kind of game to play...

This is the fourth story in the Mind Games series!

"Video games will rot your brain, they said. Turns out they were right. The new InfinitePlay system not only tailors your character to your preferences, but tailors you to your character in turn. Simple stat changes could be the difference between an intelligent, flat chested young girl and a drooling, dripping, cock-hungry bimbo…"

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New story available: The Last Truth or Dare!

With graduation approaching, Jodie and her friend Emma are struggling to hold on to a friendship that's doomed to end by distance. Hoping to recapture some of their fun over the years, the girls play one last game of truth or dare, with very strange results. Jodie, tasked with flashing an older man, finds herself suddenly obsessed with her own immaturity, the thought of acting and dressing younger becoming more and more compelling. Meanwhile, Emma finds her bust going through a sudden growth spurt, and her sharp intelligence dulled down into blissful, sexual obedience. While their discovery of their new interests and personas is exciting enough, the girls also discover a growing affection blossoming between them... 



He looked down at her, and instead of disinterest, his expression was one of disdain. Without a word, he reached down and gave her shorts a tug, dropping them into the street, where they were quickly followed by a trickle of her own juices. Backside and sex fully exposed, Jodie shivered in place, her hands both grasping at her chest as she waited to see what he’d do.

As he stepped closer, Jodie’s senses were overwhelmed by the scent of his aftershave, mingling with her own stupid, sweet, girly musk. Her eyes fluttered as he ran his calloused fingers over her belly, causing it to twitch under his touch. As his hand dipped lower, and she felt his heat at the edge of her sex, she couldn’t help but try and move closer.

“P-please… take me. I want you so fucking bad and-“ she babbled, only to be interrupted.

“Shut up.” His reply was stern, uncaring, and made Jodie involuntarily grunt with lust. Nodding obediently, she resumed waiting, though every part of her cried out to be used. “Tell me… who are you?”

Jodie looked up at him, her heart thumping madly. He cared who she was! “I’m Jodie Powell, eighteen and I’m just about to gradu-!”

The young girl was cut off as the man grabbed her arm, turned her and gave her a swat on her firm ass cheek, causing her to squeak in surprise. The blush in her only deepened, her face matching the red on her abused bottom.

“Maybe I was unclear… let me rephrase: what are you? Be honest,” the man said, slowly circling her trembling form.

It was getting harder to hold it together, her little slit liberally dripping onto her discarded shorts. Still, she knew what he wanted to hear… With her flat chest, immature outfit, and her pathetic crush… she knew the truth.

“I’m… I’m a stupid little girl,” she mumbled, her eyes downcast. The moment the words were out of her mouth she felt his hand return between her legs, one of his thick fingers resting so close to her clit she could almost feel it already.

“Good girl, Jodie… You’re a very good girl,” he whispered into her ear, his body getting closer. Even though he hadn’t actually touched her there, she could feel her pussy begin to tingle with oncoming climax, surprising even her with the sheer intensity of what she was experiencing.

“Good girl… good girl…” his voice seemed to echo in her mind as her body began to tense up. She saw stars with how hard she squeezed her eyes shut, and as the orgasm began to rip through her slender frame, those stars seemed to explode along with the rest of her…


New story available: The Bimbo Bodysuit!

A single weekend, a cutting edge bodysuit and a nice, hefty stipend... what could go wrong? This is what Mila, a soon-to-be college girl, thought as she signed up to be the lab rat for a tech corporation's new gadget. Only after she begins wearing the suit does she begin to notice several strange side effects, such as increased arousal, difficulty focusing, and swelling in a few very select places. As her bond with the garment increases, each change begins to feel better and better, and that much harder to resist...



Man, what is up with me today? I feel like such a…” she slid under the pink covers, her hand between her legs in seconds. “Such a slut.”

The moment she finished the thought, her hips began to buck, and she felt the now familiar pressure of the suit beginning to touch her. What little resistance she had before had dwindled to nothing now, and as the material hardened and slipped inside her, she was eagerly spreading her thighs and easing it in.

As it fucked her, Mila could feel the suit begin to take control once more. Within moments, it had caused her to throw the blanket from her body, and she found herself climbing slowly out of the bed. Despite her motion, the suit continued to stroke in and out of her slit, and the gentle pressure against her asshole was becoming more insistent.

Eyes fluttering with lust and humiliation, she watched helplessly as her body moved on its own. She knew her destination before she got there, and she could feel her clit throb as she moved into position.

Most of the cameras in the room were well hidden, but this one was out in plain sight. It stuck out like a sore thumb, a black lens on white walls just at waist level. Mila shuddered with lust as she approached it, and while part of her wanted to hold back, that part was clearly being outvoted by the dumb slit between her legs.

She fell gently to her knees, and she could feel her juices press warmly against her as she did so. The motion up inside her was fast now, insistent. Being down on her knees felt so good, so right, that she almost regretted moving to her next pose, but there was a need inside her now, and it was telling her that a slut needed to be seen.

Leaning back, she spread her thighs wide, the fat lips of her pussy pushing out against the skintight suit. Ripples went through the material, stroking her clit, running invisible fingers over every inch of her skin. Still, none of what the suit was doing to her matched the way her thoughts were making her feel.

She knew that someone on the other side of that camera was watching her, seeing plainly what a slut she really was. She could claim it was the suit, or some kind of cabin fever, but she knew it was just her own dirty, perverted little pussy controlling her weak mind. All she had needed was this moment of reasonable doubt, a single flimsy excuse and she had turned into a dripping mess of a human fucktoy.

“W… w-watch me…” she moaned, bucking her hips up at the camera, wishing they could see her wet, eager little hole in plain view.

Reaching down, balancing herself on one arm, she pushed two fingers between her pussy lips, sliding up into the cavity created by the suit’s movements. The material closed warmly around her fingers, seemingly as eager to pleasure outside as well as in. Moreover, where her fingers pressed, the suit seemed to thrum more vigorously, making every thrust of her fingers feel like the most exquisite vibrator.

Her mind a blank, Mila fucked herself into a drooling stupor, all the while imagining the people up in that room being aroused by her, but also looking down on her. She imagined they were talking about how much of a whore she was, or maybe even taking bets on who’d go down and fuck her first.

That last thought was what pushed her over the edge. She imagined kneeling before one of the techs, sucking noisily on his cock while the rest of them watched… and lined up to be next. The climax shook Mila’s entire body, and it felt as though the suit were electrified as she fell, writhing, to the floor.

Panting, drool trickling out of her open mouth, Mila passed out into sweet, dreamless slumber.