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Many of you may have noticed something popping up on some of my covers recently.
It means exactly what it says, that the title is nothing but delightfully busty women all throughout. This doesn't mean that other stories won't have lesbian scenes or even a heavy lesbian focus, but I want to make sure that everyone who is strictly into lesbian erotica have their stories too. For everyone else? Well, that's still double the bimbos, and that's just fine.

I hope this helps with clarity on future titles, and enables people to find the best stories for their tastes. And remember, if you have any questions or requests, I read each and every email I get, and there's a good chance I might just be able to knock out the story you've been looking for. Just click the envelope at the top of the page, or fling a message to

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New story available: Trixie's Treats!

No boys allowed in this girls-only tale of transformation!
Anxiety-ridden Beatrix is more than happy to spend Halloween cooped up in her house, even when her free spirit of a wife goes out to party. Her plans change when she receives a gift from their mysterious neighbor, and the costume inside leads to some very extreme role-play. Soon the shut in is skipping down the street, trick or treating without a care in the world... and more than happy to give a few treats of her own. As her costumes change, so does her body and mind... in all the best ways. From youthful excitement to panting, animal lust, Trixie is in for one wild night.

This is the second story in my transformation-heavy Mr. Holiday series!

"There's always a new holiday around the corner, which means there's a new way for Mr. Holiday to make his neighbors into his playthings. From fluffy bunny tails to firecracker triggered orgasms, there's no telling how far he'll go to make sure you really get into the holiday spirit…"

(Heavy transformation focus with intellect loss and bimbofication themes. May be odd, but fun. Fair warning.)


Trixie didn’t even notice at the way her sexy wife’s words devolved into dumb, needy moos. Snuggled up tightly against Farrah’s curvy body, she suckled rhythmically, matching the beat with the hand she had squeezed between her legs. Every swallow was matched by a flurry of rapid stroking as she felt her body tingle with pleasure.

Milk had begun to spill out from her mouth as her climax hit, though she continued to suck away at Farrah’s udder. Her high pitched gasps were matched by long, feminine moos as her wife came as well. They clutched at each other in frantic embrace, each experiencing the most intense orgasm they ever had.

Before long they had both fallen to the floor, holding each other and giggling when their bodies still spasmed periodically. Neither cared about the mess they had made, with Trixie’s almost sugary sweet juices mingling with Farrah’s still dribbling milk. They were simply content to hold on another and kiss, letting themselves settle down.

Before long though, Trixie had slid one hand down Farrah’s back. Her fingers dancing playfully past her wife’s furry tail, she grabbed a handful of soft, jiggling ass. Farrah’s face slipped into a caricature of dumb lust, mooing quietly as she got up onto all fours. Nipples dragging on the floor, she wagged her round backside at Trixie, her tail flopping to the side to showcase the thick, prominent lips of her dripping pussy.

Trixie was stunned, but not too stunned to bring herself to her knees to begin slowly stroking her bare slit. As she reached out with her other hand, Farrah’s eyes sharpened once more, and she clumsily batted the girl away.

“You naughty little slut!” Farrah said, playfully admonishing the suddenly bashful girl. “You know how I get when I’m in heat. If we keep this up I’ll never make it to the party!”

Trixie mumbled an entirely insincere apology as she watched Farrah rising clumsily to her feet. She was struck with lust at the way her wife’s body seemed to be comprised of nothing but soft, feminine curves, her ass and bust jiggling in a most distracting way.  Every inch of her was voluptuous, especially her backside, and Trixie could see red marks where her bikini was tightly pressing into flesh.

Farrah tugged the straining fabric off, looking confused as to why she had been wearing clothing in the first place. She had a hint in her mind that it had something to do with costumes, but that couldn’t be right. She wasn’t wearing one, and as she looked over at Trixie, she noticed her wife wasn’t wearing one either. Still, she couldn’t seem to focus on her concerns, and being in heat meant her thoughts were constantly being pulled to being fucked, or being milked.



New story available: Totally Not a Lesbian!

No boys allowed in this girls-only tale!
Lisa, unable to get away from her very sexual obsession with her frustratingly straight best friend, turns to anything she can get her hands on in order to live out her fantasies. Finding a mysterious tome in a local bookstore, she's surprised at how explicit some of the images are inside. Showing busty women performing acts she's only ever dreamed about, Lisa buys the book with only lust in mind. When she speaks one of the spells inside the book, the perversion inside her is given jiggling flesh. Soon, Lisa finds her friend more than willing to push back some of her boundaries, with a body more than capable of fulfilling all of the desperate girl's fantasies, and an empty mind that just wants more, more, more.

This is the first story in a new Girl/Girl only series, The Book of Bimbo!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."

(Breast Expansion, Bimbo/Intellect Loss, Girls Only, Some Age Regression planned. Enjoy!)



“Ugh, fine… One stupid kiss, as long as you promise to shut the hell up about it from now on… and you have to actually study with me at some point tonight,” Paige said in annoyance. Lisa clapped excitedly, crawling across the bed in an almost predatory manner while her heart pounded in her chest. She knew that even if the book didn’t work the way she hoped it would, she’d at least have the feeling of her friend’s lips on her own to add to her nightly fantasies.

Paige just sat there, waiting for her friend to get on with it. She knew Lisa had a bit of a crush on her, and she was actually hoping her lack of a reaction might help the girl move on. What was one kiss in the long run? Especially considering all the stupid things they had done and gotten into over their years as friends, this was no biggie.

Getting up on her knees, Lisa leaned in slowly, savoring the sweet scent of her friend as they came together. She licked her lips, chanting ‘Please work! Please work!’ again and again in her mind before coming in for the kiss.

Their mouths met, and Lisa just drank the moment in. Not only were Paige’s soft, perfect lips locked against her own, she could feel the girl’s chest pressing close, their breasts rubbing together through thin t-shirts. It made it especially apparent when the younger girl began breathe a bit harder… and still not pull away.

Feeling bold, Lisa began to kiss more sensuously, reaching her arms up slowly to hold Paige closer. The girl mimicked the action, and Lisa thought she’d die from pleasure when she felt a pair of petite, familiar hands roaming her back. Finally, she thought, letting her own hands slip a little lower…

Paige broke the kiss when she felt her friend’s fingers slipping below the waistband of her pajama pants. “Whoa there… Let’s just hold on a moment. I’m not a lesbian.

Lisa looked at her, the lust pumping through her body making it hard not to just pounce her friend again. “But… but… you liked the kiss!”

“Well yeah,” Paige said, looking confused, “I mean, I like kissing girls a lot, but that doesn’t make me a lesbian. How many times have we had this conversation? Kissing is fine, but nothing else; no matter how many times you try and convince me to go further.”

Still breathing hard, it took Lisa a moment to process what the girl was saying. Then, finally, it hit her. “Wait, so… you don’t mind if we kiss again? Like, right now?”

Paige looked at her like she was crazy, “Um, yeah? Why, what’s wrong with kissing other girls?”

Lisa grinned, pulling her friend in close once more and savoring the feeling of those forbidden lips against her own. It worked… the book worked.



Apologies for the lack of update last week! I've been hard at work crafting some amazing new bimbo tales for you all, and there's going to be some fun new additions to the site coming shortly. Hope you like them! Now, on to the tales...
New story available: Becoming Jenni!

Jennifer, a high school girl, is devastated when her boyfriend cheats on her with some top-heavy bimbo. Her self-esteem shaken, she turns to the internet for affirmation. Ending up at a strangely compelling website, despite its brightly flashing ads, the teen sets up a profile and waits for her responses. Met by luke-warm receptions, and perverted beauty tips, Jennifer sinks into a worse state than before. It's only when she starts heeding the site's advice that things start to improve. Embarrassing at first, soon Jennifer finds herself craving the attention she gets from showing off... especially when things get physical. Soon she's looking for more and more ways to be seen, including clicking on the ad telling her she can get implants for cheap...

This is the first story in the brand new Message Board Bimbos series!

“When a girl needs a little affirmation that she’s just as sexy as she thinks she is, she can turn to some pretty shady places. The SexySelf site is one of those places. Filled with distractingly flashy ads and offering only the most perverted advice, every woman who visits finds themselves changed by the experience…"

(Breast Expansion, Intellect Loss, and some Age Regression – This series is all about straight up bimbos and nothing else! Enjoy!)



Jennifer put down her phone with a thoughtful look on her face. Easy, dumb, obedient… It just sounded so wrong, so demeaning. There was no way she was going to just mince around, showing off her body like some kind of nymphomaniac idiot; the idea was simply too out there, too compelling…

Still nude, Jennifer looked at herself in the mirror. Body language and personality… Easy, dumb, obedient… She frowned. Her stance was one of uncertainty and shyness, her face showing too much intelligence and concern. There was no way she could pull it off.

Half-jokingly, Jennifer reached up and cupped her breasts, shifting her hips and striking one of the poses she had seen on the site. Legs spread, ass out, she looked like a whore waiting for a job. The thought sent tingles throughout her body, traveling straight down to her sex.

On impulse, she looked at her reflection and tried to match her face to her pose. She let her mouth hang open just a bit, and her eyes fall half-closed. Blushing, lost in the moment, Jennifer trailed one hand down her belly, until her fingers felt the warmth of her slit.

“Hey boys, I’m Jenni… I’m kind of a ditz, but everyone tells me I’m lots’a fun…” she said to her reflection. “We can do whatever you want. I’m easy.”

She gasped as she began to tease her clit, though it wasn’t simply from the delicious sensations the action produced. The way she was standing, the naughty way she was playing with her pussy, and the eager yet unintelligent look on her face… Jennifer had never looked or felt so sexy in her life.

The wet sounds of her ministrations served as the perfect sound track to the act she was putting on above. Kissing at the mirror, batting her eyelashes and trying her best to look as cute and slutty as she could, Jennifer barely noticed the various parts of her mind dimming down one by one. In fact, the growing fog in her head had only made her act feel more real and natural, until any self-consciousness was utterly wiped away.

Bent over, Jenni began moaning like a whore as she slipped two fingers inside her dripping slit. Rolling her hips, she started slamming them in and out of herself, her sluggish mind putting together the barest fantasy of a random man taking her from behind. It was enough to enrapture her, battering her brain with a feedback loop of obedience and pleasure.


Also, brand new this week...

New story available: Data Breach Bimbo!

Looking into reclaiming the lost InfinitePlay suits, two agents find themselves instead facing off against a rogue A.I. bent on mass bimbofication! Georgia gets in touch with her inner kinks as the mad program tempts her with her wildest desires. Meanwhile her superior, Desmond struggles to keep his half-broken moral compass straight when presented with his subordinates eagerly offered charms. Both agents risk losing themselves to their lust as busts expand in this brand new Mind Games story!

This is the fifth story in the Mind Games series!

"Video games will rot your brain, they said. Turns out they were right. The new InfinitePlay system not only tailors your character to your preferences, but tailors you to your character in turn. Simple stat changes could be the difference between an intelligent, flat chested young girl and a drooling, dripping, cock-hungry bimbo…"



Georgia, sweat-soaked and stark naked, panted as she rode the pillow wedged between her legs. Each breath, each gyration was done perfectly in time to the thrumming beat coming from her laptop, the lights on the screen shifting and flashing as she fucked herself wildly. Between the sights and sounds, messages played in her head, spoken in the sweetest voice she could imagine.

You’re a slut… slave to your own lust. It feels good to give in… To crave cock…

She shuddered, and reached down to readjust the remote in her slit. She needed cock, and even her stupid, slutty pussy was beginning to realize her impromptu toy simply wasn’t it. It didn’t stop her from trying, however, and she’d been riding the thing non-stop since she yelled Desmond out of the room.

She’d hated that she pushed him away, and for the longest time she had just teased herself, waiting for him to come back and use her. Ass up, she’d kept herself on the edge of orgasm, drooling into her pillow as she waited for penetration that never came. Eventually, she’d began to wonder what she was doing, her mind regaining some semblance of clarity… at least until the music had started up again.

You don’t care about anything but sex… You’re too dumb to think of anything but sex…

Georgia moaned as she felt her mind begin to grow dull. One by one memories of her training, her dedication to her studies, all began to fizzle and fade, only to be replaced with a sort of blissful light-headedness. Before long, all that was left in her thoughts was hunger to be fucked and a lingering curiosity on how she could make her titties bigger.

You live to be a fuck toy… Your only wish is to be the perfect little bimbo…

Bouncing excitedly on the pillow, Georgia nodded along with the voice she heard. “Oh. Em. Gee! I totally do! I wanna be just the bestest bimbo in the world!”

You know what you need to do… Use the suit…

Georgia paused, her brow furrowing for a moment as she thoughtlessly sucked on one of her fingers. There was something she was supposed to remember… something about the suits doing something bad. Unfortunately, she was too dumb to think of what it was, so she asked the very smart voice for an answer.

“Hey, um… I don’t think I should use the suit, or something… but I don’t know why.”

The suit will give you big, fat titties… a round, fuckable ass… thick, dick-sucking lips… The suit will make you perfect…

That was all the woman needed to hear, and she clambered off the bed clumsily in her haste. She giggled when the sodden remote slipped from her sex, but she didn’t let it stop her. Groping her breasts in anticipation, Georgia steadily made her way to the two crates in the corner of the hotel room.

The box she had chosen came open easily, and she could feel her body thrum when she took in the sight of the rig inside. This… this would make her the perfect bimbo. She slid into the suit with surprising ease, her hands and mind both deftly navigating all the wires surrounding it. Georgia could still feel the lustful haze still firmly in her head, but it was as if this one thing was completely unaffected by it.

It didn’t concern her, and before long the setup process was completed. Laying back on the bed, Georgia slipped the visor onto her head and activated the system.



New story available: Refit and Reprogrammed!

Slip into something a little more busty with the next Bimbo Bodysuit tale! Waking up after a crazy evening at the bar, Elaine finds herself inexplicably wearing a mysterious, skin-tight bodysuit. Her mind still reeling from her own debauchery the night before, she doesn't notice the odd inconsistencies in her memory, and her body, until they've all but surrounded her. Before long she's beyond caring, and definitely loving her new outfit... especially the way it seems to accentuate her chest. Meanwhile, her bossy best friend is dealing with a suit of her own, bound by her own steadily increasing libido...

This is the second story in the Bimbo Bodysuit series!

“Skin-tight and spreading, this is the one article of clothing a bimbo slut simply cannot take off. Starting with a lab test, what begins as a simple, but high-tech garment turns into a breast-expanding, intellect dampening bimbo epidemic! When fashion turns to fetish, no one is safe!"



Daniella thrust her hips, moaning into the  gag in her mouth. Wordlessly she begged for someone, or even something to just let her cum, but her cries fell flat against the wet, pink cloth. The muffling strap was part of the shiny, skin-tight suit she woke up wearing, having snaked up to her mouth when she couldn’t seem to resist a little morning me-time.

She had been so caught up in her fantasy, she hadn’t even stopped touching herself when the gag covered her mouth. In fact, it only seemed to feed into her submissive side, causing her to cry out as it slipped between her lips. It was only when her hand was pulled away from her slit and tugged up to her bedpost that she came even close to snapping out of it, but by then it was too late.

Legs spread, Daniella’s ankles were tied to the bottom corners of the bed by almost animate offshoots from her bodysuit. Likewise, her arms were stretched up over her head, each lashed to the solid oak headboard. She struggled for a moment, feeling the suit constrict over her lithe form. Every inch of it clung to her nubile body, growing tighter and more invasive by the second.

Daniella realized that she was utterly helpless, and as the drool spilled out of her mouth around her gag, she felt even more exposed, weak and… horny. It wasn’t simply the feeling of the suit rippling over her surprisingly sensitive skin, or the lingering arousal of her early morning indulgence. It was total submission, and it was getting her off in a big way.

All her life she’d been the aggressor, talking big and challenging anyone on practically any subject. Even her friends weren’t safe from her bullying, as Elaine well knew, and on more than one occasion she’d brow-beat them into doing something they’d never do on their own. The entire time though, she had been hoping someone would fight back, to put her in her place.

Now, as what felt like thousands of fingers went sliding across her writhing, teenage body, she felt the sweet bliss of being completely, undeniably controlled. Her struggles had become less to escape and more to trying to get the most out of every sensation, especially as the suit seemed to constantly keep her right on the edge of climax.

It had been hours now, and the girl knew only her total surrender, and an all-encompassing need to finally cum. Her mind was fixated on it, to the point where coherent thoughts and complete sentences were far, far beyond her. Grunting into her gag, fighting to get herself off in her constraints, she didn’t notice anyone entering the room until she felt actual hands begin to stroke their way up her calves.

Eyes fluttering open, Daniella fully intended to plead with her visitor to fuck her, lick her, use her whorish body for anything they wanted as long as they let her cum. Instead, she saw complete darkness. The suit had formed a perfect blindfold over her, leaving Daniella to the whims of her sensitive skin and the mysterious stranger.



New story available: Growth Spurts!

Isolated from Desmond Mills High, Kira is spared from the sexy corruption spreading throughout... until her best friend sends her a bottle of very special pills. Getting in touch with a more masculine side of both her personality, and select parts of her physiology, is hard at first, but she finds herself adapting to her new role and her new additions very quickly. Still, one bulging, throbbing change isn't enough for the power coursing through the town, and she soon finds herself, and others, altering in countless unpredictable ways.

This is the fourth story in the Rumor Mill series!

"Sometimes rumors can get out of hand, especially where unimaginable power is involved. Desmond Mill High is struck by a series of odd changes after one incredibly perverted girl's spreading gossip starts to turn out to be more and more true. Soon one of the bustiest girls in the school has another big bulge she's carrying, just in time for her boyfriend to become the big-breasted, dripping wet bimbo he's always wanted to be."

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