New story available: Vicky's Little Problem!

Renowned scientist, Victoria Pendleton makes an amazing discovery which leads to the construction of a revolutionary new machine; one that can rewrite a person from the ground up... and even turn back the clock. Advancing in years, the good doctor decides to be the first human test subject, even designing a stunning and graceful new body to change to for her second shot at life. Moving in with her assistant Lena, she plans to act as the woman's daughter for the duration of the test... the perfect cover under which she can perfect her revolutionary machine. Things go haywire when she wakes up after the first trip in the chamber and finds herself significantly more adorable, and aroused than she had planned... Barely able to keep her hands off herself, she doesn't notice her assistant's longing gaze; at least, until the girl takes a spin in the machine herself, leading to some very busty results...

This is the first story in the new Back to Bimbo series!

"All rules are thrown out when a genius scientist discovers the secret to reversing the aging process. With a machine able to rewrite anyone from the ground up, mind and body both, the only question is how and when it'll be abused..."

(Heavy age regression focus, bimbo transformations, some kinky roleplay and more!)



Vicky blinked in the warm morning light. The shimmering beam of sunlight seemed so much clearer and more vivid now, and she found she could even see little individual flecks of dust drifting through the brilliant shaft. It took her a few moments of staring before she realized she wasn’t even wearing her glasses.

“It worked…” she muttered, and then gasped. Her voice had come out soft and sweet, and while it wasn’t the commanding, elegant tone she was expecting, it was still an improvement over her old, rough rasp.

Slowly she raised her hands, taking in the sight of her new flawless, youthful complexion. Again, she was surprised to see her features weren’t as expected, her hands far too petite compared to the dexterous and slender future pianist appendages she had ordered. Still, the spotless, pristine skin was a welcome change from her old wrinkled hide.

Besides… the machine worked. No feature was beyond her changing, and with her new, youthful body, she had all the time in the world to figure out what might have gone wrong. ‘It was probably Mom’s fault,’ she thought to herself, giggling a little when she realized she’d already begun thinking of Lena as her mother… and more.

Her laughter faded into a gasp when the image of her assistant sprung up in her mind. For a moment, she simply thought of the redheaded girl as she usually did, but bit by bit, her imagination started stripping off clothing. Soon she was very vividly visualizing Lena’s tight body, the mature and intelligent young woman spreading her gorgeous legs to give her silly little girl a peek…

As if on instinct, Vicky’s hands moved on their own. Trailing down over small, puffy breasts and a soft, smooth belly, her fingers danced. Again, dissonance rang out when her fingers slid over her hairless mound, but everything but lust was washed away when she made contact with her clit.

Shaking with an energy she hadn’t felt in decades, the young girl indulged herself in a way she literally never had. Thighs spread wide, Vicky masturbated as though it were her life’s purpose, bucking her hips and soaking the sheet beneath her with her juices. It didn’t matter that she’d never touched herself like that before, just as it didn’t sink in that she’d never once thought about another woman like she was thinking about Lena.

“Oh dear… Oh… Oh, mommy!” she cried out, completely unable to keep from being loud as a climax swiftly built inside her. She didn’t care anyway, her mind was too focused on her fantasy of crawling submissively between Lena’s legs and licking her like a good little girl. As such, she didn’t hear her assistant walk in until the door closed loudly behind her.



New story available: The Huntress Humbled!

Paragon of virtue and defender of the innocent, the Black Huntress goes where other heroes fear to tread! When a new and potent villain emerges, who's ability spreads giggling, busty lust wherever she goes, the usual defenders of Kent City run scared. Diving right into danger, the Huntress finds herself hunted when she brings back a suspicious figure, who's curvy body and air-headed act titillate her in ways she's never known. Soon, she finds herself sporting a new outlook, and a new pair of accessories that she can't seem to leave alone. It's a race against the clock as she hunts for a solution... or someone who can treat her like the hot little bimbo she is.

This is the third story in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”

(Lots of transformations here, all with a very Superhero/Comic Book feel. Bimbos, breast expansion, petplay and animal tf, even some genderswap eventually. This series has few limits. You’ve been warned…)



Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, using grappling arrows when necessary, the Black Huntress stalked through the night. Already she could feel herself becoming intoxicated by the mix of emotions she could smell; the mix of lust, fear and anxiety lending an exciting undercurrent of risk to her patrol. As it was, she had to stop every few houses or so bask in it all, and gently stroke herself through her outfit.

The oil and the filters certainly helped to dampen Tracie’s abilities, but they certainly didn’t stop them altogether. Add in the adrenaline of her hunt, and the slick, slippery feeling underneath her leather, and the girl was almost always half-wild with arousal by the time she took down her quarry. This night was no different, and the quick and dirty masturbation sessions were almost routine by now.

Thankfully, she was still able to keep her senses well-honed even during the most intense bouts of relief, and she spotted the girl well before she caught scent of her. Heart racing, Tracie pulled her hand away from her throbbing sex as she watched the woman staggering down the street. Teetering on her high heels, and sporting a massive, jiggling chest, the giggling lady was just the clue she’d been looking for.

The Black Huntress rappelled down the wall towards the street, approaching her target with slow, stealthy movements. She needn’t have bothered, as the woman seemed infinitely more concerned with groping at her own tits than she was even the road in front of her, and Tracie could clearly see the trickle of juices sliding down her thighs. Besides that, none of her danger sense seemed to be triggering. In fact, the woman seemed almost… welcoming.

The overwhelming scent of perfume and lust was distracting to say the least. Tracie swayed in place, her nipples stiffening  against her suit as she began to imagine how easy it would be to crawl over to the woman, giving everything up for a taste of perfection. It was as though her filters did nothing, and none of her discipline or training could keep her hand from slipping back down to her throbbing sex.

Still, while part of her gave into her increasingly insistent desires, she maintained enough of herself to reach for her utility belt as well. Her hand found the tiny capsule right as her fingers found her clit, and she threw it right before her knees gave out. Moaning like a whore, begging to be fucked and slowly crawling towards the busty woman with nothing but sex on her mind, she found herself completely confused by the little puff of smoke that came billowing out from the capsule.



New story available: New Lease on Lust!

Erotic chaos engulfs an apartment complex when an ancient artifact is introduced... One that can grant one's hottest wishes. Thriving on twisting words, bodies and minds, the stone is passed from owner to owner, leaving none untouched. Two friends discover a very different sort of relationship when one girl finds herself eager to please, and to serve. Her friend is more than happy to watch as she bends over backwards to keep their home clean. A man laments having to deal with his girlfriend's daughter, right up until she starts to show off for him more and more. Lastly, a young thief gets more than she bargains for when she wishes her cute, but prudish roommate was less of a good girl. All this, in the first book of a new Eric Stray series: Tainted Wishes! Enjoy!

This is the first in the new Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns and even the monkey's paw... There's always been stories of wishes gone awry. Still, no document exists to tell of a strange black stone, which grants wishes in the dirtiest way possible. Gifted with a perverted will of its own, the artifact goes from owner to owner, leaving them panting, pawing and groping for more."



Jenna was awake when Naomi made her way to the living room. Nude from the waist down, her spread legs were resting on the table. One foot balanced on top of the odd, black paperweight there, she smiled sleepily as she gently stroked her sex. Her fingers began to move quicker as Naomi started cleaning up.

As with every day, Naomi knew at least part of the mess was on purpose. Rather than try and hide it, Jenna was often eagerly blunt about it. Today was no different.

“Ohhh… go get that… get that paper there. Yeah…” Jenna said, panting with lust as she watched her young maid bend down. “Now wiggle your ass a bit, that’s a good girl.”

Naomi did as she was told, taking her time to pick up the trash like her employer liked. She could practically feel Jenna watching her, just as she could plainly hear the wet sounds of the woman’s sex as she played.

“Ok, now… get on your hands and knees. There’s something below the TV stand I need you to reach for, real slowly. Oh fuck, yes! I wish you enjoyed this as much as I do, cause I could do this for hours…”

Again, the stone glinted with light, but neither girl noticed. For her part, Naomi was too busy kneeling on the floor, ass up and out as she strained to reach a tiny, bunched up ball of paper that Jenna had obviously put there on purpose. She took her time with it, knowing her employer just loved to watch her body at work.

The young girl tingled at the attention, making sure every inch of her backside was well-presented as she leaned in. Jenna’s gaze was intoxicating to her, making her pussy twitch with need, though she kept her hands on the job. With Jenna watching her, cleaning up was almost more sexually gratifying than masturbation anyway.

Lounging back, Jenna’s foot bumped against the stone, and she looked at it in annoyance. “Naomi… Be a good little servant and get rid of this thing, will you? It’s an eyesore.”

Naomi crawled over slowly, every movement meant to show just how eager she was to serve. Still, in her plain, boring dress, there was no way for her employer to know just how hot the situation made her, and she found herself imagining something much, much sluttier.

I wish I could show off more, that she could always see just how horny I get when I serve…’ the thought was strong in Naomi’s mind as she reached out and grabbed the stone, and the strange vibration that came from it seemed to travel from her hand, straight to her pussy. Still, despite the thrumming of  her body, she did as she was told, and carried the stone from the apartment.

Though she didn’t notice, every step she took made her meager chest jiggle just a little more. By the time she reached the dumpsters, her tits were tight inside the thick fabric. Still, despite the heavy woolen cloth, her breasts were plainly outlined, and her stiff, thick nipples made it clear just how aroused she was by her work.


New story available: Turning Her Teacher!

Josie is a high school lesbian with a serious crush on her young, hot teacher. Day by day she stares, her body wracked with unfulfilled lust as the object of her desire struts obliviously in front of her. After a humiliating refusal, the girl reaches out to anything that can help her obtain what she craves. Her prayers are answered in the form of a mysterious book, filled cover to cover with explicit images that leave her panting... and hopeful. Soon her crush is caring more for showing off her assets than her lesson plan, giving in to new hungers and deviant needs made more extreme by her changing body...

This is the second story in the girls only Book of Bimbo series!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."



Slightly confused, and definitely unable to keep up her resolution to stop lusting over her teacher, Josie peered over the top of her book and gasped at what she saw… Ms. Wendell was dressed to please. She’d always worn cute, well-put-together outfits, often paired with color coordinated, but practical shoes, and there was no doubting she knew what looked good on her.

This… was something else altogether. Gone were the practical shoes, replaced by shining, black heels. Trailing up her long, shapely legs were soft, dark stockings. They in turn led to a skirt that, while certainly an appropriate style and length, was definitely a size or two too small. The sheer, black cloth hugged tightly to the woman’s perfect curves, lending clear definition to Ms. Wendell’s backside as she took her time bending down and putting her handbag under her desk.

She smiled brightly as she stood up, her red-lipsticked lips catching Josie’s eyes. The teacher seemed to blush briefly at the attention, the ruddy flush seeming to spread all the way down across her uncharacteristically apparent cleavage. The blouse she was wearing was like her skirt: technically appropriate, but only just so; enabling Josie to clearly see the tops of the woman’s breasts, as well as glimpses of her bare belly whenever she stretched.

And stretch she did. Typically, Ms. Wendell would lecture from her desk, going to the whiteboard only to illustrate the rare point she couldn’t get across verbally. Now though, the provocatively dressed woman seemed to have a hard time staying in her seat, darting around and underlying every sentence with a picture or diagram.

The end result was a constant and obvious view of the young teacher’s pert backside, the imprint of her lacey, French-cut panties almost embarrassingly apparent. Josie felt her heart thudding in her chest as she watched the woman bend and contort, as if she were purposefully trying to show off just for her, and her suspicion was confirmed in two ways.

First, as she glanced about the class, Josie found that despite the blatant show in the front of the room, not a single person seemed surprised or even interested. In fact, they seemed almost less aware of Ms. Wendell than before, with none of the usual voyeurs sparing more than a glance in the woman’s direction.

The second confirmation came when she managed to drag her eyes up off her teacher’s well-displayed body, and up to her face. Ms. Wendell was looking right at her, and it was definitely not the sheepish, pitying look Josie had expected. No, the expression on the young woman’s face was one of barely constrained lust.

While the teen watched, her teacher’s movements became slowly more sultry and showy, rolling her hips as she strutted from one end of the whiteboard to the other. As if moving to some unheard rhythm, she began gyrating and writhing. Josie looked on in utter disbelief when Ms. Wendell dropped her marker, bending down low at the hips, her legs spread scandalously wide as she reached down. Ass shaking to that same inaudible beat, she turned and smirked at Josie before dragging her hands slowly back up her stockinged legs.



New story available: Trust Fund to Trashy: A Bimbo Tale!

Two stuck-up teenage heiresses bully their parents into having their own house for senior year, only to find themselves put up in a rambler they feel is far below their station. Still, they find themselves oddly charmed by the place, even the old TV and its odd sounds... Before long the girls become comfortable in the house, and in their new lifestyle, flirting and teasing each other in increasingly sleazy ways. Play gives way to more physical acts, matching their steadily changing forms, until neither girl can remember a life beyond their dirty, deviant ways.



Trying to get her mind on something else, Sybille sat up quickly. For the first time, she realized she fallen asleep on the beat up old couch, and she smiled as she waited to feel the familiar, haughty disgust about the place from the day before. Instead though, she found herself thinking how comfy the couch had really been, and how she couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up this refreshed… or horny.

The scent of slut filled the room, making her blush. There was no way Jessica could miss it, and Sybille found herself imagining her stuck up friend coming in and scolding her for it. She imagined crawling across the dingy carpet, begging for forgiveness for being such a slut. Jessica would pull her hair, pulling her downward, and closer…

Sybille gasped, her fingers sliding across her clit with feverish zeal. Still wearing her clothes from the night before, it never once occurred to her to wonder where her underwear had disappeared to. Of course, with how horny she was, and the strange noise coming from the TV, it was hard to focus on anything other than her own dripping sex.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder where Jessica had gone to. In her mind, she told herself it was just out of concern for her friend, but a growing part of her really wanted an eyeful of the slender girl. As it was, when she heard a thump coming from the other room, she was torn between going to investigate, and continuing to play. The thought of seeing her friend won out, however, and she reluctantly got up from the comfy couch.

Checking both rooms, Sybille found no sign of Jessica. It was only when she heard a gasp coming from behind the closed bathroom door that she realized where her friend was. Knocking briefly, she asked through the door if everything was okay.

“I’m good! I just, um… dropped the shampoo while unpacking… Still kinda tired from last night, I had the craziest dreams. I’ll be, uh… I’ll be out in a minute!” Jessica shouted, both hoping her friend would leave her alone to her task, or come barging in.

She was nude, sitting on the seat of the toilet with her legs spread wide. The pool she had made with her juices had spilled out down her thighs, running in tiny streams across the seat. Her phone was settled between her legs, and while it had become soaked from its location, Jessica couldn’t seem to move it… She liked the view too much.

On the screen was one of many pictures she’d taken that morning. Wet, pink and alluring, Jessica just couldn’t resist taking a few shots of Sybille’s sex after she’d woken up to find the girl still asleep and definitely aroused. After all the trouble of tugging off her panties without causing her to stir, it seemed a shame not to.

Jessica stared hungrily down at the picture, stroking her clit and pressing Sybille’s wet panties against her face. When she’d first got into the bathroom, she’d been overcome with shame over how creepy and perverted she had been, but the edge of that was dulled hard when she took a look at the first pic she had taken.

Sybille leaned against the door slightly, closing her eyes and imagining the impossible. There was no way the sounds of Jessica’s exertion could be from anything remotely sexual, but that didn’t stop it from being music to the girl’s ears.