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Setting out for an abandoned resort on a tropical island sounds like a dream job for Camille and Stephanie, but the two girls soon find that not all is as it seems. When a fight causes Camille to run off on her own, she comes across a strange cave with even stranger inhabitants: gorgeous, top-heavy bimbos each hiding a very big secret. It's only when the adventurous young woman takes a tumble into a pool of glowing pink liquid that she finds out just what that secret is. With a changing body and some distractingly sensitive new additions, she rapidly begins to lose herself to the island... taking Stephanie along for the ride of her life.

This is the first story in the new Paradise Island  futa series!

"Golden sand, crystal clear waters, and populated by the bustiest blondes you've ever seen, Paradise Island lives up to its name. Underneath all the shine, surf and short skirts lies a massive secret, throbbing and hungry for more."

(Heavy futa focus and bubbly bimbos. Simple and sexy. Enjoy!)



“H-hey, easy now! Don’t be so-oh!” All of Stephanie’s objections faded out as Camille pulled down the front of her dress and began suckling on one of her pert tits. All she could do was stand there, hips bucking as her friend licked and teased her nipples. “Oh fuck, that feels so good…”

Camille’s mouth formed a soft, wet seal over the peak of her breasts. Now that they were pressed against her, Stephanie briefly thought to herself that the girl’s lips felt more plump than usual. It was hard to wonder about it too long, however. Camille pulled away a moment, only to grab Stephanie by the hips, turn her around and bend her roughly over the bed.

Upon impact into the soft cushions, Stephanie let out a gasp. She’d never seen Camille so worked up and assertive before, and it was amazing. She planted her feet on the floor, pushing her backside up towards her lover, ready for anything.

Camille moved closer, tearing off her robe before reaching out to grope at Stephanie’s firm ass. Despite not touching herself at all, she could feel her clit throbbing as she fondled her friend. It was almost distractingly apparent between her legs, driving her to greater heights of lust as she took hold of Stephanie’s hips. Then, in one firm but fluid motion, she thrust her hips forward as she pulled her lover back to her.

The girls came together with a sharp slap, but Camille was left confused. The way her clit tingled, she’d somehow expected something more from the act. That feeling was further compounded when she looked down and saw Stephanie’s wet, ready holes just waiting for her. On instinct, she gave another thrust, giving out a soft moan at the sweet impact.

Soon though, she became frustrated with the empty gesture. Overcome with arousal, she climbed onto the bed next to Stephanie before flipping onto her back and spreading her thighs. Almost too roughly she guided her friend’s open, panting mouth to her sex, though the other girl paused a moment when she noticed just how much larger Camille’s clit had become.

“Camille, w-wait a sec… it’s so big, I think-“ The girl wasn’t able to finish her sentence, as Camille pulled her downward with a grunt.

“I-I know… now just suck it for me like a good girl…”


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A sleepover party becomes a little more wild when one girl shows her friends an interesting book she's found. Giggling over the book and its perverted pictures, the teens decide to play with fire and cast one of the spells they find within... a hypnotic sorcery that gives the other girls total control over another. Denise, leader of the group, volunteers to be the target. Far from altruistic, and definitely skeptical, the young woman plans on just playing along with what she thinks will be little more than a bad joke. In fact, she even plays along when the girls tell her to serve them, and strip for them, and more... Of course, there's no way the spell worked, and it's totally her own idea to flirt, and tease... and touch.

This is the third story in the all-girl Book of Bimbo series!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."

(Breast Expansion, Bimbo/Intellect Loss, Girls Only, Some Age Regression planned. Enjoy!)


“Denise… You’ve secretly had a really, really big crush on both of us,” Joy said, taking a moment to giggle with Leslie before continuing. “You’re starting to have trouble hiding it, especially when you’ve had a few drinks. In fact, by the time you’ve finished your next, you won’t be able to keep from openly flirting with us, hitting on us, and constantly checking us out. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress,” was Denise’s response, but inside she was practically drooling at the opportunity. She did have a huge crush on both of them, and had for years. This was the perfect excuse to let loose and finally try to tempt one, or both of her friends into a little bit of girl-girl fun.

Joy turned to Leslie, “Anything you’d like to add? She’ll do anything at all…”

Leslie shrunk down shyly, bashful despite her obvious arousal. She even slowly rubbed at one of her stiff little nipples poking up from her shirt as she eyed Denise’s still form. Still, she seemed unwilling or unable to take the opportunity in front of her, which caused Joy to sigh.

“Alright then… Denise, you know that Leslie is way too shy to respond to typical flirting. Thankfully, you really enjoy being slutty, so it’s completely natural for you to come on to her in more and more dirty ways. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“See, Les? You can be honest about how you feel tonight. No judgment… especially after that kis-“

“Awaken, Denise!” Leslie shouted, interrupting Joy.

Perking up immediately, Denise sauntered over to her friends with bedroom eyes. “You know, if I’m going to be your waitress tonight, the least you guys can do is pay me a little. I might even be tempted to provide a few other services as well…”

Leslie took her drink with shaking hands, her eyes flicking up and down Denise’s body before taking a long swig. When Denise winked at her, she nearly choked, making Joy burst out laughing.

Joy took her drink as well, but quickly set it aside. Reaching over to her purse, she fished out a few dollars and waved them towards Denise. Chugging the last of her cocktail, the impromptu waitress giggled as Joy stuffed the bills down the waistband of her panties.

“You’re not getting anything else until I get a look at some of these ‘services’,” Joy said, teasingly.

Denise didn’t hesitate for a moment, reaching back deftly to undo the clasp on her bra with practiced ease. Before she let her breasts fall free, she reached up and held the cloth to her chest, swiveling her hips slowly until her back was turned and her ass was wagging in front of the other girls. Rhythmically she moved, swaying her body in time with an inaudible beat as she let the bra fall to the floor.



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Chaos spreads as the wish-granting stone falls into new hands, leaving an entire police precinct filled with nothing but barely contained bimbos. As their thoughtless words lead to world twisting wishes, the office becomes the site of some of the lewdest acts imaginable. Exhibition, submission and more become part of the daily routine as each woman makes her lustful wants known. Meanwhile, the stone grows in power, spreading in both reach and temptation...

This is the second story in the Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns, even the fabled monkey's paw... there's been no lack of legends about twisted wishes in human history. None, however, seem to mention a peculiar black stone; one that grants wishes in the hottest ways imaginable. When simple words have worldbending consequences, and anyone could be the stone's potential owner, your dirtiest wishes are bound to come true..."



Casey looked down at the items on her desk with no small amount of frustration. Not five minutes before, two of the officers she worked with had come mincing in looking sluttier than usual and grinning like idiots. They’d dumped their badges, guns and an odd black stone onto her desk before skipping out of the precinct leaving the scent of musk and cheap perfume in their wake.

She could understand the lust… every woman who worked at the precinct did, as if the place had seemingly attracted only the horniest and most busty girls around. It made for an incredibly pleasant work environment, if a distracting one. Not a day went by without some girl’s top popping open on ‘accident’ and there were more than a few dalliances happening in the showers before, during and after shifts.

Still, there was no excuse for dereliction of duty, Casey believed, and she had little and less respect for any girl who let her libido stand in the way of her work. As such, she simply went about her job with a thick, buzzing toy up inside her, and the only moments her attention lapsed were when she was shaking in uncontrollably potent orgasms.

Even then, the young receptionist held on to her will, clutching her desk as she rode out the pleasure a moment before going back to her paperwork. It wasn’t as though she didn’t enjoy herself. On the contrary, she reveled in her lust as much as the next girl. She just cared too much about her job to let it define her like some of the others.

“I wish I didn’t care so much…” she mumbled as she began to stow the ex-officer’s things in the appropriate bins. A shudder ran through her as soon as she spoke, however, and moments later she was clumsily shoving papers and other items off the desk and onto the growing mess on the floor.

Tipping back in her chair, she shoved both feet up onto the surface of her desk, spreading her thighs wide for easier access. It didn’t matter to her if someone caught sight of her dripping wet slit underneath her damp, sodden skirt, any more than she cared about closing up her ratty shirt over her fat tits.

There wasn’t much actually that got her attention aside from touching herself, and that was mostly out of habit than anything else. Day in and day out she sat there, lazily fucking herself while officer and civilian alike passed by her with a mix of disgust and arousal. Surrounding her were sloppy stacks of papers and files, none of which had been put away or processed.

It was just so hard to muster the interest necessary to do her job. In fact, some days she didn’t even bother going home. She’d just order food and fuck herself til it arrived, and most of the time she wouldn’t even stop when the delivery girl arrived. The last time it happened, the girl had spent a good twenty minutes groping one of Casey’s tits while she got herself off, wiping her wet fingers on the receptionist’s blouse before taking off. She knew the older woman didn’t care.

There were times though, when the higher ups would come by and berate her for her laziness. They never fired her, but they’d docked her pay severely. She didn’t mind too much, but there were moments when it annoyed her. It wasn’t as if she cared about the job or anything, but the interruptions were often long and loud. Just thinking about it was making her more agitated than she liked being.

“I just wish someone else did this job, so I could just play with myself all the time,” Casey muttered, her pussy squirting onto the already stained chair. Next to her leg, the black stone on the desk began to pulse…



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New story available: Her New Obsessions!

Ashley, obsessed with deciphering ancient texts, is presented with the find of a lifetime: a book written in a language even she doesn't recognize. After receiving the tome, she finds she at least recognizes the blatant sexuality displayed in the illustrations... In fact, looking at the busty bimbos in the book starts to awaken a new hunger inside her, and a new need to be looked at, touched and teased by another woman. After reading from the tome, she finds herself becoming better and better equipped for her growing obsession, bursting out of her shirts and drawing every eye; including her own.

This is the third story in the all-girl Book of Bimbo series!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."

(Breast Expansion, Bimbo/Intellect Loss, Girls Only, Some Age Regression planned. Enjoy!)


Obsessed with her studies, Ashley found she had little interest in sex with any gender. She hadn’t even touched herself in any sort of a sexual way; she simply had never felt the need. Now though, looking at the image in the book, she found herself feeling something strange and new.

Turning the page, she found another picture of the same woman, still holding her own breasts, only now they were much larger. Bulging in her hands, they seemed almost too heavy to hold, with fat, thick nipples peeking out between slender fingers. Now the glistening juices on the woman’s thighs weren’t the only signs of wetness; several drops of drool had spilled out of the lady’s seemingly plumper lips, splashing against her cleavage.

Ashley shivered, her thighs locked tightly against each other while her little clit throbbed with need. There was just something about the woman’s breasts… something the young girl couldn’t seem to push from her mind. They were just so perfect… so big and round, fat and heavy… she could practically imagine them hanging off her own chest, jiggling for everyone to see as she bent over and…

She’d never felt so good, rocking in her chair the moment her hands found her own nipples. Rubbing and pulling at them, Ashley’s gaze was nonetheless locked on the tome. The words and pictures both began to swim before her eyes,  bombarding her mind with increasing levels of lewd imagery.

The woman in the pictures became more and more eager to show off her tits, masturbating while staring at her own enormous mounds. Others started appearing in the images, all staring at the transforming girl. All of them began treating her like she was nothing more than a sex object; just a pair of tits to touch and play with attached to a dumb and dripping girl.

The pages flew by, even though Ashley had ceased to bother turning them. Her hands were firmly planted on her meager chest, groping at her puffy mounds with desperate need while she rolled her hips in her chair. Between ragged, panting breaths, the girl had begun to speak the words she was reading; giving voice to sounds and thoughts she never knew existed. Even as the tome began to glow with unearthly light she continued, pawing at her breasts as the book echoed her words with sweet, seductive whispers.

The light grew more intense, washing over the young girl’s body and filling her with heat. The pulsing luminescence seemed almost tangible, reaching out to touch Ashley in ways she’d never realized she wanted until now. As the glow reached her breasts, the girl tore off her shirt quickly, her glasses flying off her face as she rushed to strip down.

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