New story available: Caught Up in Costumes!

Several strangers find themselves stuck cleaning up an old abandoned community center, which is packed to the brim with old clothing and costumes. Slowly, as they fold and sort, each girl finds themselves drawn to one of the outfits. As they slip on each new garment, they find themselves changing bit by bit to suit what the clothes represent. From prostitute to submissive pet, to playfully naive young girl, the volunteers find themselves experiencing life and each other in increasingly more intimate and chaotic ways...

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For a moment, she considered another cigarette, but decided against it. As shitty as the job was, she didn’t want to lose it if some dumbass teen got tetanus or something. Sighing, she straightened herself out and gathered her things; trying to mentally prepare herself for the bullshit to come. She paused, however, when she caught sight of someone walking towards her. No… strutting towards her.

The girl was dressed in a tight, black miniskirt that clung to her slender hips, and she clacked along on heels that seemed about a size too big. Equally ill-fitting was the top the girl wore, which kept slipping almost scandalously low on her meager chest. Yet, despite the poor sizing, the young woman owned every part of the outfit, and the smile on her face was both confident and sexy. Between the oddity of the girl’s garb, and the sudden change in personality, it took Tara quite a bit before she recognized her.

“Lucy? Lucy, is that you?” she asked, just to make sure.

The other girl just smiled that sexy smile and sauntered closer, until Tara could smell the teen’s cheap perfume.

“So… You lookin’ for a date, honey?”

Tara just blinked a moment. “What the hell are you-“

“Mmm, can I have one of those? Thanks,” Lucy said, reaching down and plucking one of the cigarettes out of Tara’s pack.

With her confusion giving way to annoyance, Tara reached out and snatched the cigarette out of the girl’s hand before tossing it aside.

“Hey, hey! No rough stuff, okay? I mean, unless you’re willin’ to pay extra,” Lucy said, playfully.

“Alright, enough bullshit. Where’s the camera, huh?” As she spoke, Tara began looking around angrily. Jokes, and even traps weren’t uncommon considering who she often had to work with, though she hadn’t expected trouble from Lucy. The poor girl had seemed unable to speak her own name without stuttering in anxiety, before. Now, she looked like a huntress on the prowl, with just one kind of prey in mind.

“No camera, honey… Well, a couple of pics ain’t too bad if you want a souvenir, I guess. That is, if you’re lookin’ for some fun tonight.”

“There’s no way I’m falling for this. Come on, we’re going right to the main office and calling-“

“Baby, do these look like a joke to you?”

Tara stopped in her tracks, staring down at Lucy with shock-widened eyes. The young girl had flipped down her tube top, showing off her small, perky breasts with a devilish grin.

“Wh-what the f-“ Tara began.

“Oh, I know. Trust me, they’re real.” As she spoke, Lucy held up her breasts in pride… as much as she could considering their size. “And you can do whatever you like to ‘em, if you’ve got the cash.”

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New story available: Bimbo Bait and Switch!

One girl's nightly escapades turn into a lucrative habit. Each night, Katie puts on a show for whoever she can, only to trick her patrons into giving her more than she's earned... After meeting the right guy, however, she finds herself suddenly wanting something more from her life, and her underwhelming body. Her mystery man is more than happy to assist, helping her to attain just the right mindset for the lifestyle she now craves. Indulging in her lack of inhibitions, Katie offers up a very different kind of show, helping to spread her new outlook to three new girls, while sinking deeper and deeper herself...



“Hiya… I’m Katie. You’re… um… really handsome.” After getting a better look at the man, she realized she wasn’t just saying that. She couldn’t really explain exactly what, but something about him was just impossibly attractive to her.

“Why thank you, Katie. You’re very cute, yourself.”

His response was very simple and matter of fact, but the second she heard the words, Katie just melted. Her cheeks lit up as she blushed, and her pussy was literally throbbing with arousal. It took everything she had not to jump right to the more sexy portion of the chat, but she managed. She didn’t want to make him suspicious, or scare him off… If anything, she found herself considering throwing off the act, calling it sexy role-play and seeing if he wanted to go for something more… physical.

‘Don’t be stupid, Katie… If he’s still on the cam, he’s probably some sicko. Just use him, get your money and move on-“

“So, Katie… How old are you?” Like before, the question was plainly said. A lot of the guys asked her that, and she typically responded with a playful “Old enough!” before flashing more panty and keeping them thirsty and distracted. Now though, Katie found herself giggling and blatantly pulling up her skirt.

“Nineteen, sir… I just…” Katie paused for a moment, trying to get back on track mentally while her body went through the motions. While her fingers danced over her damp panties, rubbing the pale, wet cloth up between her puffy lips, her brow furrowed with concentration.

“Just what? You just dress up like this for what? Fun? A trick? Tell me, Katie…”

The man’s voice soothed Katie, and she felt herself slowly relax… Mostly, anyway. He was just so hot, and smart and… Everything about him was making it hard for the horny girl to think of much else but pleasing him in every way she could.

“Well, it started as a trick, sir…” she said, gasping sweetly as she began to tease her puffy nipples through her shirt. “M-my best friend thought it’d be… it’d be fun to go online and tease some guys…”

“Hmmm… Sounds like your friend is just as immature as you are. So did she join you?”

Immediately Katie’s head flooded with crystal clear images of her and Lizzie in front of the webcam. First, they began to slowly, sensuously kiss before things became more passionate. Soon, Katie was moving lower, licking her way down her friend’s body until her cute little ass was in the air and her tongue was sliding deep into…

“N-no sir, we’re not… we’re not lesbians.”

The man smiled at Katie, and she felt her pussy twitch. “We’ll see… You know, Katie, I think it’s clear you need a little help with direction in your life.”

“D-direction, sir?” Katie asked, slipping a hand down under the tight waistband of her tiny, pink panties.

“Well, look at yourself! You spend every night masturbating, showing off to men and then blackmailing them-“

Katie paused for a second… She hadn’t told him about her scheme yet, had she? Of course, she had the feeling that if he had asked, she would’ve been more than forthcoming. Maybe she had…

“Now, I know how it must be for you: a dumb, slutty girl without a body capable of attracting real men...”



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New story available: Taken Under Advisement!

Samantha Jennings, principal of Halford High, is losing her grip on her reality bending powers. Teachers and students alike are giving in to their baser urges, with their bodies following suit. In a rare moment of lucidity, the bimbo passes on a portion of her power to one of the few moral individuals left. Suddenly thrust into a position of power, Mr. Sawyer has to fight his own libido in order to keep from going down the same path as his predecessor. The only trouble is, each and every girl who comes to see him has a problem that only he, and his new abilities can solve. With each and every use making it that much easier to give in, and that much easier to enjoy, there's no way he can resist long...

This is the next story in the acclaimed Obedience School teen bimbofication series!

"Halford High is a school known for its high academic standards, its skilled sports teams, and bimbos. Read as cute teens become top-heavy, intellect-light playtoys with zero inhibitions…"

(Heavy breast expansion, intellect loss and bimbofication themes, with a dash of age regression when a new girl is needed.)



“H-hold on, Samantha… something strange is going on,” he stammered, unbuttoning his slacks in spite of his concerns. “This school… there’s something funny about the school, and you…” Joe scratched his head in confusion, even as he stepped forward between the slut’s spread thighs.

Absentmindedly he ran his cock between the lips of Samantha’s slit, until his shaft was glistening with her juices. Then, pulling back slightly, he readjusted until the head of his erection was poised at the blonde’s puckered pink hole. She sucked him in easily, as if she kept herself constantly ready to be used there. Knowing her, she probably did.

“The girls… Samantha, the girls need a firmer hand… M-more guidance.” As he spoke, Joe grabbed ahold of the principal’s arms, pulling them firmly behind her to use as both a binding, and a handhold. She just moaned at the rough usage, tightening down on his cock as if milking him.

“I just think… I think if I had more power here in the school, I could some of the little sluts around… M-make them better. “

As he spoke, the room started to shimmer slightly, and he felt a strange sort of rush inside of him. His thrusts into the whorish principal became harder, more passionate. Samantha reciprocated, squirming and struggling in such a way that his cock only pushed deeper inside her. Then, he began to notice something odd… Samantha was changing.

Everything about her seemed to be slowly becoming more petite, from her wrists locked in his grip to the firm ass he’d buried his dick inside. Thrusting inside her hard, he barely registered her breasts decreasing until she began to lay more flat across the desk. Soon, her high-heeled feet were kicking the open air while he fucked her, before straightening out tightly while they both reeled in mutual climax.

For Joe, everything felt above and beyond anything he’d ever experienced. It was as if his entire body was being filled with white-hot light. Stars burst in his vision, and every inch of him was struck numb with overload. As the pressure built inside, he stumbled backward onto the floor, lost in a daze.

Samantha shivered at the pleasant contentment of having been fucked just right. This time, though, her arousal didn’t ratchet right back up, instead staying as a dull throb inside of her… tamed. She looked down at Joe with a hint of regret. She’d siphoned off so much of the chaotic power into him, he’d have an impossible time controlling it… Still, things would be different now.


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New story available: Vicky's Little Friend!

Despite enjoying her new life as a kinky, young woman, Vicky finds herself looking longingly over at the house across the street. Gabrielle, the girl next door, tempts her almost as much as her bimbo assistant, Lena. Before long, Vicky can't help but give into the temptation, letting the teen take a spin in the same miraculous machine that turned back the clock for her. With Gabrielle discovering all sorts of new interests in her rapidly changing body, it's only a matter of time before she finds herself in the arms of another woman...

This is the second story in the Back to Bimbo age regression series!

“When Doctor Victoria Pendleton invents a machine that can change both body and minds on a fundamental level, she never expects what might happen on its maiden voyage. Regressed back to the adorable "Vicky", the newly young girl is struck with a massive increase in libido, an intoxicatingly compelling submissive streak, and a beautifully busty new "Mommy" to play with. Soon, though, Vicky starts seeking new friends, pets and toys as she really gets into her new role...”

(Heavy Age Regression/Ageplay Focus, Breast Expansion, Humiliation and more! Enjoy!)



Raven gasped as Vicky brought up a small hand-mirror. She looked… amazing. Not only was her skin utterly clear of acne, it looked softer and healthier all around. Her face hadn’t looked this good for years. In fact, the only spots she could see on her face was a light sprinkling of what looked like very faint freckles across her cheeks, but that was impossible…

“Holy shit… that’s fucking amazing! I look like one of the goddamn cheerleaders now, I mean, look at me!”

“Yeah, you look really,” Vicky stepped closer, stuffing the mirror into her back pocket, ”really good.” The moment the words left her mouth, the young girl leaned in, pressing her lips to Raven’s without a bit of hesitation.

Raven’s eyes fluttered as they kissed, and she could feel every part of her become ready for every part of her lover. Her hands reached up and shook as they made contact with the warmth of Vicky’s body, trailing along her side to the bottom hem of the girl’s t-shirt. As if on instinct, she pulled up, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the other teen’s chest bare in front of her.

Vicky giggled, completing the job by tearing the shirt clear off and tossing it to the side. Now that the other girl was topless, Raven was struck once more by how young she looked, and she could feel her already wet slit throbbing at the taboo of it all.

“Do you think I’m cute?” Vicky asked, climbing up onto the chair to straddle Raven’s lap. The teen responded with a soft moan and a slow nod, her eyes locked on the young girl’s tiny breasts. Vicky grinned, gently grabbing Raven’s hands and pulling them up over her belly, to her chest.

“Do you like my little titties?” Vicky asked, quieter this time.

Raven’s response was an eager grope, breathing in slow, ragged breaths. She watched as Vicky’s hands trailed lower, to begin opening the zipper of her jeans with slow, teasing deliberation. Raven watched with lust glazed eyes as the young girl gradually revealed a pair of soaking wet panties, tightly pressed against her bare lips, covered in cute little characters.

“Do you want to fuck this naughty little girl?”

Raven nodded, unable to say no. The blatant, sexual display in front of her was like all her dirtiest daydreams given life. Between that and the lingering, tingling after-effects of the machine, the teen was well beyond most rational thought. In fact, as she slid her hands down Vicky’s back, under her jeans to cup that perfect, tight ass, Raven didn’t have a single thought in her head.

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Enjoy, and have an amazing new year!

New story available: Precinct Playtime!

Chaos spreads as the wish-granting stone falls into new hands, leaving an entire police precinct filled with nothing but barely contained bimbos. As their thoughtless words lead to world twisting wishes, the office becomes the site of some of the lewdest acts imaginable. Exhibition, submission and more become part of the daily routine as each woman makes her lustful wants known. Meanwhile, the stone grows in power, spreading in both reach and temptation...

This is the second story in the Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns, even the fabled monkey's paw... there's been no lack of legends about twisted wishes in human history. None, however, seem to mention a peculiar black stone; one that grants wishes in the hottest ways imaginable. When simple words have worldbending consequences, and anyone could be the stone's potential owner, your dirtiest wishes are bound to come true..."



Casey looked down at the items on her desk with no small amount of frustration. Not five minutes before, two of the officers she worked with had come mincing in looking sluttier than usual and grinning like idiots. They’d dumped their badges, guns and an odd black stone onto her desk before skipping out of the precinct leaving the scent of musk and cheap perfume in their wake.

She could understand the lust… every woman who worked at the precinct did, as if the place had seemingly attracted only the horniest and most busty girls around. It made for an incredibly pleasant work environment, if a distracting one. Not a day went by without some girl’s top popping open on ‘accident’ and there were more than a few dalliances happening in the showers before, during and after shifts.

Still, there was no excuse for dereliction of duty, Casey believed, and she had little and less respect for any girl who let her libido stand in the way of her work. As such, she simply went about her job with a thick, buzzing toy up inside her, and the only moments her attention lapsed were when she was shaking in uncontrollably potent orgasms.

Even then, the young receptionist held on to her will, clutching her desk as she rode out the pleasure a moment before going back to her paperwork. It wasn’t as though she didn’t enjoy herself. On the contrary, she reveled in her lust as much as the next girl. She just cared too much about her job to let it define her like some of the others.

“I wish I didn’t care so much…” she mumbled as she began to stow the ex-officer’s things in the appropriate bins. A shudder ran through her as soon as she spoke, however, and moments later she was clumsily shoving papers and other items off the desk and onto the growing mess on the floor.

Tipping back in her chair, she shoved both feet up onto the surface of her desk, spreading her thighs wide for easier access. It didn’t matter to her if someone caught sight of her dripping wet slit underneath her damp, sodden skirt, any more than she cared about closing up her ratty shirt over her fat tits.

There wasn’t much actually that got her attention aside from touching herself, and that was mostly out of habit than anything else. Day in and day out she sat there, lazily fucking herself while officer and civilian alike passed by her with a mix of disgust and arousal. Surrounding her were sloppy stacks of papers and files, none of which had been put away or processed.

It was just so hard to muster the interest necessary to do her job. In fact, some days she didn’t even bother going home. She’d just order food and fuck herself til it arrived, and most of the time she wouldn’t even stop when the delivery girl arrived. The last time it happened, the girl had spent a good twenty minutes groping one of Casey’s tits while she got herself off, wiping her wet fingers on the receptionist’s blouse before taking off. She knew the older woman didn’t care.

There were times though, when the higher ups would come by and berate her for her laziness. They never fired her, but they’d docked her pay severely. She didn’t mind too much, but there were moments when it annoyed her. It wasn’t as if she cared about the job or anything, but the interruptions were often long and loud. Just thinking about it was making her more agitated than she liked being.

“I just wish someone else did this job, so I could just play with myself all the time,” Casey muttered, her pussy squirting onto the already stained chair. Next to her leg, the black stone on the desk began to pulse…



New story available: Vicky's Little Problem!

Renowned scientist, Victoria Pendleton makes an amazing discovery which leads to the construction of a revolutionary new machine; one that can rewrite a person from the ground up... and even turn back the clock. Advancing in years, the good doctor decides to be the first human test subject, even designing a stunning and graceful new body to change to for her second shot at life. Moving in with her assistant Lena, she plans to act as the woman's daughter for the duration of the test... the perfect cover under which she can perfect her revolutionary machine. Things go haywire when she wakes up after the first trip in the chamber and finds herself significantly more adorable, and aroused than she had planned... Barely able to keep her hands off herself, she doesn't notice her assistant's longing gaze; at least, until the girl takes a spin in the machine herself, leading to some very busty results...

This is the first story in the new Back to Bimbo series!

"All rules are thrown out when a genius scientist discovers the secret to reversing the aging process. With a machine able to rewrite anyone from the ground up, mind and body both, the only question is how and when it'll be abused..."

(Heavy age regression focus, bimbo transformations, some kinky roleplay and more!)



Vicky blinked in the warm morning light. The shimmering beam of sunlight seemed so much clearer and more vivid now, and she found she could even see little individual flecks of dust drifting through the brilliant shaft. It took her a few moments of staring before she realized she wasn’t even wearing her glasses.

“It worked…” she muttered, and then gasped. Her voice had come out soft and sweet, and while it wasn’t the commanding, elegant tone she was expecting, it was still an improvement over her old, rough rasp.

Slowly she raised her hands, taking in the sight of her new flawless, youthful complexion. Again, she was surprised to see her features weren’t as expected, her hands far too petite compared to the dexterous and slender future pianist appendages she had ordered. Still, the spotless, pristine skin was a welcome change from her old wrinkled hide.

Besides… the machine worked. No feature was beyond her changing, and with her new, youthful body, she had all the time in the world to figure out what might have gone wrong. ‘It was probably Mom’s fault,’ she thought to herself, giggling a little when she realized she’d already begun thinking of Lena as her mother… and more.

Her laughter faded into a gasp when the image of her assistant sprung up in her mind. For a moment, she simply thought of the redheaded girl as she usually did, but bit by bit, her imagination started stripping off clothing. Soon she was very vividly visualizing Lena’s tight body, the mature and intelligent young woman spreading her gorgeous legs to give her silly little girl a peek…

As if on instinct, Vicky’s hands moved on their own. Trailing down over small, puffy breasts and a soft, smooth belly, her fingers danced. Again, dissonance rang out when her fingers slid over her hairless mound, but everything but lust was washed away when she made contact with her clit.

Shaking with an energy she hadn’t felt in decades, the young girl indulged herself in a way she literally never had. Thighs spread wide, Vicky masturbated as though it were her life’s purpose, bucking her hips and soaking the sheet beneath her with her juices. It didn’t matter that she’d never touched herself like that before, just as it didn’t sink in that she’d never once thought about another woman like she was thinking about Lena.

“Oh dear… Oh… Oh, mommy!” she cried out, completely unable to keep from being loud as a climax swiftly built inside her. She didn’t care anyway, her mind was too focused on her fantasy of crawling submissively between Lena’s legs and licking her like a good little girl. As such, she didn’t hear her assistant walk in until the door closed loudly behind her.



New story available: The Huntress Humbled!

Paragon of virtue and defender of the innocent, the Black Huntress goes where other heroes fear to tread! When a new and potent villain emerges, who's ability spreads giggling, busty lust wherever she goes, the usual defenders of Kent City run scared. Diving right into danger, the Huntress finds herself hunted when she brings back a suspicious figure, who's curvy body and air-headed act titillate her in ways she's never known. Soon, she finds herself sporting a new outlook, and a new pair of accessories that she can't seem to leave alone. It's a race against the clock as she hunts for a solution... or someone who can treat her like the hot little bimbo she is.

This is the third story in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”

(Lots of transformations here, all with a very Superhero/Comic Book feel. Bimbos, breast expansion, petplay and animal tf, even some genderswap eventually. This series has few limits. You’ve been warned…)



Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, using grappling arrows when necessary, the Black Huntress stalked through the night. Already she could feel herself becoming intoxicated by the mix of emotions she could smell; the mix of lust, fear and anxiety lending an exciting undercurrent of risk to her patrol. As it was, she had to stop every few houses or so bask in it all, and gently stroke herself through her outfit.

The oil and the filters certainly helped to dampen Tracie’s abilities, but they certainly didn’t stop them altogether. Add in the adrenaline of her hunt, and the slick, slippery feeling underneath her leather, and the girl was almost always half-wild with arousal by the time she took down her quarry. This night was no different, and the quick and dirty masturbation sessions were almost routine by now.

Thankfully, she was still able to keep her senses well-honed even during the most intense bouts of relief, and she spotted the girl well before she caught scent of her. Heart racing, Tracie pulled her hand away from her throbbing sex as she watched the woman staggering down the street. Teetering on her high heels, and sporting a massive, jiggling chest, the giggling lady was just the clue she’d been looking for.

The Black Huntress rappelled down the wall towards the street, approaching her target with slow, stealthy movements. She needn’t have bothered, as the woman seemed infinitely more concerned with groping at her own tits than she was even the road in front of her, and Tracie could clearly see the trickle of juices sliding down her thighs. Besides that, none of her danger sense seemed to be triggering. In fact, the woman seemed almost… welcoming.

The overwhelming scent of perfume and lust was distracting to say the least. Tracie swayed in place, her nipples stiffening  against her suit as she began to imagine how easy it would be to crawl over to the woman, giving everything up for a taste of perfection. It was as though her filters did nothing, and none of her discipline or training could keep her hand from slipping back down to her throbbing sex.

Still, while part of her gave into her increasingly insistent desires, she maintained enough of herself to reach for her utility belt as well. Her hand found the tiny capsule right as her fingers found her clit, and she threw it right before her knees gave out. Moaning like a whore, begging to be fucked and slowly crawling towards the busty woman with nothing but sex on her mind, she found herself completely confused by the little puff of smoke that came billowing out from the capsule.



New story available: New Lease on Lust!

Erotic chaos engulfs an apartment complex when an ancient artifact is introduced... One that can grant one's hottest wishes. Thriving on twisting words, bodies and minds, the stone is passed from owner to owner, leaving none untouched. Two friends discover a very different sort of relationship when one girl finds herself eager to please, and to serve. Her friend is more than happy to watch as she bends over backwards to keep their home clean. A man laments having to deal with his girlfriend's daughter, right up until she starts to show off for him more and more. Lastly, a young thief gets more than she bargains for when she wishes her cute, but prudish roommate was less of a good girl. All this, in the first book of a new Eric Stray series: Tainted Wishes! Enjoy!

This is the first in the new Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns and even the monkey's paw... There's always been stories of wishes gone awry. Still, no document exists to tell of a strange black stone, which grants wishes in the dirtiest way possible. Gifted with a perverted will of its own, the artifact goes from owner to owner, leaving them panting, pawing and groping for more."



Jenna was awake when Naomi made her way to the living room. Nude from the waist down, her spread legs were resting on the table. One foot balanced on top of the odd, black paperweight there, she smiled sleepily as she gently stroked her sex. Her fingers began to move quicker as Naomi started cleaning up.

As with every day, Naomi knew at least part of the mess was on purpose. Rather than try and hide it, Jenna was often eagerly blunt about it. Today was no different.

“Ohhh… go get that… get that paper there. Yeah…” Jenna said, panting with lust as she watched her young maid bend down. “Now wiggle your ass a bit, that’s a good girl.”

Naomi did as she was told, taking her time to pick up the trash like her employer liked. She could practically feel Jenna watching her, just as she could plainly hear the wet sounds of the woman’s sex as she played.

“Ok, now… get on your hands and knees. There’s something below the TV stand I need you to reach for, real slowly. Oh fuck, yes! I wish you enjoyed this as much as I do, cause I could do this for hours…”

Again, the stone glinted with light, but neither girl noticed. For her part, Naomi was too busy kneeling on the floor, ass up and out as she strained to reach a tiny, bunched up ball of paper that Jenna had obviously put there on purpose. She took her time with it, knowing her employer just loved to watch her body at work.

The young girl tingled at the attention, making sure every inch of her backside was well-presented as she leaned in. Jenna’s gaze was intoxicating to her, making her pussy twitch with need, though she kept her hands on the job. With Jenna watching her, cleaning up was almost more sexually gratifying than masturbation anyway.

Lounging back, Jenna’s foot bumped against the stone, and she looked at it in annoyance. “Naomi… Be a good little servant and get rid of this thing, will you? It’s an eyesore.”

Naomi crawled over slowly, every movement meant to show just how eager she was to serve. Still, in her plain, boring dress, there was no way for her employer to know just how hot the situation made her, and she found herself imagining something much, much sluttier.

I wish I could show off more, that she could always see just how horny I get when I serve…’ the thought was strong in Naomi’s mind as she reached out and grabbed the stone, and the strange vibration that came from it seemed to travel from her hand, straight to her pussy. Still, despite the thrumming of  her body, she did as she was told, and carried the stone from the apartment.

Though she didn’t notice, every step she took made her meager chest jiggle just a little more. By the time she reached the dumpsters, her tits were tight inside the thick fabric. Still, despite the heavy woolen cloth, her breasts were plainly outlined, and her stiff, thick nipples made it clear just how aroused she was by her work.



First, a quick note!

Many of you may have noticed something popping up on some of my covers recently.
It means exactly what it says, that the title is nothing but delightfully busty women all throughout. This doesn't mean that other stories won't have lesbian scenes or even a heavy lesbian focus, but I want to make sure that everyone who is strictly into lesbian erotica have their stories too. For everyone else? Well, that's still double the bimbos, and that's just fine.

I hope this helps with clarity on future titles, and enables people to find the best stories for their tastes. And remember, if you have any questions or requests, I read each and every email I get, and there's a good chance I might just be able to knock out the story you've been looking for. Just click the envelope at the top of the page, or fling a message to

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New story available: Trixie's Treats!

No boys allowed in this girls-only tale of transformation!
Anxiety-ridden Beatrix is more than happy to spend Halloween cooped up in her house, even when her free spirit of a wife goes out to party. Her plans change when she receives a gift from their mysterious neighbor, and the costume inside leads to some very extreme role-play. Soon the shut in is skipping down the street, trick or treating without a care in the world... and more than happy to give a few treats of her own. As her costumes change, so does her body and mind... in all the best ways. From youthful excitement to panting, animal lust, Trixie is in for one wild night.

This is the second story in my transformation-heavy Mr. Holiday series!

"There's always a new holiday around the corner, which means there's a new way for Mr. Holiday to make his neighbors into his playthings. From fluffy bunny tails to firecracker triggered orgasms, there's no telling how far he'll go to make sure you really get into the holiday spirit…"

(Heavy transformation focus with intellect loss and bimbofication themes. May be odd, but fun. Fair warning.)


Trixie didn’t even notice at the way her sexy wife’s words devolved into dumb, needy moos. Snuggled up tightly against Farrah’s curvy body, she suckled rhythmically, matching the beat with the hand she had squeezed between her legs. Every swallow was matched by a flurry of rapid stroking as she felt her body tingle with pleasure.

Milk had begun to spill out from her mouth as her climax hit, though she continued to suck away at Farrah’s udder. Her high pitched gasps were matched by long, feminine moos as her wife came as well. They clutched at each other in frantic embrace, each experiencing the most intense orgasm they ever had.

Before long they had both fallen to the floor, holding each other and giggling when their bodies still spasmed periodically. Neither cared about the mess they had made, with Trixie’s almost sugary sweet juices mingling with Farrah’s still dribbling milk. They were simply content to hold on another and kiss, letting themselves settle down.

Before long though, Trixie had slid one hand down Farrah’s back. Her fingers dancing playfully past her wife’s furry tail, she grabbed a handful of soft, jiggling ass. Farrah’s face slipped into a caricature of dumb lust, mooing quietly as she got up onto all fours. Nipples dragging on the floor, she wagged her round backside at Trixie, her tail flopping to the side to showcase the thick, prominent lips of her dripping pussy.

Trixie was stunned, but not too stunned to bring herself to her knees to begin slowly stroking her bare slit. As she reached out with her other hand, Farrah’s eyes sharpened once more, and she clumsily batted the girl away.

“You naughty little slut!” Farrah said, playfully admonishing the suddenly bashful girl. “You know how I get when I’m in heat. If we keep this up I’ll never make it to the party!”

Trixie mumbled an entirely insincere apology as she watched Farrah rising clumsily to her feet. She was struck with lust at the way her wife’s body seemed to be comprised of nothing but soft, feminine curves, her ass and bust jiggling in a most distracting way.  Every inch of her was voluptuous, especially her backside, and Trixie could see red marks where her bikini was tightly pressing into flesh.

Farrah tugged the straining fabric off, looking confused as to why she had been wearing clothing in the first place. She had a hint in her mind that it had something to do with costumes, but that couldn’t be right. She wasn’t wearing one, and as she looked over at Trixie, she noticed her wife wasn’t wearing one either. Still, she couldn’t seem to focus on her concerns, and being in heat meant her thoughts were constantly being pulled to being fucked, or being milked.