Things have been crazy - big life-changing events and turnarounds, but things are finally back on track in terms of releases and future content. No more big gaps between stories, I promise... unless something else explodes around here, that is.

Either way, in addition to new stories on the way, there's a project being worked on that I think many of my fans - particularly those who enjoy the transformation side of my works - will enjoy a great deal. Nothing substantial to share yet, but only because I want to make sure we have something spectacular before we pull back the curtain. *Note: this isn't in reference to the bimbofication-focused game, which is also still in the works. Those of my fans who are definitely NOT into tf content - you still have something to look forward to, and not far off.

All that said, it's catch up time!
New story available: College Conversion

"The contamination spreads to a new area - the local university. Altering minds, bodies and even reality itself, the power leaves countless busty, bimbo dolls in its wake. The only one able to resist the new perspectives offered by the strange, pink liquid is professor Evan Sawyer. With his obsessive focus on his work, over time he's able to gradually come to see the changes for what they are, and make an attempt at figuring out the cause. To help, he recruits his star pupil Esha, hoping to test the limits of the substance in a controlled environment. As his student falls prey to the corrupting influence, however, even the disciplined professor finds his priorities shifting from research to rutting... and contagion."

This is the second story in the dollification/bimbofication series: Pretty In Plastic:

"Magic gone mad! From a corrupted post office outward, men and women alike are being converted into a wide range of humiliating sex-dolls. From plush-pawed puppydolls to pink, plastic playthings, no one is safe from the changes...."


At least I know I don’t want to be a historian…’ Esha thought to herself as she watched her professor hike up her tight pleather skirt for her whole class to see.

“P-please watch… I can only cum when people w-wa… Edie Exhibitionist is a dumb dolly who needs to be seen!”

The bubbly teacher climbed onto her desk and proceeded to kneel on it before tearing open her blouse in a shower of buttons. The woman’s tits bounced free in front of everyone, and it seemed as though each jiggle gave them just a little more heft. Even when she held them in place, her fingers sinking into the pillowy breast flesh, they continued to bulge outward more and more by the second.

Esha watched the whole thing, unable to really grasp what was happening. If anything, it quickly became even more confusing. The teacher’s candy pink lips had both plumped up to an extreme degree, and also utterly ceased to move beyond a minor quivering. Meanwhile, the woman’s odd phrases continued unabated, as if her mouth was meant for something other than speech.

“Edie Exhibitionist is a slutty little tease! This dolly isn’t just for show, though! Edie Exhibitionist would love to be your playmate!”

The strangest thing for Esha though, was the strangely panicky look in the woman’s eyes. More than once her hands wandered away from her big, ballooning tits and instead slid experimentally across her flawless, almost plastic-looking face. Her lips held a happy dolly smile, though… as much as they could while staying in a perfect, open circle.

After a moment of roaming, her hands would either snap back into place holding up her massive bust, or they would slip lower to spread the lips of her pussy to reveal the same candy pink as her fuckhole of a mouth. As the clock ticked its way to the end of class, eventually her hands ceased to move as completely as her mouth. She held her sex wide open for all to see and use, and a gentle trickle of sweet lube spilled out onto the remains of her lesson plans.

Esha couldn’t seem to take her eyes away, and she’d begun to gently lick her own lips without even meaning to. Already she found herself wondering what it’d be like to have a taste of that stupid doll, and there was even a very brief moment where she imagined herself in its place…

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New story available: Bimbo Booby-Trapped

Waking up in a strange and staggeringly massive house, four women each try to do everything they can to escape unscathed. Standing in their way is corridor after endless corridor filled with doors, each one leading to a room with one purpose, and one purpose alone: to help anyone who enters down the path to becoming the perfect bimbo. Equipped with twisted challenges and alluring attractions, none of the girls are able to resist a peek or two... at first. The more they succumb to the power of the house, the more they want nothing more than to submit to it completely...



The first room she thought had been some kind of joke. Locked inside, she’d been presented with a video to let her know what was expected of her. A shadowy figure told her if she wanted to escape, she had to let go of some of those inhibitions that had held her back for so long. The place to start, her captor said, was kneeling down in front of the door and pleasuring the thick, fake cock mounted right nearby.

She’d resisted at first, as she found out, the rooms were compelling. It wasn’t long before she was convincing herself that sucking on a piece of rubber was a small thing compared to being trapped in there for who knew how long. Soon, she was kneeling down and doing just that, thinking to herself that it really wasn’t so bad after all.

In fact, it wasn’t a minute later when Sydney started getting into it. Her voice in her head told her that if she had to do it anyway, she might as well enjoy it. The idea made too much sense to ignore, leading her to begin slurping her way up and down the toy with growing fervor. She’d loved the task so much she didn’t even notice the door swing open to free her. It didn’t matter that the way was clear anyway, she was far too close to just stop now.

Sydney wasn’t sure when she’d decided to touch herself as she sucked, but it had been an amazing idea. Timing her strokes with the eager bobbing of her head, she found both tasks all the more pleasurable. In fact, she loved the way her quickening fingers caused her to work the cock in her mouth even faster. By the time she reached the point where her loud, sloppy suckling couldn’t possibly keep up with the frenzied pace of her masturbation, she was beyond the point of caring.

Unexpectedly, the toy came before she did. Some kind of device she couldn’t see caused the thing to begin filling her mouth with something sweet and salty, which she gulped down loudly. It tasted like a man’s seed, from what little she remembered of the rare blowjobs she’d given in the past, but there was something else… almost like candy.

Whatever it was, it had made her feel really tingly inside, and it had given her the first of her changes. It started as she rocked in the those of her own climax, still mindlessly lapping at the dildo and its delicious payload. Needing to swallow every single drop, she’d started to suck on the cock harder and harder, until she felt her lips start to throb. Even when they started feeling funny, Sydney hadn’t been able to pull away – any more than she could stop rubbing her needy, sensitive sex.

Only when the toy was done dispensing was the young woman able to pull away. Still sucking hard, her lips slipped off the toy with a loud pop, and another round of delicious tingles around her mouth. Those sensations alone were enough to keep her down on her knees, staring at the toy jutting out in front of her...

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New story available: Trinket and Toys!

When a man finds a strange trinket while on a business trip, chaos erupts around him. Finding others changing to suit his wildest fantasies, the man's attention turns to his wife and her friends. Exposed to a world of pleasure they've never before imagined, each girl steadily slips down into her new role - Doll, Hucow, Bimbo - and her new life... forever.

*This story is the result of a commission! Want to find out more about how to get your fantasy into a professionally done, hot story? Just click here!*



Mia rocked in her bed, covered in a sheen of sweat. The room was filled with the scent of her lust, despite the frantic way she seemed to shake her head as she slept.  Grinding her pillow between her legs, the young woman flitted from fantasy to fantasy, caught up in kinks she never knew she had.

 Mia giggled vapidly, bending over sharply at the waist. Her position caused her tiny little skirt to rise up, revealing her bright pink thong. The drenched scrap of cloth was wedged tightly between the bare lips of her sex, and it rubbed softly against her clit with every wiggle of her soft backside.

Exposed as she was, the ditzy woman cared little about her dripping pussy – not when there was another wet, open hole she needed filling. Her mouth hung open, with her plump, pursed lips forming a perfect pillowy circle. Little lines of drool spilled from her fuckdoll mouth as she lowered herself closer to her prize.

She was too fixated on the throbbing cock in front of her to even manage to see who it was attached to. Somewhere deep inside herself she knew it to be her husband’s… her owner’s cock that stuck out in front of her. Slut that she was, it wouldn’t have mattered who it belonged to, but it made her extra horny knowing the man she loved was about to use her like a living sex toy.

Letting the hefty weight of her oversized tits pull her downward, she inched closer to her treat, her purpose. Her tongue slipped out, eager for a taste… but for some reason, she couldn’t quite reach. Straining, she moved closer, only to find that perfect, delicious cock had pulled back once more.

After a moment of frustrated confusion, the bimbo realized it wasn’t her man’s erection that was moving – it was her. Still bent over, she looked back to find a very familiar woman trying desperately to keep her from her prize. The redhead holding her had a horrified expression on her face as she scrambled to stop  Mia.

“No! Y-you can’t! That’s not me!” the woman shouted.

 Mia just looked back at her with a puzzled expression. She couldn’t understand why anyone would try and stop her from doing what she was made to do. More than that, she couldn’t understand how the woman could resist that perfect, hard cock right there. Maybe the woman thought Mia was gonna keep it all to herself?

“It’s totally okay! We can like, share and stuff!” she said with a giggle. The woman seemed even more shocked as Mia grabbed her and pulled her over, until they were both kneeling down in front of Mike.

The redhead shook her head, but Mia helped her out. Reaching over, she gently, but firmly tugged the woman’s head closer.

“I’m not a slut! Do you hear me? I’m not a-mmmf!!”

 Mia giggled at the weird woman, and the sight of her sputtering around Mike’s cock. A few seconds of having it in her mouth was all it took, however, and soon the redhead was bobbing her head up and down with mindless abandon.

“See? It feels good, doesn’t it? It feels so good…”

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New story available: Valkyrina Remade!

Still struggling with the after-effects of the Bimbo Bombshell's staggering power, Valkyrina fights for her city, and her identity. Caught between her rapidly increasing libido and her stubborn pride, she's pushed to her very limits. While she battles inward, and indulges outward, the city streets become more chaotic by the day. Word of her weakness reaches the darker side of Kent City, and forces beyond her understanding wait for the perfect moment to come and claim their prize...

This is the fourth story in the super-powered Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and super-powered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



Her fingers, which had been stroking her slit through the worn material of her costume, immediately plunged through the cloth with a loud tear. Her pussy made a humiliatingly loud squelch as she stuffed herself, causing her to cry out just as noisily. More windows lit up, and the muttering and cheering of the people below served as the perfect background noise for her debasement.

No, no, no Valerie! You can’t do this! Everyone can see you! Everyone can…’ Her thoughts trailed off under the onslaught of shameful lust pouring through her.

Slowly, without consciously meaning to, she began to float towards the voyeuristic cameraman who had first photographed her. Not once did her fingers cease their steady thrum; not even when she got close enough to see her viewer. It was a young man, stunned and red-faced, with one hand on his camera and the other on his cock.

Valkyrina eased down close, until her feet were settled on the cool stone of his window sill. Spreading her legs as far as her flexibility would allow, the oversexed woman peeled away the tatters of suit that covered her slit. Another flash of the camera soon followed, causing Valerie to moan louder, and the drip of juices from her sex to become all the more apparent.

Her eyes were locked on the man’s cock, while her free hand roughly tugged down the front of her suit. Her tits bounced free, massive and jiggling; prompting the man to gasp. Flash after flash flickered from the camera, chasing out what little remained of Valerie’s inhibitions.

Nothin’ to lose… Already too far… Stupid slut…’

The man took a reflexive step back as Valkyrina floated inside his window. Resting her soft, round ass on the sill, she slowly pulled her fingers from herself. Legs still wide in open invitation, the lust-addled heroine began sucking her digits clean. Wordlessly she begged him to take her; from her desperate eyes to her dribbling slit leaking down onto the carpet.

He took one last picture before he stepped forward, stopping only to set the camera down on a nearby table. Valerie noted, with no small amount of excitement, that the camera was set to record. The little red light shined at her, reminding her of the gravity of what she was doing.

‘I could still go… I could grab the camera. Grab all of them, even. Then, no one would know… No one would know what a slut I’ve become…’

Valerie cried out, loud and lustful, as the man entered her. The feeling of a cock inside her drove any thoughts of backing out from her mind. More than that, as she began to give in to her urges, something inside her began to change as well. Slowly, as she shook in shameful ecstasy, her other side grew more dominant.

She sank down onto the sill, her flight tapering off until she couldn’t keep herself up. Nearly falling back out of the window, she barely managed to pull her curvy body inside before her ability gave out entirely. Her and her lover tumbled to the floor, and while the man seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events, Valerie wasted no time.

Sliding down his body, she dragged her swollen tits along him until the two soft globes rested on either side of his erection. Cradling them in her shaking palms, she began milking his cock with her breasts. Each time the head of his member crested her cleavage, she leaned down to suckle on it; lapping his precum as if it were her favorite ice-cream.

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New story available: Totally Not a Lesbian!

No boys allowed in this girls-only tale!
Lisa, unable to get away from her very sexual obsession with her frustratingly straight best friend, turns to anything she can get her hands on in order to live out her fantasies. Finding a mysterious tome in a local bookstore, she's surprised at how explicit some of the images are inside. Showing busty women performing acts she's only ever dreamed about, Lisa buys the book with only lust in mind. When she speaks one of the spells inside the book, the perversion inside her is given jiggling flesh. Soon, Lisa finds her friend more than willing to push back some of her boundaries, with a body more than capable of fulfilling all of the desperate girl's fantasies, and an empty mind that just wants more, more, more.

This is the first story in a new Girl/Girl only series, The Book of Bimbo!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."

(Breast Expansion, Bimbo/Intellect Loss, Girls Only, Some Age Regression planned. Enjoy!)



“Ugh, fine… One stupid kiss, as long as you promise to shut the hell up about it from now on… and you have to actually study with me at some point tonight,” Paige said in annoyance. Lisa clapped excitedly, crawling across the bed in an almost predatory manner while her heart pounded in her chest. She knew that even if the book didn’t work the way she hoped it would, she’d at least have the feeling of her friend’s lips on her own to add to her nightly fantasies.

Paige just sat there, waiting for her friend to get on with it. She knew Lisa had a bit of a crush on her, and she was actually hoping her lack of a reaction might help the girl move on. What was one kiss in the long run? Especially considering all the stupid things they had done and gotten into over their years as friends, this was no biggie.

Getting up on her knees, Lisa leaned in slowly, savoring the sweet scent of her friend as they came together. She licked her lips, chanting ‘Please work! Please work!’ again and again in her mind before coming in for the kiss.

Their mouths met, and Lisa just drank the moment in. Not only were Paige’s soft, perfect lips locked against her own, she could feel the girl’s chest pressing close, their breasts rubbing together through thin t-shirts. It made it especially apparent when the younger girl began breathe a bit harder… and still not pull away.

Feeling bold, Lisa began to kiss more sensuously, reaching her arms up slowly to hold Paige closer. The girl mimicked the action, and Lisa thought she’d die from pleasure when she felt a pair of petite, familiar hands roaming her back. Finally, she thought, letting her own hands slip a little lower…

Paige broke the kiss when she felt her friend’s fingers slipping below the waistband of her pajama pants. “Whoa there… Let’s just hold on a moment. I’m not a lesbian.

Lisa looked at her, the lust pumping through her body making it hard not to just pounce her friend again. “But… but… you liked the kiss!”

“Well yeah,” Paige said, looking confused, “I mean, I like kissing girls a lot, but that doesn’t make me a lesbian. How many times have we had this conversation? Kissing is fine, but nothing else; no matter how many times you try and convince me to go further.”

Still breathing hard, it took Lisa a moment to process what the girl was saying. Then, finally, it hit her. “Wait, so… you don’t mind if we kiss again? Like, right now?”

Paige looked at her like she was crazy, “Um, yeah? Why, what’s wrong with kissing other girls?”

Lisa grinned, pulling her friend in close once more and savoring the feeling of those forbidden lips against her own. It worked… the book worked.



New story available: Refit and Reprogrammed!

Slip into something a little more busty with the next Bimbo Bodysuit tale! Waking up after a crazy evening at the bar, Elaine finds herself inexplicably wearing a mysterious, skin-tight bodysuit. Her mind still reeling from her own debauchery the night before, she doesn't notice the odd inconsistencies in her memory, and her body, until they've all but surrounded her. Before long she's beyond caring, and definitely loving her new outfit... especially the way it seems to accentuate her chest. Meanwhile, her bossy best friend is dealing with a suit of her own, bound by her own steadily increasing libido...

This is the second story in the Bimbo Bodysuit series!

“Skin-tight and spreading, this is the one article of clothing a bimbo slut simply cannot take off. Starting with a lab test, what begins as a simple, but high-tech garment turns into a breast-expanding, intellect dampening bimbo epidemic! When fashion turns to fetish, no one is safe!"



Daniella thrust her hips, moaning into the  gag in her mouth. Wordlessly she begged for someone, or even something to just let her cum, but her cries fell flat against the wet, pink cloth. The muffling strap was part of the shiny, skin-tight suit she woke up wearing, having snaked up to her mouth when she couldn’t seem to resist a little morning me-time.

She had been so caught up in her fantasy, she hadn’t even stopped touching herself when the gag covered her mouth. In fact, it only seemed to feed into her submissive side, causing her to cry out as it slipped between her lips. It was only when her hand was pulled away from her slit and tugged up to her bedpost that she came even close to snapping out of it, but by then it was too late.

Legs spread, Daniella’s ankles were tied to the bottom corners of the bed by almost animate offshoots from her bodysuit. Likewise, her arms were stretched up over her head, each lashed to the solid oak headboard. She struggled for a moment, feeling the suit constrict over her lithe form. Every inch of it clung to her nubile body, growing tighter and more invasive by the second.

Daniella realized that she was utterly helpless, and as the drool spilled out of her mouth around her gag, she felt even more exposed, weak and… horny. It wasn’t simply the feeling of the suit rippling over her surprisingly sensitive skin, or the lingering arousal of her early morning indulgence. It was total submission, and it was getting her off in a big way.

All her life she’d been the aggressor, talking big and challenging anyone on practically any subject. Even her friends weren’t safe from her bullying, as Elaine well knew, and on more than one occasion she’d brow-beat them into doing something they’d never do on their own. The entire time though, she had been hoping someone would fight back, to put her in her place.

Now, as what felt like thousands of fingers went sliding across her writhing, teenage body, she felt the sweet bliss of being completely, undeniably controlled. Her struggles had become less to escape and more to trying to get the most out of every sensation, especially as the suit seemed to constantly keep her right on the edge of climax.

It had been hours now, and the girl knew only her total surrender, and an all-encompassing need to finally cum. Her mind was fixated on it, to the point where coherent thoughts and complete sentences were far, far beyond her. Grunting into her gag, fighting to get herself off in her constraints, she didn’t notice anyone entering the room until she felt actual hands begin to stroke their way up her calves.

Eyes fluttering open, Daniella fully intended to plead with her visitor to fuck her, lick her, use her whorish body for anything they wanted as long as they let her cum. Instead, she saw complete darkness. The suit had formed a perfect blindfold over her, leaving Daniella to the whims of her sensitive skin and the mysterious stranger.



New story available: The Display Model!

Following the chaos of the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, strange magics have begun to run wild. Starting from the corrupted post office, who's eager, tireless workers mindlessly ship their parcels, the power is spread to Maple's department store. Heather, a warehouse worker with an exhibitionist streak, is the first to come in contact with the tainted energy, changing in both body and mind to become the perfect new addition to the storefront display... but she's definitely not the last. Transformations, bimbos and more abound in the new 'Pretty In Plastic' series. Enjoy!

This is the first book in the Pretty In Plastic series, filled with erotic transformations, bimbo dolls and very few limits. While this series follows after the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, it's written as a starting point all its own, so feel free to jump right in!



Both the simple garment and the panties beneath them were soaked clean through, although strangely Heather’s musk was almost overwhelmed entirely by the scent of candy and plastic. It was as if the stuff from the box had leaked through like Theresa thought, though the state of her dripping slit promised otherwise.

Either way, the young girl tore them off and tossed them into the same pile her coverall had formed, quickly followed by her ratty, white tank top. Completely nude, she bent over the desk and began fucking herself in earnest. Her firm, pert tits were pressed against the faux wood surface as her hands roamed her backside shamelessly, sliding along her tingling holes as her thoughts grew dim.

It was strange… every time before, Heather was more or less all about the end result, efficiently toying with all her favorite weak spots to get herself off with little effort. This time, it was almost as though she were putting on a show rather than pleasuring herself. Equally inexplicable was the fact that it had begun to feel even better.

She could feel her whole body tingle as she pressed her ass outward, her legs spread to show off the bare lips of her pussy; and even as her fingers slid exquisitely down her thighs, she could still feel her clit thrumming in response. It was as though putting herself on display was an act of masturbation in and of itself, and she was rapidly losing herself to the sensations it brought forth.

Straightening up, her body feeling almost rigid with pleasure, she reached up and lifted her breasts, pretending to show them off to an unseen watcher. Despite the strange stiffness she was experiencing in her joints, her whole body shook as she completed the pose, smiling wide and welcoming as her fingers closed on her erect, rubbery nipples.

That smile slipped somewhat as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and a sharp voice berating colleagues along with it. Theresa, Heather thought to herself. Panicking, her eyes darted around the room, though the rest of her body stayed in its lewd pose. Knowing she’d be unable to reach her clothes in time, and realizing she had nowhere to run, Heather took a deep breath and simply waited, hoping she could somehow keep from being fired, or arrested.

“Maybe I can play it off as a joke, somehow,” she thought to herself as the door swung open and Theresa stomped in.

The stern, but beautiful woman gave a deep sigh as the door closed, and she leaned back against it with a face that looked a mix between confusion and shame. Heather’s eyes widened as the display manager pulled up her expensive, designer skirt to reveal a cheap, worn out g-string. The flimsy cloth was pulled up tight between the lips of Theresa’s pussy, which seemed puffy and swollen.

She seemed to struggle a moment, her cheeks red with blush and her breath coming in shallow panting. “I… I’m Te…” She seemed like she wanted to cover her mouth, stop what she was about to say, but it was as if she couldn’t keep from showing off her pink panty clad pussy. Heather watched as she steadied herself, closing her eyes and gradually slowing her breathing back to normal levels… before it all fell apart...


New story available: Spilled Milk!

Still reeling from the changes wrought by her showdown with the Mad Milker, Miss Rebound is struggling to deal with her new libido, body, and bust size. She's not the only one, as her catgirl roommate, Kitty seeks to find a way to share the pleasure of those same changes with everyone in the city. Udder chaos ensues as our hero tries to clean up the mess, all the while trying to convince herself not to make another one...

This is the second book in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



“Mmmmooooo… Mmmilk me… Fuck me…” the young cowgirl said, rubbing her face in between Dr. Dolly’s thighs, causing the doctor to shiver with lust. She was already having trouble staying focused, but when Katie’s long tongue slid underneath her short skirt, she went full dolly mode, and fast.

Dropping the nullifier, she fell first to her knees, and then onto her back. Legs spread wide, anticipating her playmate, Dolly’s eyes widened into lustful surprise and stuck that way, even as Katie began eagerly lapping at her well-lubed slit.

“Dolly loves to be licked! Play with Dolly forever!” came the chipper sing-song from the doll girl’s mouth, though her lips didn’t move out of their wide open ‘o’ shape.

Katie happily obliged, lapping away at the sweet tasting pussy and loving the way Dolly’s thighs clenched around her udders as she did so. Each automatic squeeze pushed a stream of milk out, coating the floor in just a few seconds. With every spurt of milk came a steady trickle of juices down Katie’s own legs, filling the room with the scent of feminine lust.

From the other room came the sound of steady thumping, as well as a series of long, plaintive moos similar to Katie’s own. The Mad Milker had backed into the thick rubber cock Dolly had mounted on the wall of her stall, and was vigorously fucking herself as her senses were bombarded by the sex occurring not far away. The loud noises completely obscured the sound of electrical crackling that was happening right next to the entwined couple.

The nullifier had fallen to the floor roughly, cracking the outer casing.  While that normally wouldn’t be a problem, the sheer amount of liquids steadily coating the floor meant that before long the high tech device was malfunctioning in a big way. Soon, sparks were joined by odd waves of energy pouring out from it and washing over the entirety of the lab.

It was Katie who felt it first. As the light spilled out across her body, she could feel it changing even more so. Black and white speckled fur sprung up on the effected skin, and her feet had clenched down; quickly hardening into hooves. None of that bothered the oversexed girl, but when the changes reached her heavily hanging tits, she let out a cry of pleasurable surprise.

Every inch of her fat udders seemed to pulse with orgasmic tingles, even as they began to expand further. Twin streams of milk sprayed from them as they ballooned outward… and Katie soon felt a twin sensation begin to form beneath them. As her hands slowly devolved into hooves much like her feet, Katie felt her second massive pair of tits begin to fill with milk. The sensation was so intense that she began shaking in climax, even though her thick-lipped pussy had remained unfilled.