New story available: Duel of Disgrace!

"Lorelle, the headstrong and uncompromising Duchess of Gildon, is the first woman in her country to rule. Though absolutely dedicated the prosperity of her realm, her true passion lies in matching - and frequently besting - any Lord who questions her capabilities. While her eagerness to face any challenge had earned her many supporters, it also made her very, very easy to manipulate.

In her rise to respect among her peers, one Lord in particular had nettled her every step of the way: Roldan, Grand Duke of Kast. He was more than just another petty noble, spouting insults and innuendos at Lorelle with every opportunity. He was also her direct superior, controlling the nation closest to the borders of Gildon. As such, no matter what horrible things he might say, or the suggestive leers he would give her, the Duchess typically maintained her calm with an iron will.

That will was tested and broken one day, as Roldan taunted and teased Lorelle to the point of snapping. Righteous fury burning inside of her, the Duchess challenges the man to a duel - single combat, and the highest stakes imaginable - to take place in one week's time. Glad for the chance to finally personally see to her tormentor's downfall, the young noblewoman rushes to begin her preparations to train, and to reshape her body and mind into the perfect weapon.

Lorelle does begin to change, but much sooner and in a much different way than she'd ever imagined. Thoughts growing hazy and confused, she never stops to wonder who might be sending her all these mysterious gifts - nor does she hesitate in slipping into the outfits she finds inside... no matter how lewd are. Along with her beautiful new clothes comes the body to match them, and the perfect mindset to show it all off. With every moment spent steadily drifting into her new life, time begins to fly by for the Duchess. Steadily it marches on, towards the day when she will risk everything she has on a duel she might not remember even agreeing to..."

It's finally here! Over 4.5 times the size of my usual stories, Duel of Disgrace marks my very full length bimbo-erotica novel! Not only that, I enjoyed writing this book so much, I've already got the rest of the trilogy(!) in the works, each of them packed with the same mind-bending transformations and bubbly bimbos you'd expect from an Eric Stray story. More on those when they get closer to completion. Until then, enjoy the story!



Again she felt the tip of him nestled right against her womanhood, right at the verge of slipping inside her. The temptation to push herself back, and impale her body on his jutting member was almost too strong to resist. His words kept her in check though, and every mellifluous intonation he uttered was like another rope binding her rampant hunger.

“Know that when the time comes, I will not hesitate to claim what is offered,” he said, pausing only to position his cock once more below her. He held there, the thick, pulsing head of him resting just close enough to her clit that every breath he took tapped tantalizingly against her.

“As compelling as our needs are… If you are to become mine, I would do things the right way… and at the right moment.”

The words touched Nissa, even through the heady haze of the pleasure inside her. Though his hands were still on her - his fingers dancing across her skin in swirling, intricate patterns – she found herself not thinking of his cock, but his heart. This was a man who, despite all rumors, had turned down her offered assets again and again. This was a man who had seen her stripped down to her barest animal instincts, and yet still he spoke of doing right by her.

“Nissa, my jewel… Will you be patient for me? Will you help me bring into reality all that I dream of?”

Emotion welled up inside the girl, mingling with the storm of her dizzying, wanton ardor. With every breath her lover took, and every alluring twirl of his fingertips across her goose bumped flesh, Nissa felt her feelings for the man becoming further entangled. Affection… Submission… Devotion… Libido… It was becoming harder and harder to distinguish between them – and harder still to continue to try.

“Y-yes, my Lord!” Nissa shouted. Along with her loudly proclaimed affirmation, the enamored young woman began rolling her hips, grinding up against Roldan’s cock.

“Will you put your faith in me completely, that I might guide you better?”

“Oh god… Yes! Always!”

“And will your love, like your passions, grow for me with every passing day?”

Nissa nodded in agreement, only to realize that all she had done was shimmy her backside against his bare body. She felt her lover’s magnificent cock twitch in response, the young woman chose to keep up the motion, even as she lustfully moaned her verbal approval.

Roldan’s fingers slowed gradually, his palms coming to rest on her smooth, soft curves. His hands trembled as if from some terrible exertion, but Nissa knew not what might have tired out her perfect, powerful man. It mattered not, as his grip was still firm, and his member still pressed rigidly against her sex.

“And lastly…” Roldan said, his breath hard and rasping. “Will your loyalty for me, pure and unflinching, surpass all else? Will you stay with me, even if it meant abandoning your homeland? Would your voice join in mine... even if it meant denouncing your sister?”

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