New story available: Growth Spurts!

Isolated from Desmond Mills High, Kira is spared from the sexy corruption spreading throughout... until her best friend sends her a bottle of very special pills. Getting in touch with a more masculine side of both her personality, and select parts of her physiology, is hard at first, but she finds herself adapting to her new role and her new additions very quickly. Still, one bulging, throbbing change isn't enough for the power coursing through the town, and she soon finds herself, and others, altering in countless unpredictable ways.

This is the fourth story in the Rumor Mill series!

"Sometimes rumors can get out of hand, especially where unimaginable power is involved. Desmond Mill High is struck by a series of odd changes after one incredibly perverted girl's spreading gossip starts to turn out to be more and more true. Soon one of the bustiest girls in the school has another big bulge she's carrying, just in time for her boyfriend to become the big-breasted, dripping wet bimbo he's always wanted to be."

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