New story available: Valkyrina Remade!

Still struggling with the after-effects of the Bimbo Bombshell's staggering power, Valkyrina fights for her city, and her identity. Caught between her rapidly increasing libido and her stubborn pride, she's pushed to her very limits. While she battles inward, and indulges outward, the city streets become more chaotic by the day. Word of her weakness reaches the darker side of Kent City, and forces beyond her understanding wait for the perfect moment to come and claim their prize...

This is the fourth story in the super-powered Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and super-powered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



Her fingers, which had been stroking her slit through the worn material of her costume, immediately plunged through the cloth with a loud tear. Her pussy made a humiliatingly loud squelch as she stuffed herself, causing her to cry out just as noisily. More windows lit up, and the muttering and cheering of the people below served as the perfect background noise for her debasement.

No, no, no Valerie! You can’t do this! Everyone can see you! Everyone can…’ Her thoughts trailed off under the onslaught of shameful lust pouring through her.

Slowly, without consciously meaning to, she began to float towards the voyeuristic cameraman who had first photographed her. Not once did her fingers cease their steady thrum; not even when she got close enough to see her viewer. It was a young man, stunned and red-faced, with one hand on his camera and the other on his cock.

Valkyrina eased down close, until her feet were settled on the cool stone of his window sill. Spreading her legs as far as her flexibility would allow, the oversexed woman peeled away the tatters of suit that covered her slit. Another flash of the camera soon followed, causing Valerie to moan louder, and the drip of juices from her sex to become all the more apparent.

Her eyes were locked on the man’s cock, while her free hand roughly tugged down the front of her suit. Her tits bounced free, massive and jiggling; prompting the man to gasp. Flash after flash flickered from the camera, chasing out what little remained of Valerie’s inhibitions.

Nothin’ to lose… Already too far… Stupid slut…’

The man took a reflexive step back as Valkyrina floated inside his window. Resting her soft, round ass on the sill, she slowly pulled her fingers from herself. Legs still wide in open invitation, the lust-addled heroine began sucking her digits clean. Wordlessly she begged him to take her; from her desperate eyes to her dribbling slit leaking down onto the carpet.

He took one last picture before he stepped forward, stopping only to set the camera down on a nearby table. Valerie noted, with no small amount of excitement, that the camera was set to record. The little red light shined at her, reminding her of the gravity of what she was doing.

‘I could still go… I could grab the camera. Grab all of them, even. Then, no one would know… No one would know what a slut I’ve become…’

Valerie cried out, loud and lustful, as the man entered her. The feeling of a cock inside her drove any thoughts of backing out from her mind. More than that, as she began to give in to her urges, something inside her began to change as well. Slowly, as she shook in shameful ecstasy, her other side grew more dominant.

She sank down onto the sill, her flight tapering off until she couldn’t keep herself up. Nearly falling back out of the window, she barely managed to pull her curvy body inside before her ability gave out entirely. Her and her lover tumbled to the floor, and while the man seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events, Valerie wasted no time.

Sliding down his body, she dragged her swollen tits along him until the two soft globes rested on either side of his erection. Cradling them in her shaking palms, she began milking his cock with her breasts. Each time the head of his member crested her cleavage, she leaned down to suckle on it; lapping his precum as if it were her favorite ice-cream.

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New story available: The Huntress Humbled!

Paragon of virtue and defender of the innocent, the Black Huntress goes where other heroes fear to tread! When a new and potent villain emerges, who's ability spreads giggling, busty lust wherever she goes, the usual defenders of Kent City run scared. Diving right into danger, the Huntress finds herself hunted when she brings back a suspicious figure, who's curvy body and air-headed act titillate her in ways she's never known. Soon, she finds herself sporting a new outlook, and a new pair of accessories that she can't seem to leave alone. It's a race against the clock as she hunts for a solution... or someone who can treat her like the hot little bimbo she is.

This is the third story in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”

(Lots of transformations here, all with a very Superhero/Comic Book feel. Bimbos, breast expansion, petplay and animal tf, even some genderswap eventually. This series has few limits. You’ve been warned…)



Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, using grappling arrows when necessary, the Black Huntress stalked through the night. Already she could feel herself becoming intoxicated by the mix of emotions she could smell; the mix of lust, fear and anxiety lending an exciting undercurrent of risk to her patrol. As it was, she had to stop every few houses or so bask in it all, and gently stroke herself through her outfit.

The oil and the filters certainly helped to dampen Tracie’s abilities, but they certainly didn’t stop them altogether. Add in the adrenaline of her hunt, and the slick, slippery feeling underneath her leather, and the girl was almost always half-wild with arousal by the time she took down her quarry. This night was no different, and the quick and dirty masturbation sessions were almost routine by now.

Thankfully, she was still able to keep her senses well-honed even during the most intense bouts of relief, and she spotted the girl well before she caught scent of her. Heart racing, Tracie pulled her hand away from her throbbing sex as she watched the woman staggering down the street. Teetering on her high heels, and sporting a massive, jiggling chest, the giggling lady was just the clue she’d been looking for.

The Black Huntress rappelled down the wall towards the street, approaching her target with slow, stealthy movements. She needn’t have bothered, as the woman seemed infinitely more concerned with groping at her own tits than she was even the road in front of her, and Tracie could clearly see the trickle of juices sliding down her thighs. Besides that, none of her danger sense seemed to be triggering. In fact, the woman seemed almost… welcoming.

The overwhelming scent of perfume and lust was distracting to say the least. Tracie swayed in place, her nipples stiffening  against her suit as she began to imagine how easy it would be to crawl over to the woman, giving everything up for a taste of perfection. It was as though her filters did nothing, and none of her discipline or training could keep her hand from slipping back down to her throbbing sex.

Still, while part of her gave into her increasingly insistent desires, she maintained enough of herself to reach for her utility belt as well. Her hand found the tiny capsule right as her fingers found her clit, and she threw it right before her knees gave out. Moaning like a whore, begging to be fucked and slowly crawling towards the busty woman with nothing but sex on her mind, she found herself completely confused by the little puff of smoke that came billowing out from the capsule.



New story available: New Lease on Lust!

Erotic chaos engulfs an apartment complex when an ancient artifact is introduced... One that can grant one's hottest wishes. Thriving on twisting words, bodies and minds, the stone is passed from owner to owner, leaving none untouched. Two friends discover a very different sort of relationship when one girl finds herself eager to please, and to serve. Her friend is more than happy to watch as she bends over backwards to keep their home clean. A man laments having to deal with his girlfriend's daughter, right up until she starts to show off for him more and more. Lastly, a young thief gets more than she bargains for when she wishes her cute, but prudish roommate was less of a good girl. All this, in the first book of a new Eric Stray series: Tainted Wishes! Enjoy!

This is the first in the new Tainted Wishes series!

"Genies, Leprechauns and even the monkey's paw... There's always been stories of wishes gone awry. Still, no document exists to tell of a strange black stone, which grants wishes in the dirtiest way possible. Gifted with a perverted will of its own, the artifact goes from owner to owner, leaving them panting, pawing and groping for more."



Jenna was awake when Naomi made her way to the living room. Nude from the waist down, her spread legs were resting on the table. One foot balanced on top of the odd, black paperweight there, she smiled sleepily as she gently stroked her sex. Her fingers began to move quicker as Naomi started cleaning up.

As with every day, Naomi knew at least part of the mess was on purpose. Rather than try and hide it, Jenna was often eagerly blunt about it. Today was no different.

“Ohhh… go get that… get that paper there. Yeah…” Jenna said, panting with lust as she watched her young maid bend down. “Now wiggle your ass a bit, that’s a good girl.”

Naomi did as she was told, taking her time to pick up the trash like her employer liked. She could practically feel Jenna watching her, just as she could plainly hear the wet sounds of the woman’s sex as she played.

“Ok, now… get on your hands and knees. There’s something below the TV stand I need you to reach for, real slowly. Oh fuck, yes! I wish you enjoyed this as much as I do, cause I could do this for hours…”

Again, the stone glinted with light, but neither girl noticed. For her part, Naomi was too busy kneeling on the floor, ass up and out as she strained to reach a tiny, bunched up ball of paper that Jenna had obviously put there on purpose. She took her time with it, knowing her employer just loved to watch her body at work.

The young girl tingled at the attention, making sure every inch of her backside was well-presented as she leaned in. Jenna’s gaze was intoxicating to her, making her pussy twitch with need, though she kept her hands on the job. With Jenna watching her, cleaning up was almost more sexually gratifying than masturbation anyway.

Lounging back, Jenna’s foot bumped against the stone, and she looked at it in annoyance. “Naomi… Be a good little servant and get rid of this thing, will you? It’s an eyesore.”

Naomi crawled over slowly, every movement meant to show just how eager she was to serve. Still, in her plain, boring dress, there was no way for her employer to know just how hot the situation made her, and she found herself imagining something much, much sluttier.

I wish I could show off more, that she could always see just how horny I get when I serve…’ the thought was strong in Naomi’s mind as she reached out and grabbed the stone, and the strange vibration that came from it seemed to travel from her hand, straight to her pussy. Still, despite the thrumming of  her body, she did as she was told, and carried the stone from the apartment.

Though she didn’t notice, every step she took made her meager chest jiggle just a little more. By the time she reached the dumpsters, her tits were tight inside the thick fabric. Still, despite the heavy woolen cloth, her breasts were plainly outlined, and her stiff, thick nipples made it clear just how aroused she was by her work.


New story available: Spilled Milk!

Still reeling from the changes wrought by her showdown with the Mad Milker, Miss Rebound is struggling to deal with her new libido, body, and bust size. She's not the only one, as her catgirl roommate, Kitty seeks to find a way to share the pleasure of those same changes with everyone in the city. Udder chaos ensues as our hero tries to clean up the mess, all the while trying to convince herself not to make another one...

This is the second book in the Kink City Bimbos series!

“After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.”



“Mmmmooooo… Mmmilk me… Fuck me…” the young cowgirl said, rubbing her face in between Dr. Dolly’s thighs, causing the doctor to shiver with lust. She was already having trouble staying focused, but when Katie’s long tongue slid underneath her short skirt, she went full dolly mode, and fast.

Dropping the nullifier, she fell first to her knees, and then onto her back. Legs spread wide, anticipating her playmate, Dolly’s eyes widened into lustful surprise and stuck that way, even as Katie began eagerly lapping at her well-lubed slit.

“Dolly loves to be licked! Play with Dolly forever!” came the chipper sing-song from the doll girl’s mouth, though her lips didn’t move out of their wide open ‘o’ shape.

Katie happily obliged, lapping away at the sweet tasting pussy and loving the way Dolly’s thighs clenched around her udders as she did so. Each automatic squeeze pushed a stream of milk out, coating the floor in just a few seconds. With every spurt of milk came a steady trickle of juices down Katie’s own legs, filling the room with the scent of feminine lust.

From the other room came the sound of steady thumping, as well as a series of long, plaintive moos similar to Katie’s own. The Mad Milker had backed into the thick rubber cock Dolly had mounted on the wall of her stall, and was vigorously fucking herself as her senses were bombarded by the sex occurring not far away. The loud noises completely obscured the sound of electrical crackling that was happening right next to the entwined couple.

The nullifier had fallen to the floor roughly, cracking the outer casing.  While that normally wouldn’t be a problem, the sheer amount of liquids steadily coating the floor meant that before long the high tech device was malfunctioning in a big way. Soon, sparks were joined by odd waves of energy pouring out from it and washing over the entirety of the lab.

It was Katie who felt it first. As the light spilled out across her body, she could feel it changing even more so. Black and white speckled fur sprung up on the effected skin, and her feet had clenched down; quickly hardening into hooves. None of that bothered the oversexed girl, but when the changes reached her heavily hanging tits, she let out a cry of pleasurable surprise.

Every inch of her fat udders seemed to pulse with orgasmic tingles, even as they began to expand further. Twin streams of milk sprayed from them as they ballooned outward… and Katie soon felt a twin sensation begin to form beneath them. As her hands slowly devolved into hooves much like her feet, Katie felt her second massive pair of tits begin to fill with milk. The sensation was so intense that she began shaking in climax, even though her thick-lipped pussy had remained unfilled.