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Apologies over the short down-time! As you can see, I've converted my little blog into a full blown website. This is going to allow me to bring you new, better content, and a cleaner, more functional presentation. A few highlights...
  • Art section! I've already commissioned one so far, but over the next few months I'm going to be filling the art section with professional level illustrations for some of my more popular stories! Do you have art you want to contribute? That's great! Head over to the FAQ for a few submission guidelines!
  • Full library of excerpts in an easy to find and read format, all with full size cover art.
  • Better communication with my readership! From here, I'll be able to provide better, more targeted polls, as well as provide better news for upcoming titles. 

Did you notice something not working? Maybe a broken link, or a misplaced image? Let me know at and I'll fix it asap. I'm a writer, not a web designer, so there's a chance I messed something up.

Do you have a question, request or feedback? Email me! I read everything I get, even if I don't reply to everything, and your opinions are more than appreciated. Thanks!

Hope you like the new look!

Edit: The excerpts are currently not fully implemented. Will be fixed soon!


08/19/2015 8:31pm

This gonna be the first comment for me, so i just wanna sat hi to the author.


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