New story available: Bimbo Backfire!

When Sasha signs up to become a sorcerer's apprentice, she's more than a little wary about having her mind and body altered by the powerful man. Little does she realize the danger comes from herself, and her own insatiable fantasies. Fantasies that only become stronger and more irresistible the closer she is to being capable of fulfilling them, including a deep-seated need to become a top-heavy, jiggling, giggling bimbo for her new master.



She was on her knees, her legs parted and her shaved pussy exposed for all to see. Her hands were on her chest, pulling up and presenting her fat tits rather than covering them. Mouth open, her drool slick lips just begging to be wrapped around something thick and hard, Sasha’s whole self was made to be fucked… But it wasn’t enough.

Mustering her power, she pushed it through her entire body, altering and expanding everything to lustful perfection. Her ass pushed out and grew round, sitting warmly on her long, smooth legs. Her lips puffed up even more so, becoming pillowy and plump, and oh so sensitive. Then came her tits… inch by delicious inch they blossomed from her body, growing larger than her head and showing no signs of stopping.

Even as the weight of them overwhelmed her, she kept expanding them, loving the way her own power was making her into the perfect slut. Falling to her hands and knees, the quivering mounds of titflesh slapped against the floor, her nipples stinging from the contact before tingling madly with pleasure.

She could feel him approach, his strength and his lust as he took in the sight of her youthful, altered body. Sasha could tell he didn’t see her as a student anymore, or even a person… she was a body to be used, holes to be fucked, and the thought made her dumb little slit squirt with unrestrained arousal.

The moment his hands landed on her, sliding along her hips and across her perfect, jiggling ass, she cried out. Even that simple caress was enough to make her oversexed self become overwhelmed, and by the time his fingers glanced along her pussy, she was shaking in climax. Slight touches became firm, but soft strokes that ran from her tight, pink asshole all the way to her throbbing, needy clit.

It was driving her crazy, but she didn’t want it to stop. Her breath was coming out in ragged panting, interspersed with loud moans and wordless pleas for more, more, more. She would do anything for him, anything to become his fantasy, his play toy.

Eyes glazed over with dumb lust, she could see the contract in front of her, glowing brightly, calling to her. She knew signing it meant she’d be his, that she’d give up any claim she had on her own will, or even self. Mouth and pussy dribbling equal puddles on the floor below her, Sasha reached out and eagerly signed her name. She smiled as the scroll closed of its own accord, and began to glow. Brighter and brighter it lit, until she could no longer see…



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