New story available: The Display Model!

Following the chaos of the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, strange magics have begun to run wild. Starting from the corrupted post office, who's eager, tireless workers mindlessly ship their parcels, the power is spread to Maple's department store. Heather, a warehouse worker with an exhibitionist streak, is the first to come in contact with the tainted energy, changing in both body and mind to become the perfect new addition to the storefront display... but she's definitely not the last. Transformations, bimbos and more abound in the new 'Pretty In Plastic' series. Enjoy!

This is the first book in the Pretty In Plastic series, filled with erotic transformations, bimbo dolls and very few limits. While this series follows after the Bubblegum & Plastic trilogy, it's written as a starting point all its own, so feel free to jump right in!



Both the simple garment and the panties beneath them were soaked clean through, although strangely Heather’s musk was almost overwhelmed entirely by the scent of candy and plastic. It was as if the stuff from the box had leaked through like Theresa thought, though the state of her dripping slit promised otherwise.

Either way, the young girl tore them off and tossed them into the same pile her coverall had formed, quickly followed by her ratty, white tank top. Completely nude, she bent over the desk and began fucking herself in earnest. Her firm, pert tits were pressed against the faux wood surface as her hands roamed her backside shamelessly, sliding along her tingling holes as her thoughts grew dim.

It was strange… every time before, Heather was more or less all about the end result, efficiently toying with all her favorite weak spots to get herself off with little effort. This time, it was almost as though she were putting on a show rather than pleasuring herself. Equally inexplicable was the fact that it had begun to feel even better.

She could feel her whole body tingle as she pressed her ass outward, her legs spread to show off the bare lips of her pussy; and even as her fingers slid exquisitely down her thighs, she could still feel her clit thrumming in response. It was as though putting herself on display was an act of masturbation in and of itself, and she was rapidly losing herself to the sensations it brought forth.

Straightening up, her body feeling almost rigid with pleasure, she reached up and lifted her breasts, pretending to show them off to an unseen watcher. Despite the strange stiffness she was experiencing in her joints, her whole body shook as she completed the pose, smiling wide and welcoming as her fingers closed on her erect, rubbery nipples.

That smile slipped somewhat as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and a sharp voice berating colleagues along with it. Theresa, Heather thought to herself. Panicking, her eyes darted around the room, though the rest of her body stayed in its lewd pose. Knowing she’d be unable to reach her clothes in time, and realizing she had nowhere to run, Heather took a deep breath and simply waited, hoping she could somehow keep from being fired, or arrested.

“Maybe I can play it off as a joke, somehow,” she thought to herself as the door swung open and Theresa stomped in.

The stern, but beautiful woman gave a deep sigh as the door closed, and she leaned back against it with a face that looked a mix between confusion and shame. Heather’s eyes widened as the display manager pulled up her expensive, designer skirt to reveal a cheap, worn out g-string. The flimsy cloth was pulled up tight between the lips of Theresa’s pussy, which seemed puffy and swollen.

She seemed to struggle a moment, her cheeks red with blush and her breath coming in shallow panting. “I… I’m Te…” She seemed like she wanted to cover her mouth, stop what she was about to say, but it was as if she couldn’t keep from showing off her pink panty clad pussy. Heather watched as she steadied herself, closing her eyes and gradually slowing her breathing back to normal levels… before it all fell apart...




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