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Isolated from Desmond Mills High, Kira is spared from the sexy corruption spreading throughout... until her best friend sends her a bottle of very special pills. Getting in touch with a more masculine side of both her personality, and select parts of her physiology, is hard at first, but she finds herself adapting to her new role and her new additions very quickly. Still, one bulging, throbbing change isn't enough for the power coursing through the town, and she soon finds herself, and others, altering in countless unpredictable ways.

This is the fourth story in the Rumor Mill series!

"Sometimes rumors can get out of hand, especially where unimaginable power is involved. Desmond Mill High is struck by a series of odd changes after one incredibly perverted girl's spreading gossip starts to turn out to be more and more true. Soon one of the bustiest girls in the school has another big bulge she's carrying, just in time for her boyfriend to become the big-breasted, dripping wet bimbo he's always wanted to be."

Excerpt and Bundle after the break!


Standing quickly, Kira shucked off her shorts and underwear, her hand clenching around her panties as she sat back down. She wasn’t even really thinking at that point, only indulging some kind of primal instinct, which is why she wasn’t the slightest bit worried or hesitating as she pressed the damp cloth against her face and breathed in reverently.

She exhaled with a low moan, her other hand trailing down to rest above her throbbing clit. As her fingers made contact, she cried out loudly, but never taking her own soaked panties away for a second. Even as she began to rub it, slowly at first, she couldn’t help but take in that compelling aroma of girl; even going so far as to begin slowly lapping at it.

Under her eager fingertips, her clit tingled more so with every stroke. It felt strangely swollen, the previously tiny nub sticking out round and sensitive. Much like her panties, she couldn’t seem to pull herself away, or even muster the will to want to. Even were someone to walk in on her like that, she wouldn’t have been able to stop mindlessly toying with her enlarged clit.

Eyes flickering, she was lost in her daydreams. Gone were her usual muscular hunks and heroes, replaced by the single image of Natalie. Her friend was stripping down, making a show of bending down and contorting with every shred of cloth removed. Kira just sat by, leaning back and touching herself as she was in reality.

“I know what you need,” Natalie whispered in a playful tone. The brunette turned around, bending over one last time to peel her panties down off her toned ass. “Better… I know what your cock needs.”

In that moment, two things came sharply into view. The first was Natalie’s pussy, spread and glistening. The second was Kira’s cock, steadily being pumped by her own feminine hand, rigid and waiting to fill up the inviting slit in front of it. Confusion filled Kira’s oversexed mind, but it was quickly washed away by animal need as Natalie backed up to her friend. The moment the head of her cock slipped inside her friend’s lips, Kira felt herself rocked by an immediate and explosive orgasm like nothing she’d ever felt.

Stars swam around her vision as the climax shook her slender body. She could feel the spray of something hot and wet against her face, but with the intensity of what was burning through her, the sensation went largely unnoticed. It was only when things started to subside that she began to come back to some semblance of clarity, but even that was tenuous at best. Still, even as numbed as she was, she couldn’t help but notice the globs of white that were covering her chest, or the source.

Jutting out from between her legs, already hard once more, was a small, but apparently fully functional cock. In shock, Kira reached down and poked at it, feeling a sudden burst of pleasure just from the simple touch. Eyes rolling back in her head, the teen passed out in her chair, still coated with her own seed…


The Bimbos With More Bundle #1 is now available, stuffing the first three Rumor Mill stories in one futa-licious package! Enjoy!


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