New story available: Vicky's Little Problem!

Renowned scientist, Victoria Pendleton makes an amazing discovery which leads to the construction of a revolutionary new machine; one that can rewrite a person from the ground up... and even turn back the clock. Advancing in years, the good doctor decides to be the first human test subject, even designing a stunning and graceful new body to change to for her second shot at life. Moving in with her assistant Lena, she plans to act as the woman's daughter for the duration of the test... the perfect cover under which she can perfect her revolutionary machine. Things go haywire when she wakes up after the first trip in the chamber and finds herself significantly more adorable, and aroused than she had planned... Barely able to keep her hands off herself, she doesn't notice her assistant's longing gaze; at least, until the girl takes a spin in the machine herself, leading to some very busty results...

This is the first story in the new Back to Bimbo series!

"All rules are thrown out when a genius scientist discovers the secret to reversing the aging process. With a machine able to rewrite anyone from the ground up, mind and body both, the only question is how and when it'll be abused..."

(Heavy age regression focus, bimbo transformations, some kinky roleplay and more!)



Vicky blinked in the warm morning light. The shimmering beam of sunlight seemed so much clearer and more vivid now, and she found she could even see little individual flecks of dust drifting through the brilliant shaft. It took her a few moments of staring before she realized she wasn’t even wearing her glasses.

“It worked…” she muttered, and then gasped. Her voice had come out soft and sweet, and while it wasn’t the commanding, elegant tone she was expecting, it was still an improvement over her old, rough rasp.

Slowly she raised her hands, taking in the sight of her new flawless, youthful complexion. Again, she was surprised to see her features weren’t as expected, her hands far too petite compared to the dexterous and slender future pianist appendages she had ordered. Still, the spotless, pristine skin was a welcome change from her old wrinkled hide.

Besides… the machine worked. No feature was beyond her changing, and with her new, youthful body, she had all the time in the world to figure out what might have gone wrong. ‘It was probably Mom’s fault,’ she thought to herself, giggling a little when she realized she’d already begun thinking of Lena as her mother… and more.

Her laughter faded into a gasp when the image of her assistant sprung up in her mind. For a moment, she simply thought of the redheaded girl as she usually did, but bit by bit, her imagination started stripping off clothing. Soon she was very vividly visualizing Lena’s tight body, the mature and intelligent young woman spreading her gorgeous legs to give her silly little girl a peek…

As if on instinct, Vicky’s hands moved on their own. Trailing down over small, puffy breasts and a soft, smooth belly, her fingers danced. Again, dissonance rang out when her fingers slid over her hairless mound, but everything but lust was washed away when she made contact with her clit.

Shaking with an energy she hadn’t felt in decades, the young girl indulged herself in a way she literally never had. Thighs spread wide, Vicky masturbated as though it were her life’s purpose, bucking her hips and soaking the sheet beneath her with her juices. It didn’t matter that she’d never touched herself like that before, just as it didn’t sink in that she’d never once thought about another woman like she was thinking about Lena.

“Oh dear… Oh… Oh, mommy!” she cried out, completely unable to keep from being loud as a climax swiftly built inside her. She didn’t care anyway, her mind was too focused on her fantasy of crawling submissively between Lena’s legs and licking her like a good little girl. As such, she didn’t hear her assistant walk in until the door closed loudly behind her.





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