New story available: Turning Her Teacher!

Josie is a high school lesbian with a serious crush on her young, hot teacher. Day by day she stares, her body wracked with unfulfilled lust as the object of her desire struts obliviously in front of her. After a humiliating refusal, the girl reaches out to anything that can help her obtain what she craves. Her prayers are answered in the form of a mysterious book, filled cover to cover with explicit images that leave her panting... and hopeful. Soon her crush is caring more for showing off her assets than her lesson plan, giving in to new hungers and deviant needs made more extreme by her changing body...

This is the second story in the girls only Book of Bimbo series!

"As mysterious as it is powerful, the Book of Bimbo has passed through many hands over the years... and left none of them unchanged. Bending reality and expanding bust lines, this is one story you won't want to put down."



Slightly confused, and definitely unable to keep up her resolution to stop lusting over her teacher, Josie peered over the top of her book and gasped at what she saw… Ms. Wendell was dressed to please. She’d always worn cute, well-put-together outfits, often paired with color coordinated, but practical shoes, and there was no doubting she knew what looked good on her.

This… was something else altogether. Gone were the practical shoes, replaced by shining, black heels. Trailing up her long, shapely legs were soft, dark stockings. They in turn led to a skirt that, while certainly an appropriate style and length, was definitely a size or two too small. The sheer, black cloth hugged tightly to the woman’s perfect curves, lending clear definition to Ms. Wendell’s backside as she took her time bending down and putting her handbag under her desk.

She smiled brightly as she stood up, her red-lipsticked lips catching Josie’s eyes. The teacher seemed to blush briefly at the attention, the ruddy flush seeming to spread all the way down across her uncharacteristically apparent cleavage. The blouse she was wearing was like her skirt: technically appropriate, but only just so; enabling Josie to clearly see the tops of the woman’s breasts, as well as glimpses of her bare belly whenever she stretched.

And stretch she did. Typically, Ms. Wendell would lecture from her desk, going to the whiteboard only to illustrate the rare point she couldn’t get across verbally. Now though, the provocatively dressed woman seemed to have a hard time staying in her seat, darting around and underlying every sentence with a picture or diagram.

The end result was a constant and obvious view of the young teacher’s pert backside, the imprint of her lacey, French-cut panties almost embarrassingly apparent. Josie felt her heart thudding in her chest as she watched the woman bend and contort, as if she were purposefully trying to show off just for her, and her suspicion was confirmed in two ways.

First, as she glanced about the class, Josie found that despite the blatant show in the front of the room, not a single person seemed surprised or even interested. In fact, they seemed almost less aware of Ms. Wendell than before, with none of the usual voyeurs sparing more than a glance in the woman’s direction.

The second confirmation came when she managed to drag her eyes up off her teacher’s well-displayed body, and up to her face. Ms. Wendell was looking right at her, and it was definitely not the sheepish, pitying look Josie had expected. No, the expression on the young woman’s face was one of barely constrained lust.

While the teen watched, her teacher’s movements became slowly more sultry and showy, rolling her hips as she strutted from one end of the whiteboard to the other. As if moving to some unheard rhythm, she began gyrating and writhing. Josie looked on in utter disbelief when Ms. Wendell dropped her marker, bending down low at the hips, her legs spread scandalously wide as she reached down. Ass shaking to that same inaudible beat, she turned and smirked at Josie before dragging her hands slowly back up her stockinged legs.





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