Something to get you through the work week, folks! There's a new story available: Taming the Succubus!

Mirri is a succubus on her first hunt. A supernatural creature able to live out any man's deepest fantasies, she has only to find the right prey to begin her new life. Settling on a small, but well populated town, she quickly finds the perfect target... but all is not what it seems. As she shapes her mind and body to match his fetishes, she finds herself trapped as a busty, bouncy bimbo... a slave to her own needs. Giving in all too easily, Mirri begins to learn about an entirely different kind of nightlife...

This is the first story in the new Nightlife supernatural series!

"From sultry succubi to wild, savage beasts, the world has no lack of excitement or danger. Of course, even predators have a need for pleasure... something the inhabitants of Eldhaven know all to well. With the most exotic brothels around, these perverse mages are out to tame, and tease, everything they can get their hands on..."

(Features Bimbofication, Mind Control, Transformation and Petplay elements. Monster girls like Succubi, Catgirls and the like being domesticated and trained with their own pleasure. Enjoy!)



Little alarm bells seemed to go off in her head, but Mirri ignored each and every one of them. She wanted this, all of this, and she moaned out her answer before biting down on the comforter below her.

Even in the haze of her lust, Mirri could almost feel the smile on Mark’s face, and her pussy twitched when she heard him get up. She waited for him to push Rachel aside, to mount her and fuck her and feed her. She wanted it so bad it almost hurt.

Rachel never once stopped, however, though her tongue began to move with almost frenzied celerity. The purring increased in intensity as well, which Mirri began to feel all the more when Rachel began pushing her face against her backside with an almost steady rythym. That’s when Mirri realized… Mark hadn’t planned on fucking her, at least yet. Instead, he’d chosen to fuck the curvy catgirl instead, while the purring bimbo pleasured their guest.

Though she was disappointed, it was only for the barest of moments. Staying negative took so much effort right then, which was energy she could spend enjoying every inch of her lover’s thrusting tongue. It didn’t even matter that she’d gain no vitality from the act… it was pure, lustful indulgence, and she was basking in it.

Mirri gasped when Rachel’s hands shot out and grasped her jiggling ass, and that gasp turned into a ragged moan when the other girl’s tongue slid down to her dripping sex. Already she was close, and the steady press of her lover’s face against her was driving her dangerously close to the edge.

She could tell that Rachel was also close, the catgirl’s purring was thrumming loudly in the room, vibrating both of them. Still, like Mirri, she held back. They were both waiting for something… waiting for their turn.

Rachel’s tongue turned clumsy when Mark began to cum inside her, as if the barest hint of her master’s seed was enough to make her dumb with pleasure. Her own orgasm quickly followed, and the frantic shaking of her explosive climax served to set off Mirri’s own. Soon the entire room was filled with the sounds of feminine pleasure, echoing back into each of them bit by bit.




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