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After a rough break-up, Elizabeth decides to treat herself to a weekend at the brand new spa in town. The Renew You Spa and Salon offers comfort, relaxation, and revitalization, which is everything the worn out woman desires. Something seems off about the resort, however. Between the busty, bimbo receptionist who seems more interested in teasing than typing, and the room stocked full of outfits that would make a stripper blush, Elizabeth finds herself right on the verge of cancelling her reservation. She decides to keep an open mind however, after she's had a chance to sample some of the pleasures the spa has to offer. With it's mind-blowing perfume and incredibly hands-on staff, Elizabeth finds her troubles, concerns and inhibitions quickly floating away...

This is the first in the Renew You Spa bimbofication series!

"Renew You, where the motto is '
Just Relax and Leave the Thinking to Us!' Promising a beautiful body and a mind clear of concerns, anyone visiting the resort is sure to leave with a whole new perspective. Leave your inhibitions behind and become the bubbly bimbo you've always wanted to be!"



Elizabeth felt like a new woman by the time she stepped out of the shower. Everything seemed so fresh and bright, and even the soft throb of her tender breasts seemed to just fade into a pleasant fluff as she dried herself off. Beyond that, she simply felt cheerful and full of energy, almost as if the hot, sudsy water had rinsed away a few years.

It had certainly felt like it during the shower. The silky soft body wash the spa had provided had coated her in sweet smelling bubbles, and every place it touched was left tingling and sensitive. It was so enjoyable, she ended up rinsing and rewashing herself again and again, letting the thick liquid pour over her slowly.

It had felt especially good when she leaned back and poured it on her chest, pressing her breasts together so she could let it drip down slowly between them. In fact, she’d spent the majority of the shower doing just that; slowly running her hands over her soapy tits until her knees were weak.

Over and over she told herself she wasn’t pleasuring herself, she was just enjoying her shower. She just wasn’t that kind of girl, and she wasn’t about to just sit there fondling herself just because of how sensitive her titties were. No, she was just finally getting into her spa visit is all, and enjoying all the perks that came with it.

It was the same excuse she was telling herself as she slipped into the tight little make-over outfit she had laid out.  After all those wonderful bubbles popping all over her body, Elizabeth felt much, much more receptive to the idea of wearing something a little more revealing. More than that, she felt deep down that she was expected to wear the outfit, and she was much too relaxed to muster much in the way of rebellion right then.

The only bit of friction she felt inside was when she slipped into the snug skirt. She didn’t know whether she’d simply misjudged the tiny scrap of cloth or the size of her own hips, but the garment had ended up stretched out much more than she had expected. She could practically feel it sliding over her ass with every step she took, leaving her breathless and blushing by the time she’d donned her top.

As fully dressed as the outfit could make her, the flustered young woman still couldn’t help but constantly tug at her skirt and readjust her top. Even though she knew her body was covered, she still felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable. It was all she could do not to just go back to bed and hide under the covers, right before running a hand down between her soft thighs to her bare, wet slit; fucking herself stupid while she drooled and dreamed of sucking cock…

Elizabeth’s eyes fluttered, and she staggered in place. It was rapidly becoming harder and harder to think clearly by the second. One thing that was easier, however, was tugging down the front of her top just enough to expose her breasts to the room; though she managed to lose a few buttons in the process.

It felt better too, almost as if showing off her tits was helping her to shrug off the burden of her concerns, thoughts and inhibitions. By the time she’d begun to gently pinch her swollen nipples between her fingers, she was slowly rolling her hips and giggling at the ticklish feeling of her juices dripping down her thighs.




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