New story available: Binding the Beast!

Seeking new additions to their peculiar workplace, Mirri the succubus and her friend Rachel go on a recruitment mission. Making their way deep into an arcane-created forest, the girls seek to cure, and retrieve a woman cursed by the infamous Queen of Flux: a godlike sorceress long thought to have been sealed away. Danger lurks all around them in the form of the beast they hunt, the past they're about to uncover, and their own insatiable hungers. Only time will tell if they'll make it out of the forest alive, unchanged, and unbound.

This is the second story in the supernatural erotica series: Nightlife!

"From sultry succubi to wild, savage beasts, the world has no lack of excitement or danger. Of course, even predators have a need for pleasure... something the inhabitants of Eldhaven know all to well. With the most exotic brothels around, these perverse mages are out to tame, and tease, everything they can get their hands on..."

(Features Bimbofication, Mind Control, Transformation and Petplay elements. Monster girls like Succubi, Catgirls and the like being domesticated and trained with their own pleasure. Enjoy!)



She leaned back against the smooth cave wall, spreading her thighs wide. Her clothes, illusion that they were, melted away with a thought, leaving nothing in the way of her sating her hunger… well, almost nothing.

Blushing, Mirri began to reshape her body; lapsing into what had become her new default lately. The sleek muscles she had spent so much time manifesting melted away in a heartbeat, replaced by soft, plush and pleasurable curves. Her jet black hair became streaked with golden blonde; changing completely by the time it spilled down her back.

Little moans accompanied each new change, along with a shift in her overall personality. Mirri was a perky, sometimes sarcastic young succubus, but the woman she was turning into was something else entirely. Bambi, as she called herself, was a dumb, ditzy bimbo with an overactive sex-drive… and Mirri loved being her, almost to the point of addiction.

Suckling on her snack, Mirri finished the transition. Her lips swelled around the toy, filling with intense sensitivity. Drool spilled around the thick, fake cock as she lost herself to her persona, and the steady stroke of something hard in her mouth drove her to the brink of orgasm. Still, she held off… Not out of any lingering self-control, but because she simply wasn’t done yet.

Her small, firm breasts began to swell. From the way her puffy, pink nipples stiffened and stuck out, it looked almost as though someone were pulling on them; stretching them with every tug. The change picked up momentum, causing her tits to jiggle and sway as they filled in larger and larger. Soon, the two fat globes were pressed up against the top of her thighs, and she shuddered at the pleasure of that simple contact.

Bambi loved her great, big titties, and if she weren’t so occupied with sucking the toy in her mouth, she wouldn’t be able to resist touching them. As it was, each shiver and shake of her curvy body reminded her of their presence, which only made her oral enjoyment all the more intense.

Fully changed, Bambi had no reason, or capability to resist the climax building inside of her. Bucking her hips, she thrust the toy in and out of her mouth with mindless abandon, her brilliant blue eyes fluttering with unrestrained lust. Tensing from the almost agonizing pleasure, Bambi teetered on the edge. Then, right when she thought the moment would last forever, she felt a soft, feminine hand slide across one of her massive breasts, and she simply lost it.

Long, loud moans threatened to spill out of her as she came, but they were thankfully muffled by the toy she couldn’t seem to stop sucking. Still, it was hard to be quiet between the feeling of her plump, bimbo lips wrapped around a cock, and the sudden addition of a playmate enjoying her oversized tits.

She felt a warm mouth close around one of her nipples, quickly followed by a soft, but firm tongue swirling around the stiff nub. Normally that kind of attention would drive her crazy, but having just orgasmed, the stimulation was almost too much. She squirmed and rocked in place, wordlessly begging for both mercy, and more.

When two slender fingers began skillfully stroking her hypersensitive clit, she lost it. Hit with the second orgasm, Bambi was simply too far gone to even think. All she could do was quiver and shiver as her body was played with, leaving her as nothing more than a dripping, drooling mess.



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