A while back, I had a post up about possibly pursuing the idea of making a game based off of some of the themes I write. I want to say right now it's definitely a possibility, but if I'm going to do it, I want to do it right.

First off, I've put up a couple of polls on the side, so all of my readers can chime in over just what they'd want out of the game. My personal preference is more over less, so don't worry too much if your poll choice is lagging behind the others - I plan on making sure as many of my readers are happy as possible. Still, any feedback here will help me to get things as close to 'just right' as

Second, my programming skills are... lacking, to put it nicely. As such, if any of you possess the skills necessary for the creation of a game like those described in the polls, drop me a line at traveling.none@gmail.com. If you have a portfolio, or samples to check out, let me know. That said, AAA game development this is not, and I'm more than happy with a hobbyist as long as we can make something good.

Lastly, I want to let everyone know that, even if the game really takes off, and I go nuts producing content for it, I'm going to keep on producing the stories you love. Frankly, at this point its a habit I don't think I could kick. Thank you all for helping me get this far. I won't let you down!

Eric Stray


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